Friday, April 26, 2013

Mid-season sale at Jipaban

Hello loves, it's Friday again! :D

Every Friday, I will look forward to see what JIPABAN has planned for their curated sale section!
This week, JIPABAN’s In-house stylist picked out her personal favorites! 
Visit their site to check out her hot picks now :)

As usual, I've picked out some of my favourites from the sales this week!! :D

I'm quite drawn to all shades of blue recently (just like how I decorated my cupcakes) so this dress definitely caught my eye! :D

The cutting of it is also conservative, simple and yet elegant and flattering!
I love fuss-free dresses like these!

There's just this mermaid-ish and magical vibe to this necklace that makes it so enchanting! :D
 It's definitely one of those necklaces that will add that special touch to your outfits!
This necklace screams Tumblr more than anything else, major love!
And I can't believe it's only going at $4.14!!!
Must buy!!! :D

Apart from the Sales items, I've also selected a few other novelty items from Jipaban that caught my attention!

You'll be surprised how much a simple bread stamp like this can make you look forward to waking up every morning!! :D
It'll be super fun and sweet if you're making breakfast for your loved ones too!
Plus you don't even have to bake anything special or decorate anything, just stamp and toast!
Hen's night, all girls' party, sleepovers... this pair of glamorous speakers is everything you'll need to complete a girly get together!
Most of us girls are probably not fans of boring techy looking speakers,
so this chic and fashionably hot red stilettos speakers are just perfect for the occasion!
Speaking of get togethers, here's a necessity that will help capture all our sweet memories, 4 frames at a time!
There's this charm about film cameras that no amount of professional cameras can replace.
It's probably the excitement of developing the films and seeing how the pictures turned out,
or maybe it's the fact that it's difficult to achieve the same vintage effects even with photoshop,
or maybe it's just how these little simple toy cameras can bring so much joy to the ones who use them :) 
Apart from the Lomo Fisheye, the Action Sampler is probably my favourite toy camera because it can capture 4 frames at a time.
Pictures taken by film cameras look AWESOME under natural light.
So pick a bright sunny day to bring your toy cameras out, bear with the heat and you'll definitely be rewarded with some amazing photos!

Do visit now for more irresistible deals!
Do remember to check their sale tab every Friday!
It’s so exciting, I can’t wait for every Friday to enjoy awesome deals! :D


Happy shopping, love you all!

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