Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello loves!
So I've got a new "toy" that I'd like to share about today!

And it's the new Nikon COOLPIX AW110 camera! :D
Just for all our outdoor adventures, the COOLPIX AW110 has a rugged 16.0 megapixels, 5x optical zoom,
it is waterproof up to 18m, shockproof up to 2m and dust-resistant,
and it lets us capture the action under any condition.
Additional features include the built-in GPS, altimeter, hydro-barometer and Wi-Fi® compatibility!

For more information on the camera's specs, sample images etc,
do visit their website:

Waterproof Feature

My favourite part about the Nikon COOLPIX AW110 is its waterproof feature!! :D
I've never experimented with waterproof cameras prior to this, so you can roughly imagine how insanely excited I was when I first got my hands on this camera!!

I've heard of other protective plastic covers for cameras (that are quite difficult to find),
and I even have friends who used the super caveman method of placing their phones or cameras in a ziplock bag hoping to create their own "waterproof" cameras..
But compared to methods as such that don't give you a complete peace of mind,
why not just opt for the easy way out and get yourself a fuss-free waterproof camera that will assure no seepage at all? :)
That way, we'll be able to fully concentrate on having fun without having to worry that our precious gadgets will be ruined :P

Us at Adventure Cove
True enough, I was able to enjoy myself thoroughly at Adventure Cove the other day with my boyfriend,
and also bring home tons of lovely memories,
thanks to the Nikon COOLPIX AW110! :D

Snorkeling at the Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove! :D
The Rainbow Reef area is sheltered so the lighting was a lot dimmer,
but I was already very impressed with the quality of the photos!!

This was taken at the Lazy River at the Adventure Cove where there was more sunlight! :)
A badly angled self-capture that turned out surprisingly nice!
Check out the clarity and details of the bubbles!!
I LOVE this photo!! :D

Plus with the camera's Full HD Movie function,
you can record high quality videos extremely easily, even underwater! :D
Watch my "Us at Adventure Cove" video!!
My favourite video of my boyfriend and I so far!! :D :D

Rain or Shine!
The Nikon COOLPIX AW110 is small and lightweight enough to not add on to your load,
but it delivers impeccable performance even in extreme conditions! :D
From dusty desserts, to sandy beaches, to tropical reefs and more.
Its body is water resistant up to 18m, shock resistant to 2m and highly dust resistant, which means it can go where others don’t dare!

And for all you know, this compact little fella might even be powerful enough to withstand the haze! :D
But of course, I wouldn't bear put an awesome new camera in the haze just for experimental purposes hahah :p

Easy Auto Mode
Anyway, I'm no camera expert, and I'm usually extremely lazy to adjust the aperture or shutter speed of the camera.
And some rare spontaneously pretty shots simply don't give you the luxury of time to hesitate - you just have to point and shoot!
So I really appreciate cameras that have Auto Modes to help people like me to take pictures without any hassle :p
The Nikon COOLPIX AW110's Easy Auto Mode optimizes your camera settings depending on the situation you’re in,
so your images always look impressive!
Some of the modes are such as Portrait, Night mode, Backlighting etc.
But if you'd like, you can also manually adjust it to fit "Fireworks show", "Food" or even "Night Portrait"! :D

This picture taken in low light in my room is automatically set to Night mode :)

Here are some of my other point and shoot photos!! :D
All taken in Easy Auto Mode cause I love effortlessly pretty things like that hahah!

Photos of nature/ flower - ✓ Beautiful!

Photos of random pond/ water - ✓ Looks good!

Photos of food - ✓ Delicious!
I totally want to reach into my computer screen and take a bite out of it lol!

Photos of the sun- ✓ Breathtaking!

Photos of my outfit - ✓  Gorgeous!
One shot with the Easy Auto Mode, and we're good to go!
Girls who like to post #ootds or love to do fashion posts,
you will FALL IN LOVE with this camera, trust me!

Photoshoot Style pictures - ✓ Perfect! Really high quality!
To be very honest, the quality of the Nikon COOLPIX AW110 is totally comparable to my DSLR,
which cost me 3 times more!
If you'd shown me the below pictures, I'd have assumed it was taken by a bulky DSLR and not a compact camera.
I'm seriously impressed!! :D
Plus my DSLR isn't even waterproof and my heart literally drops everytime my DSLR does, lol!
Yay for the shockproof Nikon COOLPIX AW110! :D :D

Share the excitement
Now that I know how impressive the quality of the pictures taken by the COOLPIX AW110 are,
I can't wait to share them with everyone!!

Which brings me to my next favourite feature of this amazing camera - the Wi-Fi® Network!
With this, capturing, transferring and sharing of our photos becomes so much easier!

First, you gotta download the free Wireless Mobile Utility app :)

Next, link your smartphone to the Wireless Network

After which, load the app and you'll be able to use your phone as a remote to capture images seen from your camera! :)

Or you can also transfer high quality photos from your camera into your phone and conveniently post it on your social networks! :D

Here's a chio photo of my Thai food dinner taken with the COOLPIX AW110,
transferred to my iPhone with the Wi-Fi function, and then uploaded onto Instagram! :D
Super convenient please!!
I don't even have to wait till I get home, switch on my computer and then transfer the photo over slowly etc!
This is so insanely awesome for bloggers like myself who always can't wait to update my Instagram with pictures of what I'm eating, wearing, or what I'm doing! :D
Now in 16.0 megapixels and at such convenience!
Move aside, in-built phone cameras heheh :p

My brother saw my Instagram post and asked me "Since when your phone can take such sharp photos?"
Woohoo! :D

Braving the great outdoors
Also, the AW110 does more than deliver exceptional images.
It enhances your photographic experience with features such as built-in altimeter, hydro-barometer, water-depth/ altitude log and GPS.
In short, it has everything for the intrepid adventurer and avid photographer all in one.

If you're a huge fan of travelling around the world, backpacking, hiking and all sorts of adventures,
this camera would be your perfect travel companion! :D

How high up were you when you took that shot? Recorded!
How deep underwater were you when you posed for that photo? Recorded!
Super cool isn't it? ^~^

And with support for View NX2 software, you can record GPS data and embed location information onto your pictures!
Personally I'm quite horrible at remembering names of the places I go sightseeing at overseas,
and it's so embarrassing when people ask me on my photos "Where is this place?" and I'm like "er.. I forgot.."

So this function would really be of help when I sort out pictures from my trip when I get back home!
It'll be super cool to chart out my journey routes to see which areas I've covered too! :)

Wherever your adventures take you, bring along the AW110 to capture the excitement.
Rugged yet stylish, this waterproof and shockproof camera opens a world of photo opportunities!
Available in a range of colours including silver, camouflage and blue!

I would personally recommend this to... EVERYONE! :D
Girls who love to take pretty pictures of their clothes,
guys who are ardent fans of travelling and want a fuss-free way of recording their exciting adventures,
young parents who are looking for a lightweight, portable and yet high quality camera because they never want to miss capturing every adorable moment of their precious babies,
people who are constantly active on their social media platforms and many more!

Taking into consideration its numerous features, picture quality, design and how user-friendly it is,
I'd rate this camera a 9/10! :D

And at a super reasonable price of $529, it'll definitely be a good investment!
You can get the Nikon COOLPIX AW110 now at all Nikon Authorised Dealers!
For more details, do visit their website now!
Thank you for reading, love you all!