Monday, April 15, 2013

Teeth Filing

Just had teeth filing at Tooth Angels (The Central) with Dr Chia the other day! :D

Super happy cause I can't wait for my teeth to become pretty, yay!!

You can see some small gaps between my teeth right now, hopefully it'll close up soon!
Teeth filing didn't hurt at all (plus no numbing medicine used) and I didn't feel any sensitivity after it's done so I'm very thankful for that!

Talked about my experience with teeth filing!
Watch the video to find out if you're suitable for this too :)
Especially if you're Chinese, like what the doctor said~

No regrets!
Love my teeth more than ever (despite the braces on) and I can't wait till I remove them!!!
But like I mentioned in the video, the downside is that I have to give it a few more months for the new gaps to close up before I can remove my braces... I shall tahan!!

My sister even commented that my teeth now looks like "adult teeth" hahah yay!

Will update again soon! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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