Saturday, May 11, 2013

Macaron Lollipops

Hello loves!
I'm going to start with two pictures of my face from my instagram (@pxdkitty) cause for the rest of the post don't have my face already hahah!

If you haven't already decided what to get for your mum on mothers' day, why not make something really cute, sweet and also totally yummy? :)

I celebrated mothers' day with my family last week in advance, and I tried making Macaron Lollipops for the first time! :D
It's actually not much of a difference from a macaron, but it's a macaron on a stick :p
And I personally think a lollipop macaron would serve as a cuter gift than just giving someone a macaron, cause the packaging looks better haha!

Here's a macaron tutorial plus recipe I followed if you're interested to try this out! :)

I bought this packet of Cookie Sticks from Phoon Huat (store that sells bakery supplies), but you can use satay sticks (cut them to the desired length first) or disposable chopsticks etc :)

First prepare your prettiest macaron shells

Then using EDIBLE FOOD MARKERS (I used this for my Hello Kitty Macarons and Candy Crush Macarons as well!), draw on the design that you want on the macarons :)
Feel free to experiment with any design!
If you're really good at drawing, you can even draw like My Little Pony or something haha!
I actually tried and my Pinkie Pie looked more like a deranged horse than my little pony ahaha so I'm not posting pictures of it :p

If you don't feel confident drawing something complex, you can never go wrong with simple designs like a heart! :)
You can even WRITE words on it, like I LOVE YOU MUMMY! ^~^

For this, I'm using my favourite short cut frosting when I'm too lazy to make buttercream from scratch heheh :D

Then dip the cookie stick into the frosting, just to secure it a little better :)

Then fill the macaron shells with your buttercream/ frosting as usual

Place 2 matching sized macaron shells together with the cookie stick in the center, and it should look like a super cute lollipop! :)

I really like the mustache one I think it's super cute haha! XD
The black ink is also edible food marker :)

Do tweet me if you guys try this out! :D
And if you give one person one macaron lollipop (that looks super ultra cute), you won't have to make so many macarons compared to if you had to prepare one box per person heheh :X
Plus anyway you aren't suppose to stuff your face with macarons cause it's really sweet.
People usually a few and it's more than good enough, so I think it's quite a good gift idea!
To wrap it up, you can use those small plastic wrapper and seal the bottom of it with a cute ribbon! :D
Soooo precious!

By the way, please refrigerate the macaron lollipops or place them in an air con room before you wrap them so they won't be all flimsy and fall all over the place when you're wrapping them :)

(image credit to google)

Hope you'll all have a great mothers' day celebration!
There's no one else in the world who'll love you more than your own parents, so do appreciate them and shower them with all your love!!! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

By the way, do check out Noah's new Mothers' Day video which Peishi and I were in as well hahah!

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