Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy busy

I think I'll be quite busy soon when I start selling my cookies online
not because I'll get a lot of business, but because baking is really hard work hahah!
Tried baking a large batch the other day and it took me the entire night!
FML, I really hope I can endure till the launch of!
Wish me luck~~
Will update you guys more when I finalize everything! :D

Okay, I'm going to pack my room now!!
It's forever so messy and gross I hate it ughhh
and I seem to have this amazing ability to mess up an entirely neat room within a day... T~T

Shall just fill up the rest of this blogpost with leftover toilet camwhore pictures I took at YTFF while waiting for Ong Lin lol!!
Speaking of which, I haven't even blogged about YTFF yet, hahaha oops so overdued, will try not to procrastinate and do that soon too :X

Love you all!