Friday, June 28, 2013

The Singing Bone Hello Kitty Brownies

So by now you should be sick of hearing about The Singing Bone Hello Kitty from McDonald's.
The long queues, the hours of waiting, the crazy speed at which they were sold out,
and even fights that sparked off because of these toys :S
But in case you haven't read anything about these Singing Bone kitties (that don't even have a mouth, how to sing sia), you might want to check out the prices re-sellers are asking for on Ebay...

$1,000... YOU MAD?!

But if you thought those above were bad, this one particular listing stole the whole show.
$126, 000!
I wouldn't even pay $3k for a branded bag, and for a super not practical stuffed toy you're asking me for x40 of that?!
And I also saw this chat posted on Facebook which I thought was hilarious :p
Serve those people who try to resell and ruin true collectors' chances of getting their hands on a kitty plushie right xP

So since I'm not able to get my own Singing Bone Hello Kitty,
I decided to make some EDIBLE ones for myself! :)

This post is NOT really a tutorial because I don't think there's anything for me to teach :/
I'll just list down what I used okay? :)

I used instant Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix because I felt lazy like that :D
So there's no "special recipe" involved in this.
Just plain old instant brownie mix!

Most importanty, you'll need Hello Kitty cookie cutters!
I got them from this website quite some time back!

A mixture of lemon juice and icing sugar is used for the glaze to draw the details on the Hello Kitty.
I can't tell you how much I used because it's more like an estimation?
Two table spoons of icing sugar plus one tea spoon of lemon juice, something along these lines! 
See how thick a consistency of glaze you're comfortable with working with ba, add more lemon juice for more liquid texture, add more icing sugar for a stickier and more solid consistency :)
I used a tooth pick to draw on the details by the way. Nothing special here!
Add ONE TINY DROP of pink colouring into a separate mixture of lemon juice + icing sugar for the bow & heart of the Singing Bone Kitty! :)

Flip your brownie the other way around because you'll need a clean flat surface (instead of the crumbly brownie top) to get prettier results :)

Once you've cut out all the Hello Kitty brownies, your leftovers should look like that haha!
Don't throw this away!

Tested drawing on the less pretty ones first hahah!
My first few tries were kinda ugly :S

You might need some practice because the crux of a cartoon cat looking like Hello Kitty is actually the proportions and ratio of the eyes, nose, whiskers and bow.
If you screw that up, your Hello Kitty will look like imitation one lor haha! :X

I really can't teach you how to draw this because it won't make sense to you until you try it for yourself.
It'll be good to have a picture of the Singing Bone Kitty by your side while you're drawing this!

(Hello imitation Kitty :S)

And I didn't have the patience to draw on all of them so I only drew onto two LOL!
But brownies are brownies lah,
got hello kitty drawing or not also taste yummy one HEHE :D

Hope you girls will try this out on your own! :)
It'll be much more worth it than spending hundreds or thousands on a soft toy ba!

Thank you for reading, love you all!