Monday, March 18, 2013

Singing Lessons

Hi loves! :)

Just to let you guys know some of the things I've been busy with recently!
If you're following me on twitter (@rachelltan_), I'm currently taking driving lessons!!! :D
And it's really fun!
I'm having these lessons like 3 or 4 times a week, and the rest of the days are filled with other lessons.
Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get my license soon!!!

This is pretty much what my driving lessons look like..... hahaha

I'm also taking Singing Lessons at Ocean Butterflies Music Forest!
They have founded and groomed many artists such as Kit Chan, A-Do, By2, Lin Jun Jie and many more,
so I'm just taking this opportunity to hopefully gain a bit of talent hahah!
They also offer dance lessons.... but I think my bones a bit too old for that already, so I'll pass :p

海蝶森林 Music Forest Pte Ltd
2 Orchard Link, #03-08
Singapore 237978

The vocal coach is teaching us from the very basic,
which is awesome for me because I haven't had any form of vocal training prior to this!
But say real, my class is full of people who have singing talents lor omg hahaha
Some of them have participated in singing competitions before, are performing live for events now etc.
And I'm like..... I only sing at KBOX? :x

Lessons are held fortnightly, and we have a total of 18 lessons!

Either way, I feel that learning singing isn't always about becoming a star (although no doubt it'd be damn awesome if it happens hahah),
but more like learning a new skill.
When you go to karaoke with your friends, you definitely do not want to burst their ear drums too badly right? :p
Or like, if you ever want to impress the person you like, being able to hold a tune and sing fairly well would certainly be to your advantage, no?

Our first lesson 2 weeks back was quite fun and interesting, although I was shy LOLOL
I have class tomorrow again and we'll have to choose a song to sing LIVE in front of our class of 8 plus our teacher,
I'm quite nervous ahhhh :S

Btw, they also did a mini photoshoot for us that day :)

Anyway, I hope I'll be able to make improvements and I'll keep you guys updated!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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