Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lazy pretty girls!

Hello to all my vain girls who're trying to look for the most effortless ways to look pretty!
today I'll be sharing a secret to looking pretty without spending hours on your face everyday!


You've heard of eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes.. but they're all quite uncomfortable to a certain extent, aren't they?
Instead of going through all that discomfort everyday, why not make your natural lashes prettier?

Eyelash perming isn't permanent, but it'll last about say 2 months, and also depending on how quick your lashes fall out and new ones grow out.
But for that entire month, you won't have to take your time to curl your lashes and get annoyed when the lashes don't curl up smooth as desired, but bad those weird squarish angles (if you know what I mean)...
Also, applying macara becomes so much easier!!!

And a lot of us don't have naturally curled up eyelashes I think?
But if you do, good for you lor good genes *feeling sore* lol!!
These are my natural lashes.
They're not very short, but they droop down like Snuffy's (the elephant) from Sesame Street :S
And droopy eyelashes makes your eyes a lot more tired and sad looking!!! :(
And it covers up some of my eye white too!
As if my eyes aren't already small enough... T~T

So I went to perm my lashes at some random neighbourhood beauty shop near my place.
Those that will help pluck eyebrows, do hair extensions etc one :D
It cost about $40 if I didn't remember wrongly!
And this is how my lashes look like after eyelash perming!
SO much more awake!! Plus the help of circle lens of course hehehe :D
If you're lazy to apply make up, this is definitely good enough to make a difference from your previous droopy lashes!
But if you're feeling hardworking, coat on layers of mascara and it'll definitely bring out the effect of opening up your eyes a lot more!!

If you have very dense and thick lashes that'll be a lot better!
But I don't, so I'll be happy with mine since I don't have to tahan the itchiness from eyelash extensions and false lashes and it still looks quite nice, yay! :)

Watch how it's done and it's really PAINLESS!
If will take about 20 minutes to half an hour maximum!
If done well it shouldn't feel uncomfortable and you can just close your eyes and rest throughout the entire process.
Doesn't matter if you put on contact lens or not while getting your lashes permed.

Hope you girls will find this post helpful!
Sorry for the lack of nice pictures, I'm rushing to go out now hahaha!

Love you all, thank you for reading! :D