Wednesday, July 24, 2013

National Day Theme Songs

(before I start this post, just a little update that I failed my Traffic Police test lol, no license for me yet :S)

My birthday falls on the 6th of August, 3 days before Singapore's National Day.
And when I was a kid, I once told my mum,
"Mummy, why dajie (eldest sis)'s birthday is near Christmas and she gets pretty lights and Christmas trees and presents, while when it's my birthday all I see are red and white flags? It's not nice.."

But that was before I realised how awesome National Day is and the significance behind it.
National Day is the day when we celebrate our nation's independence, and to be thankful for everything we have.
Like how our country started off as nothing more than a tiny speck on the world map where you had to zoom in x10 just to see us,
and then grew tremendously till who we are today where people are willing to zoom in x1,000 and pay attention to us.
It's okay if you don't declare your love for Singapore every single day of your life, I don't think anybody does that.
But by doing your best as a Singapore citizen, working hard and being a good person, voting responsibly, caring for your family, not making stupid decisions to harm yourself and others,
I think that's what a normal citizen like us can do for our country on a daily basis.

I know a lot of people like to complain about our government, our taxes etc..
But honestly, have you thought about how difficult it should be to manage Singaporeans?
We complain about every single thing, we demand a lot, and we have almost zero tolerance for any form of imperfection.
To err is human, and I don't think there'll ever be such a thing called perfect governance.
We just got to learn to improve from mistakes and grow stronger as a country.

And I think most importantly as a citizen, we gotta be more appreciative.
I think Singapore's considerably efficient already, it's just that sometimes we think we're super incompetent cause we kind of demand too much and we like to demand for things immediately :/
We have clean drinkable water everywhere, so even when it's scorching outside and you're close to getting a heat stroke (choy choy), those regular tap water will make sure at least you won't die of dehydration or something.
We are low in terms of crime rates, and the closest we got to a natural disaster is the recent Haze or like SGHail, which Singaporeans mainly just made lots of joke out of :S (it drop drop drop like grapes lol)
We have an education system based on merit that encourages good values like being down-to-earth, conscientious and diligent (by the way I'm going to apply to be a teacher, yay!),
we are constantly pushing campaigns about graciousness, kindness etc to remind our people that despite the entire crazy rat race we're in,
we still need to find it in ourselves to be kind and good to others and not lose ourselves.

If you'd just take some time to appreciate what your country has given you, although it owes you nothing,
you'll realise that there's actually no place you'd rather be. At least that's true for me lah.
Anyway, to the main point of this post, I actually want to talk about National Day theme songs.

A TON of people are hating on the NDP 2013 Theme Song - One Singapore, saying it sounds horrible, sounds like a kid song, too difficult for everyone to sing along, the rap is horrible etc.

But I think they made the NDP 2013 song so quick-paced cause people were complaining about 2012's Love At First Light being too slow/not upbeat enough.

I remember when I heard the song last year, I tweeted that it was like a Disney song and I liked it,
and people said it doesn't sound NDP enough but more like a love song or something.
But guess what? Now people are leaving comments to re-use this song for NDP 2013.

I think Singaporeans are going to complain every single year no matter how good/bad the song is.
Too upbeat also wrong, too emotional also wrong.

I don't think it's fair to compare every single year to "Home", "Where I Belong" (which are my personal favourites), and the old school favourites "One people, one nation, one Singapore", "Count on me Singapore", "Stand up for Singapore" etc.
Cause in the past, people actually BOTHERED to learn NDP songs that's why we grow to love those songs.
Now people hear the new songs once & go "I hate it".
How would you feel if you spent hours writing a song for your country, feeling the pressure of the whole nation watching you, worried about what kind of criticisms they'll come up with next,
and then when you're finally done with the song,
they don't even TRY to appreciate it and immediately say it sucks really bad?

There are some really good NDP songs in the past, which is why they still play them during NDP.
Just like a singer's album, there will be different genres of songs, you'll love some more than others,
some.. not so much, but either way, if you're a truly supportive fan,
you'll still try to love the album as a whole right?
If the NDP only plays "Home" every single year, people are eventually going to get extremely bored of it and complain, again.
I think that variety is good. If all the NDP songs sound the same, there will be no room for improvement.
Love at First Light songs like a Disney song, One Singapore has a catchy chorus and the start sounds like a Hi-5 song (I used to like Hi-5 when I was a kid)
and What Do you See from 2009 sounds quite rock and it's kinda cool!

Good or bad, these are still our NDP songs.
If we Singaporeans can't learn to appreciate the effort & bash our own songs, who's gonna sing it on NDP?
So I think we should TRY OUR BEST to like One Singapore.
Whoa oh oh~~
Else at NDP if nobody is enthusiastic for the song it'll be damn saddening lah.
Our nation's birthday is meant for us to celebrate, not for us to nitpick on every single imperfection.
And it's really not that bad if you think of it like some Hi-5 song haha!
I'm not a fan of the rap part though but I'm going to close one eye cause kids are rapping it and I can't compare them with Eminem or what right?

And if it makes you feel better, start the following song from 1:32.
This song Shine Singapore's written in celebration of N'day 2013 too :)
I think it's pretty good!
I actually went to watch one of NDP 2013's rehearsal and I enjoyed myself thoroughly!
The organizers really step up the NDP performance every single year, and each year totally different from the previous, except the cool marching and 21 Guns salute and all.
I'll blog about it soon too but I will try not to spoil too much hehe :p
Must watch the Live telecast on tv on 9th August okay!
(sorry I looked so sweaty and gross haha but I was happy!!)
Think about all the cool countries like US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan..
what do they all have in common?
Their people really really really love their country, imperfections or no imperfections.
If we want the whole world to love Singapore too, we have to start by loving Singapore ourselves first.

Thank you for reading, love you all!