Friday, May 24, 2013

Jipaban: Perfect gifts!

Hi loves!
I've more cool stuff from Jipaban to share with you guys today! :D

I recently celebrated a number of people's birthdays and on all occasions I always feel lost when it comes to getting gifts for them (both boys and girls).
But then I realised that Jipaban has a HUGE selection of awesome gifts for you to choose from,
and that can make gift-shopping a lot easier!

The best part is that they're all going at SALE prices!!!
Discounts, discounts and more discounts! :D

If you have any food junkie friends, this super cute ornamental cup is what they'll need!
Not to worry, it's made of ceramic and it's re-usable :)
If I received such an adorable gift, I'll never use a normal bowl to eat my meals ever again lol!!!
Everything tastes (or looks) better when placed in an instant noodle cup, no? :p

I've seen a ton of variations of small or toy cameras, but none is as adorable as this!!
"The 2mp CLAP digital camera measures just 1.4 x 2.8 x 0.59 in and weighs only 0.85 oz. Has a built-in USB port and saves stills and videos on a microSD card."
Not only can it capture still photos, you can even take videos with it and upload it onto your computer via the built-in USB port?! :D
Too cool!!

Recently a lot of people around me are becoming mothers and it's a really exciting thing for them and everyone around them!
I love love love to buy presents for all these new mummies and their babies even when there's no special occasion haha!
Can't wait till I have my own kids :P
Anyway, this Hello Kitty Baby Tracker is absolutely adorable!!!
The mummy just has to pin the tracker on her child and carry the receiver with her to keep track of her child so they won't run too far heheh!
Practical and super pretty, what a thoughtful gift! :D

Have friends who are all about the booze?
Get them this stylish bottle opener so they can indulge in their favourite drinks anytime, anywhere! :D

I don't condone smoking, so this is one of those super ironic but fun gifts I'd get for my smoker friends :p

And if really you have no clue whatsoever about what a guy would like for a gift,
there's a high chance that they'll appreciate a new set of PC game or XBox games etc from Jipaban! :D
Plus they're on sale now, so grab them while you can!

Such irresistible deals for yourselves and for your loved ones, only at! :)
Also, save the date!
Jipaban is throwing a warehouse bazaar party in collaboration with Zouk Singapore on the 2nd of June!!!
I will be there selling tons of clothes, bags and some brand new shoes, price range $5 to $8 again!! :D
So don't worry if you missed my previous flea because here's your chance to grab some gorgeous deals super cheaply again!
There will be lots of other bloggers like Sophie Willocq, Julie, Hosanna, Esther Xie, Erica etc going too!
Not to be missed!! :)
I'll see you guys there!

Thank you for reading, love you all!