Saturday, July 20, 2013

Strangers' Reunion

Had a really fun time the other day at Strangers' Reunion for dinner with some of the Nuffnang bloggers! :D
We were introduced to some of their amazing new dishes on their new menu!!
You'll get to see them in a bit :)
They were pretty famous and raved about quite a lot previously, but their new shop space is even more beautiful!!! :D

Even the sink to wash hand is pretty haha!!! ^~^
Nice chio lighting, perfect for camwhoring while waiting for your food HEHE!
Peishi and I couldn't help ourselves but to take a lot of selfies xD
I like this meimei and jiejie shot of us!
CHEESE CAKE (I think) & Red Velvet Cupcakes!
But we were pretty stuffed after the dinner that day I couldn't take another bite.
Next time I'm definitely going to order this! :D :D
More selfies whee~

Strangers' Reunion is the home of the three-time and current Singapore National Barista Champion & Second runner up at the World latte art Championships!
They also host Barista courses for people who want to learn, like quite interesting ah!!
And I'm usually not a coffee-drinker, but I heard how good their coffee was so we ordered that as well :p
Super pretty latte art!
The coffee was strong (cause I'm usually the not cool type who orders hot chocolate lol) so if you're a coffee lover, you'd love this! ^~^
I have no idea why but we spontaneously ordered a lot of different drinks to try out :S
This one was an Iced Latte, I think? (coffee noob here, sorry~~)
Lotus Toots Chips oh my goodness!
These tastes soooo good!
I've never tried anything like it - it's so crispy and yet you can indulge in it as much as you want without feeling gelat! :D
Super good appetiser I must say!
Posing with my drink like a tourist, heyyyy~ :D
Our first dish was the Egg Net Tempura Soft Shell Crab Burger!
It's absolutely crazily good, I would crave for it!!!
The soft burger buns, juicy and crispy soft shell crab literally caught in a (egg) net and topped with a sweet and savory sauce,
it's one of those dishes that are not only visually intriguing, but also a joy to sink your teeth into! :D :D
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you're visiting Strangers' Reunion!

Corn & Zucchini Fritters
This is one strong dish with a lot of exciting flavours that you either love it or hate it.
I'm a fan of the fritters which tasted kind of like the korean kimchi pancake to me, but not so much of the avocado.
They do combine to form quite an exquisite taste though! :)
The Crispy Pork Belly was interesting!
They took the pork belly that we're quite familiar with and created a truely East meets West dish,
complementing the yummy taste of pork belly with truffle mashed potato!
The wafting fragrance of the truffle could be smelled even before the dish was served!
Also, the pork belly was cooked under high pressure to make it less oily and overwhelming,
so now even the weight-conscious can enjoy this! :D
And the crispy skin is the best part!!!
Za'atar-spiced Eggplant Fritters with lemon yogurt.
I'm not a fan of eggplants, but I have to admit the batter made it surprisingly good! :D
A lot of the girls said this was really yummy too!
The 12-hour Braised Lamb Shoulder Flat Bread was absolutely delicious!
I love the taste of lamb and this was cooked to perfection!
The lamb was soft and succulent, and its strong flavour really went well with the flat bread!
We also had Truffle Fries in between our dishes hahah!
It was truly a day full of sinful indulgence, I couldn't be happier!! xD
And finally, we had Buttermilk Waffles!
One was with greek yogurt and fresh fruits and the other was with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits!
Needless to say, I preferred the vanilla ice cream one, but their greek yogurt was good too!
Strangers' Reunion is a great place for those who want to indulge but still want to watch their waistlines ^~^

And their waffles are possibly THE BEST WAFFLES I've ever tasted!
Crispy on the outside, yet fluffy and soft on the inside!
The owner, Ryan, told us that he'd spent hours and hours trying to perfect his waffle recipe,
and his efforts definitely paid off!
You really HAVE TO try this!! :D
The whole hot and cold combination of ice cream and hot waffles,
Ahhhh, I want some waffles now~~
Also, waffle batter is not too sweet even for guys (cause Phoebe's fiance liked it too),
so you can all bring your boyfriends there for a sweet cosy date! :D
Nice and relaxing ambiance, delicious food and awesome desserts, I love places like this!

Oh and we ordered green tea to act healthy too :X
I have no idea why we ordered so many drinks honestly haha!
And then after dinner, since everyone was in a wonderful mood,
we all took the opportunity to camwhore!! :D
Strangers' Reunion also prepared fresh and WARM home-made jam for us to bring home as a gift and I was so touched omg!
It was the first time ever I tried home-made jam and it's soooooo yummy! :')
Very very different from the jams you purchase from supermarkets, I never knew! :O

Pictures of all the pretty girls I met at Strangers' Reunion!
This was my first time meeting some of them, but we all clicked almost instantly!
Maybe that's the power that Strangers' Reunion has huh! ^~^
Through their sincerity and love expressed through their food,
they're able to put their customers in excellent moods and let even strangers become friends! :)
(oops sorry for the blur pic, camera setting went wrong haha)

Thank you so much to Strangers' Reunion for having us there!
I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I can't wait to go back to eat again! :D
Super craving for the Egg Net Tempura Soft Shell Crab burger and Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla ice cream now!!~~

If you guys are looking for a pretty and good place to just chill with your friends, pat tor (date) with your boyfriend, or even to enjoy good food with your family,
do check out Strangers' Reunion!
Price range is about $10 to $30 per head :)

Strangers' Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Rd S(169354)
Walkable distance from Outram MRT Station (via Cantonment Road)
Tel: 62224869

Love you all!
Thank you for reading!