Thursday, July 18, 2013


Meow! :3
Hello loves!!
I went to Catworld at Serangoon Nex (#04-53) the other day
and it's super convenient for me because it's so near my place! :p
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It's such a gorgeous and dreamy looking shop, just stepping in there to shop is a great joy! ^~^
Catworld was founded in 2003 in Taiwan.
At that point of time, there were not many local fashion startups as mostly the industry was dominated by the overseas fashion retailers.
However, seeing the huge potential where a new fashion sense can be tapped into,
Catworld started her planning and operations.
They hit it off well with the market and from there, it just spin off like a thread spooling away!
To develop logic into fashion, they began to prioritize what is important and needed in everyday life style.
Elegance may come at a price when tight and fitting seems glam, but uncomfortable.
With much designing and redesigning, untiring efforts and never-ending inspiration,
Catworld began to grow her clothing collection which boasts of series after series of flared tops and comfort dresses.
New designs keep popping up every week.
Style with Comfort has never been so matching!

If you wish to view their designs or shop online, you can visit them at their website! :)
Key in "pxdkitty" at the checkout page to get a 10% discount off your purchases!

 I love how meticulous they are not only with their apparels' designs,
but their shop's design, customer service too!
Their owners and staff are super helpful and sincere!!! :D
I think these aspects matter a lot as well because they add on to the entire shopping experience :)
 From shorts to skirts, floral dresses to blazers, knitted tops to teeshirts,
the designs at Catworld are never-ending! :D
Not to mention they also sell other accessories like bags, scarves and even blinged up iPhone cases at their physical store! :)

Me taking my time choosing my favourite pieces hahah!
Spoilt for choice please!!
 And in particular, their blazers caught my attention.
Super soft, comfortable, looks expensive, non-sheer, flattering cutting, not too thick, extremely reasonably priced - they're literally perfect!
I don't think I've come across any blazers nicer than theirs!
If you're looking for a blazer for formal events, for work or even for school presentations,
you HAVE TO check out Catworld's blazers :)
Confirm no regrets!
And they come in a few different colours too!
And I also specially chose 3 pieces from Catworld for this post
which I think would capture the extensive selection of styles you can find at Catworld as best as possible! :)

On our usual days, less is definitely more :)
I hate to fuss over things unless the occasion makes it absolutely necessary for me to do so :x
That's why teeshirts are my favourite things to wear!
They're so comfortable and I can run around in them without any complaints!
But looking for teeshirts that actually LOOK good and presentable enough for me to shop around in town is not all that easy!
There are a lot of plain slogan teeshirts out there which I think are quite mainstream and overworn..
sure they're comfortable,
but I want something that looks exclusive and pretty too!

Which is why this Robo Hearts Tee is my top pick from Catworld :D
And it's only $19.90!!! Last piece... so fastest finger first!!
 The robot print is adorable but I think the most unique feature about this tee is the duo coloured sleeves!
The colours are so cute and cheery it makes me feel happy whenever I wear it!
Think I might have worn it about 5 TIMES already hahaha and I'm the type who try not to re-wear my clothes!
That shows how much I love this tee! :O

 Now for a change, once in awhile it's always fun to dress up and embrace your inner feminine side!
I'm quite rough and un-girly myself,
but I think that deep down every girl will love a lacey princessy dress at some point in their lives? :)
It's kind of like a female instinct I guess haha!
Like how just today when I was out shopping I found myself drawn to the pearl hairband section! :O

To be honest, I felt so pretty in this Melodious Angel Dress from Catworld!!
(I say "I felt" ah, I never say I damn pretty lol but if you think I'm pretty then thank you hehe ^^)
I think that every girl should own at least one dress like this!!! :)
It's so dreamy and yet surprisingly comfortable!!
Gotta love the elegant design and modest cutting!
Initially I was quite afraid that I wouldn't like this dress as much as the rest of the designs,
but now I'm so super glad I went ahead and chose this dress! Yay!! ^~^
And you can get this at $29.90 from Catworld :)

Last but definitely not the least, this is for all the edgy chicks out there who has a perpetual hunger for fashion! :)
The Simply Carefree Denim Shirt from Catworld is extremely comfy and it offers endless possibilities when it comes to matching your outfits!
It looks good on its own as a top paired with shorts, you can dress it up a little with plain leggings or jeans,
add a little girly touch to it by pairing it with a skater skirt, add on a knitted top over the denim shirt to create the preppy look,
tie a knot at the waist and make it a cropped shirt... just let your creativity do the job!
This is a MUST HAVE in every girl's closet :)

Obsessed with the vintage and casual vibe from the light wash denim!!
Love the Simply Carefree Denim Shirt as much as I do?
Join @catworldsg's Instagram GIVEAWAY now and you can stand a chance to win it!! :D
Click here for the details:
Giveaway ends in ONE WEEK! Do hurry & join now! :)
Good luck!! ^~^

I hope you girls will like Catworld as much as I do, and if you're visiting their website,
do click on the THEMES section where you can shop by styles (eg. Office Lady, Polka Dots)!
Key in "pxdkitty" at the checkout page to get a 10% discount off your purchases!
Don't miss out on their new Macaron series too!
Too cute!!! :D
As for their physical store, you can find them at
Serangoon Nex (#04-53)

Happy shopping!
Thank you for reading, love you all!
(this wall decal is from Catworld at Nex, I should paste this as my blog ending all the time too lol!)