Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pasta Hut

I was really honoured to get invited to Pasta Hut the other day for an exciting food tasting event! :D

Pasta Hut? Wait.. is there an error somewhere? Did you mean Pizza Hut?

It's PASTA HUT alright! :D
Pizza Hut unveiled Pasta Hut, a special promotion campaign that focuses on rewarding loyal and new pasta fans!
For the first time in Singapore, Pizza Hut changed its branding at its City Square Mall outlet from 29th June to 2nd July 2013 to provide a preview tasting of new pasta dishes!

During the four-day period, the outlet dedicated its resources to serving mainly pastas :D
And to make their customers' dining experience more awesome, they offered every customer a complimentary personal pan pizza of their choice with every pasta purchase!!

Pizza Hut has always been renowned for the unparalleled taste of their pizzas and have earned the recognition from many of us because of it.
And now, their promotional campaign of Pasta Hut is definitely an interesting way of telling Singaporeans that they're very serious about their pastas too,
and they'll be so awesome, the pastas get a Hut of their own too! :D
I think this is a really cool concept and it's an ideal time for all pasta lovers to direct their attention to Pizza Hut!

We all sat in tables of 4 or 6
and this was our menu for the day!!
The soup, appetizers and the main course - everything sounds delicious!
Can you guess what I chose? :D

And while waiting for our food to arrive, we walked around to take some pictures!

Omg omg, so many yummy pastas to choose from!!!
These are only a fraction of the various pastas you can find on Pizza Hut's new expanded Pasta Perfetto menu,
featuring three brand new creations including Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio, Roasted Chicken Leg Parchment and Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce!

Two thumbs up for the gorgeous presentations, they all looked super promising,
and most importantly, they look exactly like what's shown on the menu!!!
My tummy was excited and I really couldn't wait to taste their new pastas!!! :D

One simply does not look at these images and not want to drool :p
One quick glance and I see Squid Ink Pasta, Roasted Chicken Leg Parchment (New), Prawn Aglio Olio, Beef Lasagne, Seafood Vongole Pasta....
So difficult to decide which I'd want to try more! :p

Beyond using the freshest ingredients, Pizza Hut's dedication to creating high-quality pasta is supported by rigorous training to help its kitchen team members to become experts in preparing pasta!
And we can now indulge in these quality pastas at really affordable prices ($8.90 ~ $14.90)!

But we've saved our tummies especially for the the stars of the night - the 2 new pasta flavours
Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce and Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio!

Daniel, Jessica and I!

Welcome to Pasta Hut, may I take your order? :D

Jayne, Gabby and several other Nuffies were there for the event too!
HEHEHE all smiles cause we know we're in for a good treat from Pasta Hut!

The appetizers!
Sweet N' Spicy Drumlets
Cheesy Mussels
Criss Cross Fries

This is honestly my first time having Pizza Hut's Cheesy Mussels
because I'm dead loyal to their Sweet N' Spicy Drumlets and Hawaiian Pizza and I sort of order only those two every single time I dine there lol!
But I was surprisingly pleased with how it tasted!
Fresh succulent mussels topped with fragrant and yummy baked cheese, plus bits of chewy turkey bacon on it!
Major yums! Definitely will order this when I dine there again!

And the dish that makes my heart flutter every single time I see it - the Sweet N' Spicy Drumlets!!
I'm sure this needs no introduction!
It's literally irreplaceable, and I'm so happy they are continuing to serve it throughout all these years (I loved Pizza Hut since their buffet era.. like 1990s?),
the perfect balance of the sweet, savory and spicy taste of the drumlets never changed!
I've never heard of one person who doesn't love this haha!!

But what's even better is being able to enjoy all your old favourites with the newly created and equally amazing dishes! :D

The table I sat at was with Jessica and Daniel :)
We ordered the Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce and the Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio - the 2 new pasta flavours!

And the best part is.... WE SHARED THEM! :D
Heheh so sweet right!
I think that's the best part about indulging in good food with company.
Everyone gets to enjoy several flavourful dishes without feeling too stuffed :)
That's why I really like eating in big groups hehe!!
Thank you Pasta Hut for inviting so many of us that day :D

Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce
I really liked the smooth texture of the cream sauce with the subtle fragrance of the truffle!
Eating this was such a delightful experience!
You get to munch on the crispy bits of baked cheese at the top,
and also slurp up the penne coated in delicious truffle cream sauce with much ease! :D
I'm obsessed with anything cheese (even better if it's baked) as well as cream based pasta, and this dish had it all!
I'm quite certain that I can devour two servings of this without any trouble at all hahah!
I'll  recommend this to everyone, whether or not you're a fan of cream based pasta
cause the cream sauce has a tinge of truffle flavour to it, which makes it less straight-up cream overload (not that I mind lol)
so you won't feel overwhelmed by it even if you finished the entire thing :)
Not to mention how value for money this dish is!
Check out the generous portions of ingredients :D :D

Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio
For days when you are in the mood for something lighter,
you will love their new Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio!
To be honest, I'm a huge meat eater and I like food with big chunks of meat.
But when it came to this aglio olio, I was taken by surprise how much I loved it!
The spaghetti itself was tasty enough to leave you wanting for more, as expected from Barilla pastas which Pizza Hut uses.
It was also tossed in olive oil (which tastes soooo heavenly), garlic, black pepper and chili!
The optimal blend of creating a pasta that is light and comforting with a touch of fiery spices,
Pizza Hut did it well!
I'm thoroughly impressed!

Check out my Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio DELUXE (hahah this is self-proclaimed) with Criss Cross Fries, Cheesy Mussels and Sweet N' Spicy Drumlets!!!
All the yummy goodness in one plate, yay!
And of course, no meal is complete without a warm and satisfying bowl of Mushroom Soup!
Thick mushroom soups are my absolute favourite!

Can you tell I was on cloud nine because I was surrounded by all this good food?

And while we were busy gobbling up our food,
the organizers had a few games planned for us! :D

This was one of the most exciting Word Search I ever played cause we could win Pizza Hut vouchers if we were the first few teams to complete it!!
But alas, after struggling with it for quite some time, the vouchers were still not ours to win :(
But it didn't bother me at all cause I was so happy with my food LOL!

I think I was more like the "Let's go team, let's go!" person in the group (with my mouth full of food)
than the one who actually contributed in solving the puzzles HAHAH

Then we had a next challenge - a puzzle of a section of Pasta Hut's menu!

We didn't win again, but it's not cause we're weak okay,
the other people were too strong LOL!

But with so much scrumptious food in front of us, EVERYBODY WAS A WINNER! ^^

All in all, I enjoyed myself immensely!
I was glad I got to bond with everyone over a delicious meal, some of whom I've only met for the first time! :D

Another lovely memory to keep with me, thanks to Pizza Hut and NuffnangSG! :)

I have so many fond memories of Pizza Hut from since I was a puny little kid I don't think I'll ever stop eating at Pizza Hut haha!
So I shall dedicate this quote to them...

If you want to create more sweet memories at Pizza Hut,
Because the new pastas are now launched across 25 Dine in Pizza Hut restaurants all over Singapore,
and as part of the dedication to pasta, Pizza Hut will continue to offer pasta lovers a
with every purchase from the 12 Pasta Perfetto dishes
from 3rd July to 13th August 2013! (offer is valid for weekdays only)

Visit their website now to check out the mouthwatering Pasta Perfetto selections!
& Head on down to Pizza Hut’s FB to get their latest news!

Thank you for reading, love you all!