Sunday, June 23, 2013

SassyDream #2

Hi loves! :D
If you've been following my blog for some time,
you'd find the name SassyDream really familiar because they're one of my favourite online stores ever,
and this is my second time working with them for a post! :)

Previously, I mentioned that
SassyDream is a dream online store that has EVERYTHING I'd want to buy
and IF I opened an online shop, I'd wish to sell EXACTLY the same items they're selling!

And since that post, SassyDream has not only continuously updated their site with the hottest and latest fashion trends,
their collections have also improved by leaps and bounds!
And I love them more than ever now!
Quote "rachelltan58" to get free normal postage!

Do also Like their Facebook page where there'll be a weekly Like and Share contest held! :) 
Instagram account: shopsassydream

For this post, my top picks from SassyDream's Collection 58 are the Stylenada Inspired Pinafore and the Chiffon Off Shoulder Dress!

Stylenada Inspired Pinafore
Pinafores and jumpsuits are some of the hottest trends right now
but as with all other trends, not all of us can carry it off super nicely.
Which is why I always prefer to stick to safe colours like black and white HEHEH :p
Once you've "tested water" and feel like this trend is flattering for you,
then go ahead and experiment with other floral prints, polka dot prints etc! :)
Thank god SassyDream had this basic yet gorgeous piece!

I really like how lovely the cutting is!
It definitely makes your waist look a lot smaller!! :p
And plain colours also help to enhance the simple. pure and innocent look pinafores are all about! :D

Chiffon Off Shoulder Dress
Now to switch things up a little for a more matured and feminine look,
I chose the Chiffon Off Shoulder Dress!
This dress is an ideal balance of dressy and casual, with a tinge of elegance,
and it's definitely a head turner!

Not to mention how light and comfortable it is!
I also love how there's like a "triple protection" with the elastic bands (above the chest, around the arms plus under the chest) for girls like me who are paranoid about wearing off shoulder/ tube tops :p
Damn secure, I love it!!

If there's a special occasion where you'll need to dress to impress, ditch those gaudy satin gowns and cocktail dresses.
Rock this smexy black dress and you'll definitely be the star of the show! :D

Thank you SassyDream once again for selling so many gorgeous clothes and making online shopping so much fun for us girls!!! :D

There's a fresh new Collection 59 up on their site now
so do hurry before all the pretty clothes get sold out!
Quote "rachelltan58" to get free normal postage!

Just looking at the collection collage, I've got my eyes on a few pieces already omg!!

The time to shop is now, yay!!
Thank you for reading, love you all!