Monday, July 22, 2013


Remember my previous blogpost about JEM where I mentioned I'd post about BlogShopping soon? :)
Yup, that's what I'm going to share about today!
JEM is the new shopping mall at Jurong East MRT and it's my one of my new favourite places to go!
I'd totally ditch town for JEM :p
And one of the most awesome shops you can find at JEM would be BlogShopping at LEVEL 4!
JEM #04-07

I love BlogShopping because I can shop from A TON of my favourite labels all at one place, no need to travel to and fro,
I can pay for all my clothes in one go, no need for numerous transactions
plus you can see the actual apparels up close! :D
I'm quite particular about the material and cutting of the clothes I buy, so I actually love shopping at brick and mortar shops where I get to try on the clothes before purchasing it :)

The labels you can find at BlogShopping @ JEM are:
AshInCans, ButteredGun, Dandzelia, DirtyBling, EatingZombie, Ellysage, FaireBelle, FashionHooks, FashMob, InHouseFashion, JumpingAround, LastBusRide, LollipopBestie, MarchAries, MarshShop, MissMonday, OhSummer, RoseArk, SassyDream, TwistPolka, WeAreRubbish, WonderStellar

Denim tops, floral skirts, studded pullovers, maxi dresses, off shoulder tops, ombre knit tops, bucket bags, accessories and so much more! :D
It's definitely a one-stop heaven on earth where you can get all your wardrobe needs and shop till you drop!
And from BlogShopping, I picked out two of my favourite pieces for this post!
Wish I could bring all of the clothes home though haha they're all so gorgeous!!! :D

First up is this Light Pink Knitted Bralet from OhSummer :)
There were a lot of other pretty bralets available at BlogShopping, but the moment I saw this I knew I had to get it!
I've bought many other bralets before; denim, floral, studded bralets etc.
But never was there one as pretty as this!
As you all know, I'm a sucker for knitted clothes and a knitted bralet was just a MUST GET for me!
This is a head turner for sure, and it's PERFECT for our summer all year round climate!
Knitted clothes are usually quite thick and warm,
but because it's a bralet, this still allows you to stay cool throughout the entire day! :D
Major love this piece!!
I'm not a fan of low-cut clothes,
and I'm super glad this unique bralet is conservative enough and doesn't go too low! :D
I feel totally comfortable in this!! ^~^
Plus it's quite thickly padded so it's super flattering to the figure! :p
It makes you look like you have the curves at the right places, and makes your tummy look smaller xD

Next, I chose this Black Laced Romper from MarchAries!
The most unique feature about this romper is its lace details which stands out where there is no lining to it :)
Like the sheer portions at the tummy area and at the hems of the romper!
I think it really adds that subtle hint of sexy vibe to it without being too over the top :)
This would be an awesome top for party lovers because it'll definitely get you a lot of compliments!
Plus, shorts are always more comfortable than skirts when it comes to dancing the night away! ^~^

And because black clothes has a slimming effect, this Black Laced Romper gives an illusion of a longer and more slender body! :)

And of course, these 2 apparels are just a teeny tiny fraction of the variety of amazing pieces you can find at BlogShopping!
You MUST check them out if you don't want to miss out of any of this awesomeness! :D
Also, if you sign up for their BlogShopping Privilege Card, you'll be entitled to DISCOUNTS to your purchases all year round!
Super worth it if you're a hardcore shopper since all of BlogShopping's clothes are so pretty!! ^~^
So mark your calendars and treat yourself to a shopping spree!
Visit BlogShopping's brand new outlet!
BlogShopping @ JEM #04-07
(at Jurong East MRT)
BlogShopping also has a branch at Far East Plaza for those who like to shop at town! :D

BlogShopping Instagram:

Happy shopping! ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!