Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Candy Crush Macarons

Before you begin reading this post, it's probably apt for this song to be playing in the background :p
And I personally LOVE this song from Wreck-It-Ralph!!

If you guys don't already know what the game Candy Crush Saga is............. we probably cannot be friends :X
Hahah just kidding!
But trust me, it's addictive as eff and my family's HOOKED on that game!
I think the creator(s) of the game is/are kind of twisted and bent on torturing their players,
and yet insanely amazing cause it's unimaginable how he/she/they can come up with so many different levels (300+ so far I heard.. but I haven't got there yet lol)
and we NEVER get bored of it!!

Another addiction I'm on recently is making macarons.
I mean seriously, have you tried making them?
You literally just want to keep making and making them until you get them perfect!
And once they become perfect, you kind of will just want to make a whole bunch more and give them to everyone you know!

So what happens when you put the two extremely addictive things above together?

An epic (and quite no-life) journey of sweetness overload will unfold....

When I made Hello Kitty Macarons and a whole bunch of other Hello Kitty foodstuff in my DIY Kitty Cafe post,
I thought I probably couldn't get anymore no-life than that....
Until now :S
I've finally outdone myself, and am officially convinced that I'd rather stay at home for an entire week facing lots of sugar and colouring than take a step out of the house.
LOL! :p

Please note that this post is NOT a tutorial!
If you'd like the recipe/tutorial for it, please read my first blogpost on macarons HERE :)

It actually started off with making the usual round chocolate flavoured macarons,
and then I put some rainbow sprinkles on it. (I love rainbow sprinkles!)
And it kind of looked like the chocolate disco ball on Candy Crush....

And that's when rainbow, butterfly and sunshine decided to have a threesome and gave birth to the sweet monstrosity of an idea in my head
and thus the creation of the Candy Crush Inspired Macarons!
*deng deng deng*

So I began drawing stencils of all the different shapes of candy on Candy Crush~

Made some plain white ones for the special powers!
(again, if you don't play Candy Crush, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, and we probably cannot be friends)

Used edible food markers to draw on the stripes!

Then I made 6 batches of coloured macarons - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple!

Check out those feet, woohoo!!! :')
(Feet is like a huge thing for macarons. Like girls and boobs, and boys and six packs)

It took me 4 TRASHCANS FULL of ruined, broken, cracked, undermixed, overmixed, unevenly cooked etc macarons to finally get it right~
They're not super perfect, and I'm not anywhere near professional standards,
but I'm quite satisfied with it already! :D

Cooled down macaron shells ready to be filled!!
They're all edible and super yummy by the way! :D :D :D
I love macarons!!!

I used vanilla frosting for all the macarons for simplicity's sake
because my mum and I were already running in and out of the kitchen for HOURS because of the number of batches of macarons we're making.

My mum is really supportive and super awesome!
I love to play Candy Crush with her cause we're both super competitive lolol!
And she's excited about this crazy "project" of ours too! :D
She prepared the batters while I did the colouring, piping and baking,
so we probably took half the time I'd have taken if I did it by myself.
(And still it took about 8 hours!!!)

My Hello Kitty cup to hold the plastic bag with the vanilla frosting in place :)

My favouritest macaron out of the entire tray!
The chocolate disco ball!!! ^~^

We bought these plastic trays with the intention of storing the typical round macarons
(in case I make some nice ones and want to give them to people),
but I realised.....
they sort of look like the Jelly on Candy Crush?
HAHAHAHA (geek alert ikr)

So we placed 2 of the 3 x 4 transparent plastic trays side by side to form the grid to place all the candies in :)

And the metal tray that perfectly fit the new 3x8 grid was pure luck! :D
We had that at home for years now and we can finally put it to good use lol!

Please take a moment to enjoy the pictures because I took really long to make them~~~ :D

I love how vibrant the colours of most of the macarons are,
and another one of the favourites is the red jelly bean! :D
Next time I do this again, I'll make the red ones Red Velvet flavoured! :)

Hahah omg you know what, I can't bear to eat them now :(
They're sooooo effing pretty, if I do say so myself hahaha :x
I'll probably take more pictures of them before I eat them else like quite wasted haha!

Alright, that's the end of this post and I hope you guys liked it! :)
If you're bored and don't know what to do now, go play Candy Crush lol!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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