Monday, June 3, 2013

Damatory Korean Wine House

Posted this photo of the Korean food buffet I had today on my instagram and quite a number of people asked where this was,
which is why I'm blogging it so urgently now cause I don't want to leave you guys hanging hahah!

The restaurant is called Damatory Korean Wine House at Robertson Walk! :)

Damatory Korean Wine House
11 Unity Street
#01-30/31 Robertson Walk
Tel: 62356787
Operating Hours
Daily: 17:00 - 01:00

My mum, Martin and I went there after Jipaban's flea today to pig out and the entire place is GORGEOUS!!
Super good for photoshoots and what not!! :)
And it's not usually very crowded, so you probably won't get as much of those awkward stares from people while camwhoring there xD

This is the Korean Restaurant you guys are asking me about!
It says wine house but we totally go there for the food lol!!
We ordered a pot of Roasted Barley Tea and Korean Green Tea for our buffet! b;
The Roasted Barley Tea is so fragrant and refreshing, I think it goes super well with the food :)

We chanced upon their Sunday Buffet and was majorly excited hahah!
How often do you see a Korean restaurant serving FULL PORTIONS (not those small servings kind eh!!) having buffets??
We paid $144 for 3 person, including the 2 POTS of tea, GST and service charge.
I think it's totally worth it lor!!
But then again if you do the math right, if you're not a super big eater, I think having the ala carte would be better! :)

And their food are all super flavourful and I'm sure it tastes really authentic
because a lot of Koreans frequent that place and they'd definitely know where to go for Korean cuisine when they want the real deal!!
It's also really fun to sit beside Koreans and hear them speak because it feels like I'm watching Kdrama hehehe :P

You can choose the floor seats or regular seats.
Personally I think floor seats are more fun hahaha!!
But make sure your feet won't stink please cause you gotta remove your shoes! :X

Chio deco and lighting everywhere omg!!

And they have Korean posters everywhere, Korean MVs playing on their tv sets, and all their staffs are Koreans!!!
So cool that it's a Korean restaurant and actual Koreans are running the place, cause it gives that authentic feel you know? :D
I like it!!

Very few pictures of us cause we were STARVING lol!
So a buffet is perfect!!
They'll give you a menu where you get to choose ANYTHING you want from the menu,
and it'll all be included in the buffet price!!
(the regular prices of the dishes are about $20 and up EACH)
We initially ordered without knowing how big the servings would be
because most other buffet places will serve like small portions...

But in the end the staff kindly told us that the food will be served in regular full portions and we were like
O.O omg so shiok one?!!
Being typical kiasu Singaporeans, we ate to our fill hahaha!
There was only 3 of us but we ate like 6 main dishes in total, but it was all damn yummy!!

Tuna steak!
Awesome as appetiser!
It definitely whets the appetite and makes you feel like eating more!

Spicy squid!
I LOVE the sauce they used to fry this!
Spicy with a tinge of sweetness, my favourite!

This restaurant sells the BEST Kimchi Pancake I've ever eaten omg and look at the generous portion!!!

Grilled saba fish!
Super impressed at how the fish was super crispy on the outside without being too hard,
and yet so juicy and fresh on the inside!
The sauce they added onto the fish added that extra kick to it, I couldn't get enough of this!

I don't remember what this is called.. but it's like pork slices and you can wrap it up with Kimchi and vegetables!
Not a huge fan of vegetables,
but I think Kimchi is an exception and is yummy because it has a lot of flavour to it!
The pork slices is really what you'd call 入口即化 (melt in your mouth)

And finally, our kimchi soup!
This makes such a perfect closure to an exciting meal!
So comforting and delicious! :D :D :D
And it was served piping hot to our table, talk about efficient service!!!

I love how all their staff take so much pride in what they do,
and it shows a lot through their food, their efficient service and their amiable attitude towards their customers!!! :D

This is definitely a restaurant I'd recommend to everyone, whether or not you're a fan of Korean cuisine or not.
Like Martin doesn't really like Korean food elsewhere, but he really enjoyed the fare we had at Damatory Korean Wine House!!

If you're planning your activities for the coming week, you can fill up your Sunday with a super shiok Korean buffet now! :D

Damatory Korean Wine House
11 Unity Street
#01-30/31 Robertson Walk
Tel: 62356787
Operating Hours
Daily: 17:00 - 01:00

Ending off with this Vine post of the Kimchi Soup we had!
*brb drooling again*
(mouseover the image and unmute it to hear the sound lol!!!)

Thank you for reading, love you all!