Friday, March 1, 2013


Sorry I've been so down recently.
It's just been a terrible period and I'm kind of all by myself?
Plus my friends are busy and probably have better friends to hang out with,
so I just lock myself up in my room everyday.

But soon I'll be too busy to think about all this already, and too busy to blog as often.
It'll be good I guess :)

I really hope that Martin will be back soon.
I feel extremely vulnerable when he's not here with me.
I've lost all my appetite, and everytime I meet someone they'd tell me that I've lost weight.. and it's not the pretty kind.
My face shape looks horrible right now, so thank god for photoshop.
Probably the braces changed my face shape as well though.

Everything has just been one long nightmare I can't wake up from.
And I know I'm just trying to run away from it.

But I hope I'll be strong enough to live to awake from it.

Some pictures from a few weeks back.
Skull leggings from maryjulian :)

If you're still reading this space, I love you all.

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ZeraMeowMeow said...

I appreciate that you share something so personal on your blog. You're so gorgeous and take such lovely photos, and the content on your blog is so high quality. Just as I started to think "wow, I can never blog as well as she can," I saw this post and it inspired me. I hope that you're having fewer down days like this one, and that you're feeling better. Thank you for blogging.