Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DRx #5: Tricho

In my very first post about DRx (Really MUST READ haha!!,
I mentioned that they have a Medispa at DRx meant for oily scalp, thinning hair etc,
and it's at the 14th floor of Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre).

And I personally have really thin hair because I take after my mum,
and I'm quite worried because my mum told me she started growing white hair at quite an early age and I don't wish for that to happen to me so early! :(
So when I heard that DRx offers services for scalp and hair problems,
I was more than excited to give it a try!
And it's awesome that it's located at the same building as their skincare department (just different levels),
so you could probably arrange for both appointments to be on the same day!

Contrary to the belief that hair loss is usually associated with old men
there are lots of women who suffer from hair loss too!
And I think this problem hurts women a lot more than it does to men.
Men can just shave bald if they're balding what.. no fair! :(

People lose their hair due to various reasons.
And for women, it may be metabolic (often anemia), hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, illness, stress, pregnancy and many more!
And nowadays everything also sibeh stress... how to not lose hair? SIGH!!

But before going for any trichology treatments at DRx, you'll need to go for a hair scan first with Peggy (she's a certified Trichologist at DRx Medispa, and there are LESS THAN 10 of them in Singapore, super cool haha!).

This is one of their patients' hair scans at DRx, and you can very obviously see a HUGE difference in the before and after pictures!!
It only took about 6 months and the results are so amazing!

When I saw this I felt really encouraged to go regularly for their treatments because it's good to start young... (okay not THAT young since I'm 23 this year T~T)
But you know what they say,
prevention is better than cure!
And if your scalp condition isn't super jialat yet, it'll be a lot easier and quicker to treat ba :)

Okay so here's the result of my first hair scan :(
I have extremely thin hair (hereditary), plus I used to dye and bleach my hair a lot,
and there was once bleached my hair so much I got blisters on my scalp!
So I suppose my scalp condition is quite horrible for my age! *self-conscious* T~T
Plus because of my dry-oily combination skin (just like my face), my scalp has those clogged up pores and occasionally I get pimples on my head too!
Damn gross I know T~T

But I must say first, I DO wash my head every day okay!!!
It's just like how I wash my face everyday but my outbreaks USED TO be so repulsive...
so I definitely need professional help cause I really can't solve these problems on my own X.X

Peggy said that before they can help me with my thinning hair problem, 
they'll first have to "clean up" my scalp
because you can't be adding "fertilizers" on soil that's covered with rubbish because it will affect the absorption rate and the results won't be as effective.

So the very first treatment I was recommended is their DRx Purifying Treatment.
It's mainly deep cleansing for the scalp and it clears up all the clogged up hair follicles and other rubbish  things that are not suppose to be there on your scalp lol!

Their therapists are all very gentle and meticulous, and super friendly too :)
I'm not too sure what they applied on my scalp, but it's felt cooling and nice!

DRx bridges the divide between conventional and complementary medicine by using medical and natural methods,
and they are able to select the most appropriate treatments in order to deliver the results we except.

For me, I don't really care if it's natural herbs or chemicals,
because just like every other kiasu customer,
what I care most about are RESULTS :p

I think this is like some laser light thingy to help stimulate your scalp to help with hair growth!

BEFORE DRx Purifying Treatment:
Oily scalp with those clogged up things around my hair, ew gross!!
And I actually WASHED MY HAIR right before going there and it still looked like that eh wth :(

AFTER DRx Purifying Treatment:
Soooo much better!
Scalp is less oily, no gross white things around my hair (that can actually clog your hair folliclesprevent new hair from growing out)
and you see those little red dots?
Those are actually stimulated blood capillaries on your scalp from the laser light!
Means my scalp became a little healthier, yay!

On my second visit to DRx Medispa for Tricho,
after my scalp is cleansed previously,
it's time for the therapists to bring the bad boys out!!! :O

I went for the DRx Regrowth treatment
and this needle roller plays a huge part in it.
I know... it does look scary *gulp*

This needle roller actually has a ton of tiny needles on it and it'll help push the beneficial serums into your scalp to help with hair loss.
For hygiene purposes, each customer will have a PERSONAL roller which will not be shared with other customers.

After the therapist applies the serum (also referred to as "fertilizers" above),
she will use the needle roller to massage it into your scalp.
I say massage lah, but please be prepared to tahan some pain :S
I THINK I have quite a high threshold of pain, but I won't deny this stings quite a bit.

It doesn't hurt too bad for me such that I'll ask them to stop,
but I had tears coming out of my eyes involuntarily during one of their treatments lol!!

But girls,
Wear high heels walk all day pain or not? Pain.
Wear pretty but super tight dresses uncomfortable or not? Uncomfortable.
Go on diet sian or not? Sian.
Exercise to lose weight tiring or not? Tiring.

But being girls, I think we endure quite a shitload of pain on a regular basis,
so this is just one of those things that hurt us but are absolutely necessary to go through ba~

Unless you naturally have very thick hair like my elder sis (who takes after my dad), well good for you all then xP *sore*

Enduring that pain for a few sessions (I think I went for like 3 of the DRx Regrowth Treatments) actually paid off!
In just after about 2 months, you can see the After & Before difference!

The reason why it took me so long to blog up this post is because I wanted to be sure of results before I share it with you girls (or guys),
because I really don't want to recommend something that doesn't work.
And now that I KNOW it actually works for me, I'm sharing it with everyone I love!

Hopefully I'll be able to convince my mum to go with me for treatments soon cause I love her a lot
and I want her to feel good about herself too!! :)

The areas of concern for me is mainly my high forehead and really high hairline,
and also the sides which are quite bare and looks bad when I tie up my hair.
There's definitely a significant amount of improvement on those areas.
But my center parting line is still quite wide, but I think that area isn't so easy to fix,
so that still needs some time.
Nevertheless, I'll keep you all updated!! :)

See my dry and oily scalp from before?
Now it looks so much better! (Notice my hair is dyed brown now in the "After" photo haha)

After treatment, the therapist at DRx also helped me curl my hair super prettily with their Repit Heating Brush Iron!!!!

And they recommended me to change my hair parting to prevent the center parting from widening,
and coincidentally my hair ended up looking like the girl printed on my teeshirt hahah!

I loved the Repit Heating Brush Iron so much because I saw how convenient it was to use it,
I got one for myself! :D :D
The one I'm using is the biggest one (26mm) and it's at $280.
There's also a smaller one (22mm) at $250, but I personally like bigger curls!
If you're in getting the heating brush iron, you can just buy it from DRx Medispa, 14th floor of Tong Building.

The Repit Heating Brush Iron is a product from Korea by the way, you can check more How-To-Style videos about it on YouTube :)
I also made a Rachell Recommends video about it, so please do watch it if you want to achieve the type of smooth and bouncy hairstyles that Korean girls sport! :D

I'm honestly very very glad to have found The DRx Clinic in my life because it not only helped me with my complexion (you can zoom in on my face in the video, video cannot photoshop lol) and helped me regained a lot of confidence,
it's made me feel hopeful about finding a solution to my scalp and hair problems!!

And just for you girls, The DRx Medispa is offering a PROMOTION!!
Remember the DRx Purifying Treatment I did during my first visit?
It is only at $38 for readers who are new to this treatment!!!
All you have to do is to quote "Rachell $38 Promo" when you book an appointment with them and you'll be entitled to this :)
Go pamper yourself to a relaxing and nice treatment (this one no pain, don't worry haha)
and at the same time truly feel like your scalp is clean!! :D

And if you like their services, you can consult Peggy for a hair scan to check the condition of your scalp and see if there are treatments that are recommended for you :)

Don't wait till it's too late then you worry about your scalp/ hair problems!
Book an appointment with them today~

The DRx Medispa (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, #14-02
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6223 1555
Mon to Sat : 10am to 8pm | Sun : 10am to 6pm
Closed on PH

I know this is a long and wordy post, but I really appreciate you guys sticking with me till the end of it!
Thank you for reading, love you all!