Thursday, July 25, 2013


6 years ago when I graduated from my JC, I started dyeing my hair.
And I can tell you it's quite an addiction!
What colours should I dye my hair next?
What kind of styles can I do with that hair colour?
It's always fun to change your entire look with a new hair colour
and throughout the past few years, I've had my fair share of loud crazy coloured hair.

This one in particular stole the show,
and it was probably the last time I'm going to bleach my hair in a really really long time haha!
For this ash blonde shade, I actually bleached my hair for HOURS till I got BLISTERS on my scalp
and it's quite traumatic even as I think about it now  :/
It's probably my scalp's way of telling me "you've bleached your hair too many times already, time to take a break!",
so I'm just sticking to boring black/ brown colour for now haha!

But my scalp wasn't the only one that is suffering!
With zealous chemical hair treatments, excessive use of hair products, regular curling and heating of my hair,
this is how my morning hair looked like a few weeks ago (before I used Silkpro's products) D:

Oh god what is this frizzy monstrosity...
And apart from the above mentioned,
environmental pollutants (like the haze!!) & UV rays and even STRESS also adds on to hair problems like:
Dry and frizzy hair
Hair fall
Flat and limpy hair
Hair breakage

How many of those major hair problems are you suffering from?
Well not to worry,
because when there is a problem, there will always be a solution to it!! :)
Which is why I'm sharing about Silkpro's Hairvolution today!

It is a transformative, easy 3-step regime that is set to revolutionize the way we can protect our hair from damage and hair fall.

Protect your scalp. Perfect your hair.

Most people I know will fervently apply lots of hair serum and hair mask at the ends of their hair in order to improve its condition.
While that is true, they often forget that in order to stop the problems from persisting,
they will also need to target the source of growth of their hair - the scalp!

Thus Hairvolution is a fuss-free 3 steps regime that aims to protect your scalp, and as a result perfect your hair as well.

HAIRVOLUTION – Step 1: Balance Scalp Care
Did you know that the continuous usage of a single shampoo makes scalp and hair unresponsive to the product over time?
This is why it's advisable to alternate between different shampoos to balance your hair's nourishment.

Silkpro's Treatment Shampoo range offers 4 different types to target 4 different hair problems.
From left to right:
Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control, Oil Control and Damage Control

Most of us usually have more than one hair condition we'd like to treat,
so with these Silkpro shampoos, you can alternate between those that target your hair problems :)

For me, the moment I saw the Hair Fall Control and Oil Control shampoos,
I knew we were meant to be haha!!
I have genetically thin and little hair so any amount of hair loss always makes me sad :(
Not to mention my scalp is the oily sort that makes my hair look limpy and flat all the time,
and I have to wash my hair every single day!

Silkpro's products have a silicone-free formulation and is enriched with the natural moisturizing properties of silk to provide hair and scalp with maximum hydration and moisture retention.
Apart from that,
Silkpro's products also comprises of 11 Eastern and Western Herbs that have various purposes such as:
Scalp Care & Protection
Cell Regeneration & Blood Circulation
Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Microbial

Each shampoo also contains a unique active ingredient that helps with its purpose.

So which shampoos should you choose?

I would recommend the Hair Fall Control shampoo to everyone because my hair stylist once told me that your hair will only get thinner as time passes,
so it's important to stop as much hair fall as possible.
It 's also good to use this as base shampoo for normal hair types and scalp condition.
I use this every other day and will switch between the other 3 shampoos,
and I'm always excited to use this because it has a very mildly invigorating smell to it!
Almost like going for a spa treatment! :)

Dandruff Control shampoo, just as the name suggests, would be specifically targeted at those with itchy scalp and dandruff problems etc.
It mainly provides anti‐dandruff and anti‐inflammatory benefits.

Damage Control would be for those who suffer from sensitive scalp caused by excessive hair chemical treatment (like the blister I had previously.. ouch!) or wish to repair your split-ends!
And if you're the type who change your hair colour once every month,
you will need this shampoo because it also offers colour protection for chemically‐treated hair :)

Finally, the Oil Control shampoo!
I love this because it controls the oiliness of my scalp and it feels super cooling after wash due to the anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory ingredients in it! :)
I realised that my scalp doesn't get as oily even after an entire day with this shampoo as compared to other shampoos,
and my hair becomes less flat and limp, and a lot easier to style :)
No need for hair spray here!

Did I mention how much I love the pretty packagings too? :D

You can choose to alternate between Silkpro shampoos and other shampoo brands,
but it's definitely recommended if you use the same brand of shampoo as they have the same base ingredients, just to make sure there are no clashes! :)

HAIRVOLUTION – Step 2: Strengthen
After your scalp's received its nourishment for the day,
it's time to care for the ends of your hair as well!

The Silkpro Treatment Conditioner contains Bamboo and Honey extracts to nourish hair shaft and strengthen hair ends.
It is also enriched with natural active ingredients to care for as well as protect hair texture and colour.
This conditioner is awesome because it helps with dry ends, permed, rebonded or coloured hair!
I will usually apply a generous amount of this on my hair ends and take some time to massage it in :)
I really like this because it locks in moisture in my hair ends and even without applying hair serum,
my hair feels a lot smoother, more managable and less tangled!

But as this Treatment Conditioner is extremely nourishing (somewhat like a hair mask),
do only apply it about 3 inches away from the scalp :)
This is my hair with just simple blow drying!
No straightening and what not and it feels super soft and smooth, yay!
This really helps save a lot of preparation time before I head out too :p
And even after curling my hair, it's still shiny and pretty!!

HAIRVOLUTION – Step 3: Protect
Did you know it is crucial to use a hair tonic concentrate for a complete hair and scalp care regime?

The Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate contains 3 types of Ginseng (American, Chinese and Korean) & Ginger extracts to revitalise follicles and invigorate hair roots.
To ensure total care for your scalp and hair,
this last step is important because the Hair Tonic Concentrate helps with healthy hair growth, prevention of hair breakage and also fights follicles aging process.
This hair tonic should be applied in the day and night preferably after wash on clean scalps for better results :)

The above picture is just for show hehe!
The proper way to use the Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate is as shown in the image below.
You have to apply the concentrate onto your scalp DIRECTLY!
Do also remember to massage your scalp to evenly spread the tonic :)
This is my favourite product because it gives a pleasantly warm sensation on the scalp!
This warming effect boosts scalp microcirculation, revitalises inactive follicles and invigorates hair roots,
so I'm really counting on it to help my hair grow thicker hehe! :D

Also, you can choose to use this Hair Tonic Concentrate in the day or night :)
This actually helps regulate and balance scalp‐sebum secretion so you don't have to worry that it will weigh down your hair and you can style it as usual!
Personally, I like to use this at night because the warm sensation is soooo nice and relaxing it helps me with falling asleep haha! :D
I guess it's no surprise that this is my favourite Silkpro product!! :D
Protect your scalp. Perfect your hair.
If only I'd known of this Silkpro's Hairvolution range of products earlier,
my hair wouldn't be so damaged from the bleaching now!
But it's okay, I'll save whatever I can and protect my scalp religiously from now on so the new hair that grows out will be a lot prettier, healthier and stronger! :D

This range will definitely be most effective for those who frequently bleach, colour, straighten or perm their hair.
It's not a bad thing though, because we all just want to be as gorgeous as our idols, don't we? ^~^

Just remember that you also need to protect your scalp to safeguard it from any damage with Silkpro's Hairvolution range
so that we can have gorgeously coloured hair, as well as a healthy scalp! :)

So where can I buy these awesome Silkpro products?
They are easily available at major supermarkets and hypermarts near you! :)
e.g. NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Giant etc
The Treatment Shampoos come in 265ml and 630ml,
the Treatment Conditioner is availble in 200ml,
and the Hair Tonic Concentrate comes in 50ml.
Silkpro Promotion
Purchase of any Silkpro Treatment Shampoo (630ml) now and you will receive a free bottle of SilkBath Botanics Soothing Balance foam (200ml)!
Exclusively at NTUC Fair Price outlets from 15 July till 12 August 2013.
Full list of outlets available at SilkproSG Facebook page :)

Do also check out SilkPro's YouTube channel for some really unique TVCs!
It's so cool to watch Rozz dance like a pro!! :D

Unlike fashion trends and make up trends that are always changing,
thick, healthy-looking hair will never go out of trend!
So remember,
this simple 3 steps regime will help you protect your scalp and perfect your hair!
Step 1: Balance
Step 2: Strengthen
Step 3: Protect (both scalp and hair)

Thank you for reading, love you all!