Monday, May 20, 2013

Bangkok Jam

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I recently went to check out Bangkok Jam at the new extension of Plaza Singapura with Martin! :)

Whenever I'm walking around PS, this restaurant with their super eye-catching concept and design will always catch my eye.
So Martin and I decided to dine there the other day to try out their food :)

I've been to Bangkok once (many years back) and I didn't really get to explore a huge part of it so I'm still hoping to go back soon!
My only memory of that place is their amazing tom yam goong!!! Super super shiok!
Still haven't found any restaurants locally serving Thai food that can fight with the real deal yet!

But Bangkok Jam's shop design did make me feel like I'm overseas!
The overhead electric cables, lamposts, traffic lights, road signs, plus all the nice natural sunlight coming in...
Best part, it's like dining outdoors, WITHOUT bearing with the heat cause it's air conditioned indoors hahah!

So we ordered our usual favourites, clear tom yum soup and mango sticky rice (didn't take a picture of this),
plus the mixed grill because it looked delicious on the menu!
You can view their menu here & check out the prices too:

Martin ordered the Signature Beef Noodle Soup while I ordered Chili Fried Rice! b;

My Chili Fried Rice!
Quite a simple dish and it's just as its name suggests - rice fried in chili.
But you're greatly mistaken if you think this dish is meh (unimpressive/ mediocre/ so-so)!
IT'S SOOOO EFFING YUMMY I was literally scraping the bowl for every last grain of rice!
If you're a fan of spicy food, please order this!
I don't know how they do it, but their chili was soooo fragrant and tasty, it turned such a simple bowl of rice worth the entire $11!
Not to mention how juicy and fresh the prawns were!
I'd go back to Bangkok Jam just for this again!

Their clear tom yam soup, however, was disappointing :(
I usually would judge how good a thai restaurant is based on their clear tom yam soup.
And Bangkok Jam's was too sour and not spicy enough.
I'm not sure if the chefs made any errors in preparing the soup that day but this standard of tom yam soup is really unacceptable :(
I might go back again (for my Chilli Fried Rice!!) and order their soup again just to confirm if it really tastes like that all the time haha!
I refuse to believe that a thai restaurant that can whip up such delicious fried rice serves such a low standard of tom yam soup.
Let me know too if you guys have been there before and if the soup was really good when you were there? :)
Cause this was one of the rare times I actually didn't finish my entire bowl of tom yam soup and I think it's a huge waste T~T

The soup was so comforting and flavourful and the beef slices were chewy and yummy!
I think this has quite an authentic thai flavour (then again, I'm no expert hahah) and would totally recommend this!!

Ahhhh, handsome boy feeding me food hehehe *blush*

The Mixed Grill that looked crazily good on the menu looked equally tantalizing in real life.
The taste however...... :(
Usually the charred bits are suppose to make grilled food taste better, but this tasted too bitter.
I think they kind of overdid the charred parts..
I overheard some other customers queuing up outside the restaurant talking about how good the mixed grill LOOKS on the menu too,
so I guess we weren't the only one who got cheated by pictures lah hahah! :p

So I won't recommend anyone to order the mixed grill,
just stick to the chili fried rice and beef noodle soup and you won't regret nor waste money! :D

The prices at Bangkok Jam might be a little bit pricey but I think it's alright considering the nice ambiance and sense of novelty you get when dining there? :)
I will definitely go back to try more of their dishes simply because I think it's quite a fun and chill place to dine at.
Hopefully I'll fall in love with more of their dishes next time! :D

Thank you Essensuals Bugis for my shiny new hair heheh!!

A picture I took during dinner the other day at Astons!
Didn't take any other pictures so I just thought of posting it in this same post since it's about food anyway hahah!

My love and I! :)
Can't believe we're going to be together for 3 years already!!
We have a ton of happy moments together, but trust me, we do have our disagreements like normal couples do!
He drives me crazy sometimes and I piss the hell out of him sometimes too,
but at the end of the day, he's the only one my heart will ever want, and I hope it's the same for him too :)

A random super cute and sweet text he sent me awhile ago! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!