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Jipaban: Model Off-Duty Look

I think most of us LOVE models in their full glitz and glamour because they always look so perfect and flawless!

But for most of us, their glammed up ourfits and extravagant make up is just not very wearable for us with our day-to-day errands and such!
So I often choose to look to Model Off-Duty looks for inspiration on what looks good! :D
It's like the best of both worlds - you get to sport similar styles to that of models, and also get to feel super comfortable all day long despite wearing beautiful clothes!

So today I'll be sharing 4 different super easy to achieve Model Off-Duty looks with apparels from maryjulian,
and accessories from Jipaban :)

I feel that the number one Model Off-Duty Look would have a knitted/ long-sleeved top!
Long sleeves always look more formal and dressed up compared to a top/teeshirt with short sleeves,
and with the right materials, these can be the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe ever!
Plus, they're so fuss-free, all you need are a pair of shorts and you're ready to go :)

For this look, I'm wearing:

I've also picked out some other apparels and accessories from maryjulian and Jipaban that would go well with the Lexi Mesh Pullover (Black)! :)
The Lexi Mesh Pullover is extremely comfortable even on a warm day because it's sort of like a soft mesh material - totally "breathable" if that's the right word for it hahah!
But it's also slightly sheer so you might want to wear a black tube or tank top inside it.
For the daring, you can just rock it on its own! ;)

I must mention that ever since my favourite 3-year-old wedges broke, I've never found a more comfortable and super walkable pair... until I got these Raduth Cut-Out Wedges from Jipaban!! :D
They fit so well I got the same design in Khaki Brown and Black! :)
I've been eyeing on the Graham Growl Tote for quite some time now, and I finally got it, yay!
I really like how it's a kind of a matured cute (plus fashionable and a bit fierce haha) instead of kiddish cute!

And here's an alternative to Model Off-Duty Look #1! :)

I'm wearing:
Stardust Shimmer Pullover (Nude) by maryjulian
Tenorio Two Tone Tote (Brown)
Raduth Cut-Out Wedges (Black)

The Stardust Shimmer Pullover (Nude) is my favourite!
Because the neutral colour of it is perfectly balanced with the subtle shimmers in the material :D

And if you think about it, it's really super easy to get this look!
Do up a messy hair bun and put on a pair of sunglasses for that extra star quality, and there you have your own "model" off-duty look heheh! :D
Now we can all feel like (self-proclaimed) models, yay!

For Model Off-Duty Look #2, it's a more chic and edgy look, without being over the top :)
The secret formula? A long shirt with a skinny waist belt!
Long and oversized shirts can sometimes make you lose your figure (optical illusion), and make you look big!
So by adding on a skinny waist belt (black is my preferred choice!), it tightens the silhouette at your waist, giving the visual impression of a small waist!

I'm wearing:
EllieMay Metal Tip Shirt by maryjulian
Small Round Buckle Belt (Black)
Raduth Cut-Out Wedges (Khaki Brown)

Compared to the usual plain white shirts, I think the loud prints on the EllieMay Metal Tip Shirt really sets it above the rest and draws the right attention!
And yet it's a safe top for most of us because you can never go wrong with black and white! :)
Plus the material of the shirt is unbelievably soft and slightly stretchy too!

Do switch between jeans, shorts, leggings and shirts to create an different look each time!
This top may look complicated, but don't be deceived by it!
It matched so well with many of my other apparels, I can't wait to wear it out :D
Looks good with layering too!

My brown leather jacket and all the other items in this collage are from Jipaban too! :D

If you like to feel sexy even on dress down days, this Model Off-Duty Look #3 is for you!

Tank tops, crop tops, spaghetti tops - think figure-hugging and also flattering cutting :)
For this look, the cutting of your tops are extremely crucial!
With the wrong cutting, you could go from "model off-duty look" to "bought this top when I was 9, wearing it cause it still fits"
and you do not want that to happen :S

And if you've been searching high and low for one that's perfect (I know the pain too well haha), look no further!
The Vieve Knit Top from maryjulian is everything you can ever ask for :D
It's light weight, non-sheer, has an amazing cutting, and it's sexy without being revealing!
Comes in several other colours too so do visit to take a look :)

With a top this perfect, there's really nothing much you need to worry about when it comes to pairing with your accessories!
For this look, less is definitely more! :)

"My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” ~ Emma Watson

For the girls/models who can't get enough of looooong dresses even off-duty, you'll love look #4 :)
I have to admit, long dresses really make you look so much taller and more slender!
It's no wonder why some people love them so much.

The most importantly part of this look is a basic long jersey dress!
In fact, with this dress on, you may not even need to accessorize your outfit
cause the sheer length of it will be so stunning, nobody will care about anything else haha!
Unlike your other maxi dresses made of chiffon, satin, lace and what not, a jersey dress is made of the most comfortable material ever!
It's soft, super smooth, easy to clean, and you can literally RUN AND JUMP in it (although you may lose a few glam points if you really did that hahah)!
Jersey dresses are awesome for girls who need to move around a lot
because you'll be able to run your errands as usual, but still look amazing!

I wish all my other dresses were made of the same material!

For this look:
Tori Jersey Midi Dress (Black) by maryjulian

This is undeniably one of the easiest but prettiest look you can sport on dress down days :)
It's so simple and comfortable, but it definitely is as much of a head-turner as your glammed up outfits!
Have a last minute formal event you need to go to?
Just put on a sparkly or statement necklace to bring out the full elegance of the Tori Jersey Midi Dress!

I've added the Carmen Lace Necklace from Jipaban in the collage because I haven't seen such an intricate and eye-catching necklace in a really long time, and it's only at $12.50, omg!

And that's all the Model Off-Duty looks I have for this post, and I really hope you girls liked it! :D

If you can't remember all of the above looks or tips, I think the essence of a model off-duty look is actually...
To LOOK like you don't care, but in actuality you do
Hahaha I know that sounds a bit funny but I'm being serious here!!

The latest collection of maryjulian is called Collection Code: Moda, and it's all about the casual chic and effortlessly pretty - the Model Off-Duty look! :)
If you're feeling up to the challenge, do take pictures of yourselves in maryjulian pieces and share them on instagram,
then hashtag #maryjulian and @jipaban, and stand a chance to win $200 worth of maryjulian designs! :D

Happy shopping!

Thank you for reading!
Love you all!

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