Friday, July 12, 2013


Today I went to the new shopping mall at Jurong East called JEM!
Because it took me forever to go to Jurong from my previous house, I always felt like going to the West side was kind of like going overseas!
So when I cabbed over today I was super excited hahah!
Plus it was raining super heavily and it was extra cold and I actually felt comfortable walking around in a THICK hoodie! :D
Super like going overseas feel lah hahah!

I went to JEM for an advertorial
and I told Peishi the night before that I'm going to JEM the next day,
and she was like "me too!!"
Telepathy maximum for the millionth time lol!

So we met there to walk and explore the place after we were both done with our stuff respectively hehe!

See my hoodie so thick!!!
Got like overseas feel or not? ^~^

My very simple, comfy and lazy #ootd! :D

JEM is friggin awesome it has so crazily many good shops to walk around!
I already tried my best to not buy a lot of stuff (got tempted so many times), but I still ended up buying a few things lah :p

I needed a lip tint/ lip stick cause now that my braces are out I feel a bit more confident about applying stuff on my lips.
So I just randomly asked Peishi (cause West side is her territory),
"Is there Faceshop or Etude House here?"
And in the end, JEM HAS BOTH!
Omg when will Hougang area have all these cool shops also ah?? Damn shiok please!

So I bought a red lip tint and a coral lipstick from there :)
Pretty paper packaging that got squished cause I carelessly stuffed it into my bag haha poor thing :S

Coral lip stick and Lip tint & balm (2 in 1)
I have a pink lip tint from Etude House previously which I kind of like but I think pink makes my teeth look super yellow eh :S
So I got a red one just to see if it'll look better :)
The lip tint & balm was $17.90 I think?

Coral lipstick!
Check out the cute tiny ribbon on the packaging!
Ahhhh, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging X.X
This was $15.90 if I didn't remember wrongly.

And look at the details on the lipstick itself!
Got a cute little heart / carriage look alike imprint!
So nice one omg what if I can't bear to use it hahah!

And when you spend about $30 at Etude house, they'll give a lot of free samples!!!
I love free stuff!!! :p
There was also a make up base and another CC cream which I gave to Peishi ^~^

And they had a H&M, Uniqlo and TOPSHOP!!!
So I also bought a red lip tint from TOPSHOP and it was at $16.
And guess what, my F3 card (can be used at TOPSHOP) had a $10 voucher in it to be redeemed and I did,
so my lip tint was only $6 in the end yay!!
And I tried the lip tints for a bit when I got home,
and surprisingly I think I like the TOPSHOP one more than the Etude House cause it's a bit less red.. for now.
I can't pull off red lipstick well so red lip tint is still a bit harsh for me :(
But we'll see! :D
Maybe if I apply on lipstick and mix and match with the lip tints it'll look nice leh? ^~^
But if you're a fan of hot red lipstick (like Taylor Swift style), you should get the Etude House red Lip tint! :)

And there's also a Victoria's Secret at JEM, which Peishi absolutely went hyper over hahah!
She bought some pretty pink pouches, and we were both eyeing on the VS hot pink x black striped luggage which was on SALE.
And I asked the staff "How much is this?"
And idk if she was disturbing us or what, but she replied "Twenty...I mean two hundred"
If it was $20 we confirm buy 10 of the same luggages each and die also try to drag all home please LOL!
But nope, it's $20....0, sian hahah!
Maybe some day when we feeling rich ba~~ some day...

But it's okay, we got over it fast and continued with our budget shopping :p
I bought this cropped raglan top from H&M at $14.90!
Not bad right!!
And they have plain muscle tanks for $3.90 leh!!!
Cheap and chio, I love it!!!

And I also got some clothes from BlogShopping at Level 4 of JEM,
which I will blog about very soon! :D

We had dinner at Pepper Lunch and we both ordered their Steak, which was so damn sinful but toooo good!! b;
No pictures though cause I was too hungry lol.

And then on my way home by train,
I realised how accessible the West side is now cause my house's nearest MRT station is now Yio Chu Kang!
A 37 minutes train ride, but it's a direct train and I don't have to switch over like I had to when I stayed at Kovan, yay~
So much yummy food I haven't tried and so many nice shops I haven't explored!

Thank you for reading, love you all!