Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Dinner with My Family

My birthday celebration this year was sooo last minute :/
The day before my birthday dinner with my family (which I didn't know of then) I was still doing some blog stuff and then my mum texted me telling me we're going to have a dinner with the family tomorrow.
And I was like "okay I'll go shop for a dress now" lol!
So I shopped at Editor's Market, H&M and FEMMEX,
and I found my birthday dress at Femmex, yay!
Actually I bought a lot of other stuff from Femmex also since I have their member card so got discount :p
Love the cutting of this dress to the max, and I think the back design is kinda sexy ;) ;)
And it was only $20+, totally worth it right??!! :D

But I think I probably ruined every tinge of sexiness of it because I walk super unglamly,
but it was my birthday so even if I flopped around like a walrus you can't scold me ^~^
 My brother booked the buffet at Shangri La because I LOVE BUFFETSSSSS and the place is really pretty :D :D :D
I'd rather you buy me food than anything else in the world, really~
I'm probably super easily bribed hahah

Despite wearing a pretty dress, you can't hide the auntie side of me when I go for buffets :X
I saw a lot of pretty girls hanging around the salad bar
and there I was struggling to hold 3 PLATES worth of food back to my table at one shot LOLOL

Don't really want to talk about the food because my eyes are half-closed now from editing the pictures,
just know that it was really yummy else we wouldn't have chose this place to indulge in for my birthday whee~~~

Oh I did another auntie-ish thing here too :/
I peeled a banana on the spot, poked a satay stick through it and put the entire thing under the chocolate fountain hahah
Although some girls were giggling beside me probably judging me but whatever it's my birthday *snap snap* ^~^
If only they provided an oven or a microwave so I can make s'mores at the buffet :D

 Complimentary cake from Shangri La because my brother told them it's my birthday!
It looks like just a tiny chocolate cake but it's so crazily potent!!
We each had a few mouths of it and it was more than satisfying :D

Not much photos of my family because they're quite blog-shy :p
So they'd rather I take pictures of them but not post it up ^~^

Camwhore photos from here on!
Hope you all will like the pictures!!! :D

 LOL our favourite "why you bully us" face
 My lil brother who's not so little anymore XD
 Mummy and I!
Recently a friend of mine saw me whatsapping my mum
and she was like "you save your mum's name on your phone as 'Mummy Is The Best'?" hahaha
 My baby likes to act cool and stone in photos
  So I was like "baby try to smile like this :D"
 Not quite there but I'll give him A+ for the effort :p
Hahahah overly enthusiastic smiles
"Ah that smiling shit is tiring. Think I'll go back to stoning....."
 Mummy and my lil brother!
My two favourite boys making fun of those coporate fake smiles hahaha
this photo damn jialat hahahaha XD
 And because it's my birthday (ohohoho must exploit!!!),
I wanted to take some pretty pictures of myself at Shangri La cause it's so beautiful!!! ^~^

 And Martin got me a bouquet of roses....... NOT lol!
I actually don't like to receive flowers I think it's a waste of money
but I do like to take pictures with them hahah :P

Super grateful I have a loving family, really :')

And yup, that's it for this post! :D
If you'd like to see my OFFICIAL birthday cake,
here's the blogpost I did about it! :D
Thank you for reading, love you all!