Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guide to having a flea booth!

Hi sweethearts!
Today's blogpost is all about flea markets!

Here's a collage of the pictures you girls (and one guy, haha hi Max!) tagged me in from the 18th May flea market!! :D
A huuuuge thank you to everyone who came down to support!
I really really appreciate it and was honestly quite overwhelmed :')
I wasn't expecting this much of a crowd because I haven't had a flea market booth in eons!!
So I'm more than thankful that so many of you came down to support!
I brought 2 luggages this time round and didn't know it'd be almost wiped out within the first hour!
I'll bring more next flea (I'll be having one in June too)! :D
Plus some special surprises for you all too hehe!

By the way, I think it's super super sweet that some of you girls made the effort to come at around 1pm when the flea started at 2pm~
Thank you so much and so sorry to have kept you girls waiting!!

In no particular order, collage pictures credit to:

Do let me know if I happen to miss out on yours and I'll include it in! ^~^
Sorry ah.. cause sometimes old already will make mistakes one hahaha!

So here's how the flea at Scape Playspace looked like!
It was my first time having a flea booth there :)
THANKFULLY we got the sheltered area!!!

Didn't actually get to hang the clothes on the clothes rack cause by the time we set it up, I think half the clothes were gone already,
and that just means that
I will make sure I have a lot more clothes and bags to sell super cheaply next flea!

Me struggling on tip toes to take a picture of our booth hahah
At one point we occupied like 3 booths (only 1 is mine), thank god our neighbour vendors were late :X

I really hope you girls love the clothes and bags that you got that day!!!

And for girls / blogshop owners who are thinking of having a flea booth as well,
the second part of this post will be a

Guide To having a flea booth! :D

1. ALWAYS opt for sheltered booths
You might have to pay about $10 to $20 more, but trust me, it's totally worth it.
Because in most cases, flea organizers won't have a back up plan for unsheltered areas in the event of a bad weather.
If it's too sunny, you'll get scorched.
If it rains, your poor clothes will be soaked! :(

2. Buy an electric fan
This will probably cost you a few bucks, but it'll be the best few bucks you ever spent in your entire life.
I'd probably look a whole lot more sweaty and gross in the pictures if not for my super cute robot electric fans!!! :D
I bought them from Mini Toons and they come with a strap so you won't lose it while selling your clothes :)

3. Always have a partner to be at the booth with you
It'll make going to the toilet to pee, leaving your booth to grab a bite or simply shopping at other flea booths a lot easier :)

I had my younger brother and boyfriend help me out the other day!
We're booth #63 yay!

4. Pack your clothes in a luggage
I don't know how common sense this may be to all of you, but apparently I'm someone who lacks a lot of common sense.
The first flea market I ever went to in my life, I brought HUUUUGE bags to put my clothes
and I carried them on my shoulders while walking and was dying on my way to the flea.... T~T

5. Don't forget your hangers
Hanging up your clothes on a clothes rack will prevent having to fold them repeatedly and worrying about how to present them on the table without looking like a mess haha!
But then again, my booth looked like a mess though heheh :X
If you're the type who has OCD or like to take super chio pictures of your clothes, you may also want to standardize your hangers!
I've seen girls use a full rack of wooden hangers at flea market booths.
Super pretty ah!!

6. Clothes rack
If you don't already have one, you can buy a portable clothes rack for about $20 at FairPrice or Giant :)

7. Plastic Bags
It'll be good if you can provide plastic bags for your customers at the flea market because it'll be a lot more convenient for them to carry the stuff around! :)
And hopefully buy more pieces from you too hehe!
Bring some big plastic bags if you're selling bags, pullovers or bulkier items!

8. Table Cloth
Most flea markets will provide a table for you to place your accessories or some of your shorts etc.
And although it's still a flea market at the end of the day, not like an official stall or anything, presentation still matters a lot!
Bring a pretty table cloth (about bigger than 4x4 ft table would be okay I think)!
Not only will it make your booth look more appealing to customers, you can hide all your barang barangs under the table without being seen and it'll make your pictures look good too! :p

9. Bring a lot of small change
Depending on how much clothes you're selling and also the price range of your clothes.
For my booth that day, I sold a lot of clothes at $5, so I brought a lot of $2, $5 and $10 (some girls will pass you $50) as change for the girls!
I brought about $130 worth of spare change in total hahah!
Many people forget this important part and end up struggling during the day of the flea trying to ask other vendors to change with their big notes.
But I think I'd get annoyed if I were that person's neighbour vendor cause I'm trying to sell my clothes too and will need those small change too!
So to prevent any unhappiness, do remember to prepare a lot of small change on your part! :)

This part is entirely optional, think of it like a bonus, but I think it'll be nice if it's within your means to do it and isn't too much of a hassle :)

10. Bring a measuring tape
You know how sometimes we just need that extra assurance that we can fit into some clothes.
And at flea markets, it's almost impossible to try on the clothes so it's really difficult to gauge.
Having a measuring tape at your booth will help let your customers know if the clothes can fit them or not :)

11. Bring an okay sized mirror
It doesn't have to be a big mirror, but not too small either! 
You can use it to check your make up to see if touching up is needed, customers can take a look at how the clothes will look on them...
mirrors are awesome!
But of course don't bring an expensive mirror!
I bought my mirror at Value Shop at about $1, brought a cheap one in case I happen to break it at the flea :x

12. Namecards & Banners
If you're a blogshop owner, flea markets would be a good place to increase your shop's exposure as well! :)
So if you're able to, print some pretty namecards or prepare a banner to let everyone know about your website!

13. Free sweets
Who doesn't like to shop happily? :)
I hate going to booths where the owners make me feel like I owe them a lot of money.
I think I tend to have that look when I don't smile too hahaha
So I brought along free sweets for anyone who walks by (doesn't matter if they don't buy my clothes) so I won't look so unapproachable (hopefully) :D

14. Have an open mind
At flea markets, I think everyone's usually on their worse behaviors.
Under the sweltering heat, tension in the air vying for customers, getting pissed when people touch your clothes and ask a lot of questions and don't buy them, feeling hungry but you can't leave your booth to eat, feeling all sweaty and smelly, watching others sell a lot of clothes while your pile is still untouched, customers asking for ridiculously low prices for your branded clothes...
You're at a flea market! :) You paid for the booth, so try your best to enjoy it!
Think of it this way, since it's a flea market, people expect the clothes to be cheap,
so you can't really blame them for trying their luck with getting discounts.
And if you don't sell your clothes at those prices, the one suffering in the end is you because you'll have to lug them all home again!
Not very worth it if you ask me~
But then again, if you really think that selling off a brand new leather jacket at $5 is too absurd,
sell it online instead
and just bring those that you're more willing to sell at $2 to $5 to the flea! :)

( hahah! picture credit to Reelity Bites Ep 17 Anger Management)

15. Knowing your crowd
Different flea markets draw different crowds (location matters too).
This will come with some experience so if it's your first time, just relax and enjoy your time as much as you can :)
Some flea markets will draw the matured and more classy crowd.
So bring out all your maxi dresses, working dresses, bodycon dresses, blazers etc!!!
But some flea markets will draw the younger and more edgy crowd, and that's when the printed tanks, customised tote bags and hipster ripped shorts would sell like hot cakes! :D

16. Wear something comfortable
I know some girls would want to dress to the nines for pictures... but I really don't think flea markets are the right places for it hahaha!
It's damn uncomfortable as it is already, having 30000 layers of clothes and a pair of killer boots on would definitely add on to our sufferings.
If you really need the height, wear platform shoes! :)
Crop tops/ printed tees and shorts are the best for fleas!
Cooling, comfortable, won't zhao geng (get exposed, as compared to wearing a dress) and it looks good in pictures too! :D

If you can't remember or don't wish to remember any of the tips I've shared,
just remember to
Because no matter what it is, since you're doing it, make sure you're enjoying yourself,
otherwise you might as well not do it at all~

If you girls have any other tips for having a flea market booth
or any interesting flea experiences to share, do feel free to leave a comment via the Imotiv app! :D
I'd love to talk to you guys there!

Thank you for reading, love you all!