Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Boysss!

Wore my Jefferson Eild Cats Jersey from SkinnyBonnie today! :D
Mad love how stretchy and comfortable it is!
And despite the amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe, I still like to stick to pretty teeshirts and shorts at the end of the day lol!
Super fuss free!

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They have just launched a new collection with many trendy and edgy outfits.
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Celebrated Zee & Yong Reng's birthday the other day with Martin & their group of friends at a seafood restaurant! :)
We (Yumin and I) didn't manage to get a picture of the yummy crabs and all the other exciting dishes because you know what it's like when you have a table full of boys........ :X
zoom zoom zoom!
All the food is gone before I can even whip out my camera lol!

Birthday boys Yong Reng and Zee!

Super chio and super expensive cake that Yumin had custom made for them!
When she told me it cost $170 I was like omg please, why cake so expensive one!!! T~T
But Yumin says the design is inspired by Chrome Hearts, which is a brand that G Dragon wears (if I didn't remember wrongly) and the boys like it a lot haha!
And this was the prettiest design she can find in Singapore, so I guess it's quite worth it after all!
Plus the moment they unboxed the cake everyone was like "wahhhhh! instagram instagram!" hahaha XD

Chio right!!!!
I really don't know what's the name of the store that customised the cake so please don't ask me k!! :X

Group photo!!!
Pretty girl in white in the center (beside me) is Yumin, the one who planned the entire gathering!
She's a damn perfect girlfriend please!
I'm never this hardworking to plan so much even when it's Martin's birthday ahaha

Martin hiding from the paparazzi and Melvin looking all serious~

And it's time to sing the birthday song!

Awww, two shy boys!

Chio cake is chio!

Look at them holding hands and cutting the cake together ahahahaha!!
Machiam cutting wedding cake xD

When my baby is happy, I'm super happy!!! :D :D

LOL Martin's turn to show off his bromance..... hahahaha!!!!
He went around feeding all of them the super thick fondant on the cake
cause we don't like it and it tastes like a chunk of sugary plastic, but he forces them to eat it anyway :P

Martin: You better eat it ah
Zee: Orh..

hahaha so poor thing!

More more more bromance! LOL BABY AH!!! x'D

The cake was suppose to be cookies and cream flavour but it kinda tasted like banana flavour hehe :p
But it was still not bad!! :D

Hopefully on Martin's birthday this year I'll be able to plan out something nice for him too hehe! :D
We'll see!!

And then the other day, Yutaki invited Martin and I to his last minute birthday celebration!!! :D
In case you didn't know, Yutaki is one of my biggest blogger inspirations!
My idol!!
Many people praise him for his good looks, but I think most of them forgot to appreciate how insanely talented he is!!!!

He just recently launched his THIRD photobook, A Flower Boy’s Tale, on his blog.
If you haven't seen it, you're missing out big time lol!
His photobooks are a HUUUGE slap to all of us camwhores in the face by reality reminding us who the true king of camwhore/ self-photography is!!!
His latest photobook features 30 looks, of which only 3 looks are collaborations with a photographer,
meaning the other 27 are all self-styled, self-directed, self-shot!!
You will not truly understand the words "mind = blown" until you've seen Yutaki's photobooks.

I can only hope that one day I can be 0.1 % as talented as he is, don't even need 1% and I'll die very happy already hahah!

Of course, I was really honoured that he invited us to his birthday celebration!!! :D

His strawberry tart birthday cake that Qiuqiu got for him!
It says "Happy Birthday Prince Yutaki"
(picture credit to Qiuqiu's instagram)

Yutaki posing with the physical copy of his photobook!!
He's not selling them at the moment, but I think he should sell them lor!
Sure a lot of people buy one!!

I showed my mummy his pictures and told her he's my idol
and she said he's like a living anime character!
Make wish also look so cute right haha!

And then we all took pictures with him with his photobook haha!!
Seeing the physical copy is a lot more overwhelming than the digital version
it's soooo cool and the quality is awesome omg.
Can fight with Angelababy's photobook!

Baby flipped the photobook to his favourite look by Yutaki, which is the tribal look one!

Thank you baby for helping us take pictures!!! You're the best hehe!!!

Left to right (clockwise):
Me, Qiuqiu, Peggy (Sixpegs), Sophie and Yutaki!

They're all such beautiful people omggggg
Like they all got aura one you know!

In case you were wondering, the room is a Gold Themed Suite at Hotel Re!
Super cosy and pretty room!
Martin and I went quite late cause we were at a flea before that and had to go home and change (super sweaty and smelly lol),
but it was really fun and they're all so nice!!! :D :D

Alright, one last picture of Yutaki looking cute posing with the marshmallow bear Martin chose for him! ^~^

Thank you for reading! Love you all!! :D