Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hello dears!
Decided to blog today since I'm done studying for my FTT! :)
I mentioned previously that I'm taking lessons at OB Music Forest, and this post will be a little update so far!

海蝶森林 Music Forest Pte Ltd
2 Orchard Link, #03-08
Singapore 237978

I'm not too proud to say that I'm the most cui student in our class of 8 already outstanding singers with a whole lot of potential (with the exception of myself) :X

It's been 3 lessons, and on the 2nd lesson, we were assigned to sing a song of our choice.
On the 3rd lesson, he chose a song for us to sing (we were given 2 weeks to prepare).
And on both lessons, I got the feedback that my voice was really soft and I think it's difficult for him to give me good advice because he can't really hear the problems when the music drowns out my voice,
so our laoshi told me to work on that!

Now that he mentioned it, I realised that everytime I go to the karaoke, everyone else's mics always work perfectly well and mine is always "spoiled", and when I switch microphones with my friends, theirs "spoil" too and becomes too soft... or so I thought.
In actuality, it's my voice and I never knew!!! :/
I have a problem projecting my voice when I sing (and to make things worse I get nervous singing in front of people) and laoshi say it's a habit and I should try to talk louder and sing louder.

Kind of makes me feel like Lily in Pitch Perfect.. the asian chick that talks and sings sooooo softly,
nobody can hear her all the time lol fml!!

Anyway, I spent half of today practising 我多麼羨慕你 - 江美琪, the song our teacher assigned to us, till I'm like losing my voice already :(
Tried my hardest best to sing the loudest I can.... but a lot of work still needs to be done
and I'll continue to practice over the next 2 weeks until I get better! :)
Hopefully by next lesson the class can actually hear my voice through the microphone hahah!

Anyway this is one of my classmate Hanrey's cover of the song in our class :)
He sings really well... wait, actually all of them do!
And you can see me talking non-stop at the back hahahah I don't think I have a problem with talking loudly... just the singing :X
So yes, this is pretty much what our classroom looks like :) Cosy and all!
And the laoshi is very nice and he sings really well too!
Got chance I'll upload his singing :D

And this is another one of my classmates Fenny's (one of the girls I was talking to in class lol) video on her YouTube channel.
I think she did a fucking amazing job?!!!
I'm damn impressed lah fml I wish I could sing like that too!
Fingers crossed that I can improve~~~~

If you guys are interested in taking vocal lessons, please do so!!!
It's damn fun and I love my classmates like mad we have a whatsapp group now and I'm gonna bake them cookies next lesson yay!!!
Can't wait! :D

Alright, I'm gonna have dinner now! :)

Love you all, thank you for reading!

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