Friday, April 19, 2013

Jipaban: Mid Month Madness

It's our favourite day of the week again - FRIDAY!
Well, now there's another reason for us to love it more!
Did you know that throws a specially curated sale online every Friday?
That's definitely something to look forward to every week!!! :D

Bookmark now and remember to check back every Friday for the awesome Friday delight!

And this Friday is super special because it's all about MID MONTH MADNESS!
There'll be 50% OFF 50 ITEMS! Woohoo!!

Check out some gorgeous new items I just got from! :D

I don't usually buy scarves (because it's so warm in Singapore~~), but I'm really drawn to the colour scheme of this piece
so I got it in case I need one for overseas in future hehe! :D :D
It's never too early to stock up on pretty clothes, lol!

Paired it with the Laisy Beaded Chiffon Top :)
Love the unique back design of this piece, super eye catching!!

Also, this stunning Brenna Brocade Top (Black)! :D
The cutting of it is so flattering, it's literally effortless to look dressed up for special dates with this!
This is one of the rare apparels that you don't even have to fuss over what accessories to match with, awesome!! ^~^

Paired it with one of the Willow Cross Stud Set earring and Edgy Glam Ring (Ebony)!
I LOVE the accessories sets from a whole lot cause it's super worth every cent heheh :D

And omg this is totally my new favourite dress! :D
The Argina Jersey Dress (Grey) is super fitting, stretchy and so wearable for work or play!
If you're about my height (1.59m), this is one dress you HAVE TO get!!!
And it comes in various other pretty colours (like Navy and Black) too ^~^

I also picked the Fallon Studded Crepe Top (Navy) and Sheer Batwing Shirt (Beige) for more casual dates :D
Totally comfort with style, yay!!! ^~^

And from the Mid Month Madness sales, I have my eyes set on 6 items! :D

It's going at more than 50% discount and it's such a vibrant and pretty piece! Must buy~

I can't get enough of metal accessories because they can style up an outfit like no other,
and this statement piece is only about $5!

This pair of heels is actually a little too feminine and sweet for my usual style,
but at only about $22 because of the sales, it's a reasonable price for dressing up with cute outfits once in awhile! :D
Plus, I bet it'll look good with socks too! It's fun to experiment with new looks every now and then! ^~^

Whether or not you're a fan of Twilight, I think the pictures would look good as room deco! :)
I love pasting random postcards on my wall, and I have a couple of sets from Jipaban previously which I really like!
Moreover, this set comes with cool vintage looking stamps which I think my sister who enjoys scrapbooking would know how to appreciate!
Kill two birds with one stone!

I've been on a crazy baking spree recently and I think it'll be wise to follow recipes from credible sources, instead of randomly trying out recipes online because if it turns out awful it'll just be a waste of ingredients....
Okay, honestly... I just want these books because the front cover looks delicious hahahah! :X
But the first reason sounds valid too! :D

So do visit for more exciting updates and unbelievable sale prices!!
Remember, there're new sales items EVERY Friday! Don't miss out! :D

I feel all hyped up whenever I know there's a sale online!!
Can’t wait for every Friday to enjoy awesome deals~
Happy shopping!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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