Friday, June 28, 2013


AshInCans has been around for as long as I can remember, and they've just launched their Collection 111!
You'll know an online boutique has lots of awesome designs and are super reliable when they're able to last for years and years, with ardent supporters continuously coming back for more! :D
Quote 'Rachell Tan' with your purchase to get FREE normal postage, valid till 15th July!

One reason why I'm personally a fan of AshInCans is because their clothes all have a perfect blend of girlish-vibe, casual feel, and also the x-factor!
These are actually the clothes that will be flattering to most body types! :)

I love to dress comfortably, but most of the time comfortable clothes make me look totally unfeminine and immensely unattractive :S
But browsing through the collections at AshInCans, you'll realise that super comfortable and pretty clothes are actually just a few clicks away! :D

I'd been looking for this dress since forever so thank god AIC did a backorder for it, yay!!

Major love the skater dress cutting and unique criss cross cut details!
Not too revealing, but this dress is a head turner for sure! :)

And if there's a hot new fashion trend you're dying to lay your hands on,
you can be sure that AshInCans will be one of the first online stores to carry them because they are THAT updated! :D
This is one online shop you NEED to bookmark and check back regularly! ^~^

I also chose the BURGUNDY REBEL CUT OUT ROMPER because I've quite taken a liking to criss cross cut out designs since the Nasty Gal inspired dress :p
This is AshInCan's self-manufactured romper by the way! :)
I like how both items have similar concepts to the design, but the overall visual impacts are totally different.
I'm the type who will buy a lot of similar style clothes at one shot because I can't decide which is nicer hahaha!
But don't you agree that both the dress and romper are damn pretty in their own ways? :D

I tend to feel this way very often about AIC's clothes.. I like all of them and I can't decide which I like best LOL
And if you can afford it, JUST GET ALL OKAY HAHAH!

I think the romper would have gone well with a thin brown belt, but since I just moved, I haven't unpacked all my clothes yet.... oops~~~ ^~^
But I think it'd look good with a belt, plus a blazer, for that casual chic look!
I'm-wearing-a-blazer-with-shorts-looking-like-I-don't-really-care-but-I-actually-do, y'know? :p

But of course, the best part of wearing a smexy romper like this would be your side profile will look x100 more exciting than usual heheh :D

There's also an Instagram giveaway where you can stand a chance to win a AIC manufactured romper of your choice! :)
Click here for the details:
Try your luck ba, I hope you'll win hehe!

Do also Like their Facebook page where you'll be able to receive first hand updates on their new collections and promotions! :D

Quote 'Rachell Tan' with your purchase to get FREE normal postage, valid till 15th July!

Good luck & happy shopping!

Love you all, thank you for reading!