Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hamster's manicure day

My hamster Sulphur is about 2 years old and we never knew that her nails would actually grow to be a problem.
Until recently we noticed she couldn't walk well nor climb up the tubes as well
so I decided to look online for help.

Some websites will ask you to put sandpaper on the hamster wheel so that when the hamster runs the wheel, it will file its nail naturally
BUT I wouldn't risk it because my hamster sometimes like to roll around or fall asleep on the hamster wheel.. what if it scratches its pretty fur off or gets injured? omg NO PLS! :(
Another one suggests letting them take rough sand baths or something so that it can help file away the long nails,
but I think it takes too long and my hamster is really picky and she only likes one brand of sand bath of a specific scent LOL DIVA ATTITUDE!

The websites were against clipping of nails for hamsters because some people may accidentally cut their flesh by accident cause their hands are so tiny,
but I think my hamster's nails were too long if I don't cut them off quick it might cause more problems for her.
I tried picking her up and when I got closer to her nails she struggled, so I decided that wasn't a good way
because it might end up traumatising or scaring her.
So I came up with a way and it worked like a charm! :D

I used her favourite food as distraction, placed it on the open door of her cage.
And since the metal door wires force her to grip onto them with her paws, her long nails are easily seen from underneath
And this is where I "attacked" with a small nail clipper.
Stealthily, quickly, precisely and VERY VERY CAREFULLY.
I would've hated myself forever if I hurt her accidentally :S
Thank god I didn't and she didn't even notice I trimmed her nails cause she was so engrossed in her food lol!!

See how long one of her nail was omg!
I realised that with my previous hamster, Agnes, we never had that problem because I guess we bought her a stone like this from the pet store for her teeth.
While it's for her teeth, she might have filed her nails by herself with it somehow? :o
Which is why we never noticed that she had nails that were too long or something!
So if your hamster's nails are't too long yet, or you just cut your hamster's nails after this blogpost,
get one of this stones as sort of a maintenance I guess!
My mum's out at the pet shop to get it for Sulphur now ^~^
(image credit to google)
And look at her!! Such a precious baby haha!
She insists on having the honey star box pressing on top of her when she sleeps, just like how some people like to sleep with pillows on top of them (you can see she intentionally adjusted herself) ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!