Friday, May 17, 2013

Jipaban: Site-wide Sale!

JIPABAN is an e-commerce retailer specialised in curating fashion lifestyle.
Starting from 17th May, Jipaban will be throwing a site-wide sale!
Expect 30 to 70 % off over 3000 items on :D
Jipaban is upgrading to serve us better, so this is our last chance to grab all the awesome buys at HUGE SAVINGS!!

Yay! Shopping makes me the happiest!!!~~~

With such crazy sales, only the fastest fingers will get the best deals!
So do quickly head to to grab all the awesome buys at super low prices!!

Here are 5 items I've got on eyes on for this sale ;)

I think it'll be an amazing addition to the basics in my wardrobe and provide a beautiful pop of colour when it comes to layering of my outfits! :D
I could really use a gorgeous yet versatile top like this!

2. Graphic Tee - Superman (White)
It's going only at $9 omg!
I would love to get that for my boyfriend, and we could even share the tee
because girls get to wear guy's tee as an oversized top and still look good hahah yay!

But nothing excites me more this sale than JIPABAN'S BAGS!!!

Have you checked out the prices???
It's like almost $10 discount each bag!
You won't be able to get these kind of prices elsewhere!
And I think all of you smart shoppers will go for the Quilted Bags because they look more expensive,
and yet you're only paying a small fraction of what they're really worth! :p
You can totally rock the sweet Korean fashion sort of look with this bag!
A lovely variation to my usual studded bags and all :D

Check out these 2 quilted bags as well!
The cream one has a slightly more vintage vibe whereas the black one is more suitable for classy get ups for dinners! :)
And if you're like me and can never give up on big spacious bags,
this hot red Reia Quilted Clasp Bag will be perfect for you!

This last clutch isn't quilted, but it's soooo eye-catching I knew I had to get it!
I like how the weave is totally structured and solid, and yet you don't really feel the weight of it!
An extremely fun piece to help spice up your outits!


Remember that this is your last chance to grab all the items you want with HUGE DISCOUNTS at!!!
 Hesitate no further!
Visit and shop your hearts out now!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!