Saturday, July 13, 2013

DRx #6: O2 Treatment

Hello loves!
If you guys are following my Instagram/ Twitter account, you'd have seen me raving about the DRx O2 Treatment recently :)
That's because I went to DRx with Peishi the other day to get the DRx O2 treatment done in a COUPLE room hehe! :D

Having facials alone sometimes can be a little lonely if you're not in the mood to fall asleep,
and I'm the type who likes to talk a lot LOL!
So it's nice to have Peishi with me so we can pretend like we're taitais (ladies with rich husbands) and gossip while getting our facials done xD

This is my face before facial!
As you can see, there are no obvious outbreaks or whatsoever, skin is smooth in general :)
Except the little red marks which are caused by my own itchy fingers for scratching my face :X

But because I have the typical Chinese yellowish skin tone,
my face looks dull and tired most of the time.

So you can imagine previously when I had horrible pimples (pre-DRx) I looked a lot worse lah hahah
But don't lose hope if you're having horrible outbreaks or bad skin right now,
I KNOW exactly how that feels
cause this was pretty much how my skin looked pre-DRx even with concealer and foundation :S

But now that my skin has cleared up so much, my main concern is to get my skin looking more radiant and healthy :)
And that was why I was so excited for the O2 Treatment because I heard that a lot of celebrities like Madonna swear by this!

By directing oxygen to the vital fluids at the surface of your skin, Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen (THO) is used to promote new cell growth to speed healing and aid absorption of the serums used during the treatment.
Different ingredients, known for their benefits to maintain structural integrity of the dermal collagen matrix and with added powerful antioxidants, neutralize free radicals.
In other words, it's meant to help you achieve healthy, supple and young looking skin that even celebrities crave for!

I'm 23 this year, and I heard from a female teacher long ago that 20+ is the age where girls need to start diligently maintening their skin, taking collagen and what not
because by the time we realise that our skin needs help, it's going to take a lot more time and effort to solve the problems!
So I'm definitely going show my skin more love regularly with awesome facial treatments so that it'll slow down the aging process (just talking about it scares me lol!!) T~T

Before the treatment starts, the therapist will do the usual cleansing which is super comfortable cause it's sort of like massaging for the face as well ^~^

Then it's time for microdermabrasion
which involves removing your dead skin with a special machine using fine crystals or a diamond-tipped handpiece, or both.
This results in clearer looking skin and, if repeated over a period of time, gives skin a smoother texture with reduction in fine lines, pore size and superficial scars.

Hardworking Peishi taking pictures of the facial,
and hardworking me for taking pictures of her taking pictures of the facial HEHE :P

And then the best part of the O2 treatment begins :)
The therapist will use a professional-looking tool for the rejuvenating oxygen treatment
to be applied to lift, firm and rehydrate the skin.
The therapist was extremely patient and meticulous though, with that little tool,
I could've sworn she made sure to cover every single corner of my face with the special cold air at least 5 times!
Talk about professionalism! She didn't miss out on a single spot!!
By the way, my therapist's name was Rachel :D

This was actually my favourite part of the O2 treatment :)
It was so cooling and relaxing, you can literally feel all your stress leaving your mind.
In addition to the treatment, I believe this short power nap will also help you leave the treatment room feeling more fresh and rejuvenated!

Pre-DRx, I USED TO be extremely afraid of facials because of the pain from extraction of my horribly clogged pores and all.
But after I got to know of DRx, facials had never been more enjoyable!! ^~^

This O2 Treatment's Rejuvenation program also utilizes ingredients derived from natural amino acids, specifically targeting expression lines and producing a firmer and smoother look.
In the O2 Treatment's Whitening program, blends of botanical brighteners, antioxidants and proprietary ingredients, help to balance uneven skin pigmentation, leaving the skin with a glow, as well as enhanced overall hydration.

In short, you can expect a more youthful appearance, with a radiant glow!

The treatment ends off with high concentrations of superior moisturizers help to ensure perfect hydration and suppleness!
Can you see that my face looks more glowy, hydrated (which I love!) and refreshed immediately after the treatment already? :D

Happy us super satisfied with the DRx O2 treatment!!
Sorry for the awkwardly superimposed photo because you can see our double chins in this photo lol!!! xD

I think the entire treatment took only about half an hour to an hour, which is extremely impressive
because you'll walk out feeling like a brand new person!!

I also made a 2 minute video barefaced just to show you guys an honest result of the treatment because photos can always be edited, but videos can't be faked!
Plus also showing you the Derma-Rx products I use in the morning for my quick skincare routine :)

Some pictures of my skin between 1 to 7 days after the O2 treatment!!
For the BEST result, it'd be the day after the O2 treatment, when you wake up in the morning.
I woke up and my face looked PORELESS for once in my life and I whatsapped Peishi and said
"your skin today got blingbling ma?"
And it happened to her too!!! :D :D :D
You really have to try it out for yourself to believe it!

for those who are preparing for important functions, photoshoots, big events, wedding photoshoots (you're going to be stuck with it for life so make sure it's good hehe), YOUR WEDDING,
and basically any special occasion that you have to look flawless in lah! :D

Not a pretty picture, but you can pretty much see my skin in HD lol!
Click on this photo to zoom in, I forgot to resize this image so might as well ba haha!

Tweeted that I've noticed like my cheeks look pinkish recently and this photo was taken today (one WEEK after the treatment)
It's NEVER been like this before except when I exercise or I drink alcohol.
Initially I thought it's because I didn't remove my make up properly
but turns out it's due to better blood circulation on my face and I look less like a zombie now!!
Swear I haven't got blusher on!
The magic of DRx O2 treatment, I am in awe!
I saw on their brochure that if I'm new to the treatment, it's recommended that a 12-session course of O2 treatments is recommended for optimum results.
Who knows it might just totally remove my skin's yellowness once and for all??? :O omggggg!

Needless to say, my complexion looks even nicer with make up!!
And I'm not claiming any credit for this ah lol, it's totally DRx clinic's magic :p

I wasn't born with clear skin, and am not one of those effortlessly flawless-skinned girls who wash their face with cheap body soap and still don't get pimples -.-
Mine is all by good luck that I chanced upon DRx thanks to Eric, discipline to apply Derma-Rx products daily, and the rest is history!
So this kind of good skin is not exclusive nor born with it, it's the kind that everybody also can have!!! :)

If you're new to my blog and feel disheartened because you are suffering from very bad acne,
I feel like crying everytime I read that post because after all those years of struggling with bad skin, I still can't believe my skin is so chio now LOL!
Book an appointment with DRx clinic now and give yourself about 3 weeks to a month.
That's the time it took for my complexion to turn from zero to hero!

And after reading such a lengthy post telling you guys how much I love the DRx O2 treatment,
I definitely won't leave you guys hanging just like that!!!!

Those who haven't tried Essential Facial Plus and DRx O2 Treatment before,
by quoting "KOAS120" when you call to book an appointment at DRx Clinic's Medispa,
you can enjoy BOTH treatments at ONLY $120!!!
(By the way, it's pronounced as "Kay Oh Eh S", not "kuas" haha!)
Usual price is $215 + $250 = $465.
So YOU SAVE $345!!!
These 2 treatments will be done on 2 SEPARATE DAYS so you can get the maximum benefit of both facials :)

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH
Facebook page:

Whee!! ^~^
This code is specially for readers of my blog and Peishi's blog! :)
KOAS = Kitty On A Spaceship = Rachell + Peishi

The best and most flawless foundation a woman can have is her clear skin :)

Spread the love for chio skin everybody~~~ ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!