Monday, August 5, 2013


There's been a rising demand for Korean fashion apparels of late
and I think that what makes Korean apparels stand out so much are their slim and structured cutting that will flatter any body shapes,
simple, classy and yet outstandingly chic designs that make them suitable for daily wear,
and most importantly, their emphasis on excellent workmanship and quality materials!

Iwannacloset is a new online store that sells exclusively sourced high quality authentic Korean clothes.
Quote "Rachell 10" and be entitled to 10% discount with your purchase!
(discount code ends 18th August, do hurry!!)
All their apparels are MADE IN KOREA and thus the quality of the products are guaranteed :)

On their "About Us" page, I love how confidently they stated that
"All images & content on our website are an accurate depiction of actual items you'll receive",
no gimmicks, no false advertising.
And this definitely made me super assured when shopping at Iwannacloset! :D

Plus, for all orders in Singapore, customers will receive FREE SHIPPING!

I've also received my apparels from Iwannacloset and it arrived so quickly I totally wasn't expecting it haha!
Talk about efficient service! ^~^

I'm wearing the Striped Blouse and Stella Shorts from Iwannacloset.
The shorts are slightly flare at the thigh openings so they make your thighs look smaller and elongates your legs visually, very flattering!
And the material reminds me of those tailored pants, except these are the shorts version!
Great for work, and the party that happens after work ;)
This Striped Blouse was also another design that caught my eye and I knew I had to choose it! :)
I think its style is more towards matured and chic, and the slightly sheer material adds a tinge of sexiness to it!
It's perfect for girls who need something semi-formal for work or school, and at the same time full of style!
Throw on a blazer and you'll be looking real sharp! :D
Love how the bold stripe designs peek out of my basic black blazer!
Going to work everyday will be extremely fun if you get yourself pretty clothes like these to look forward to every morning! ^~^

Next up, the Soft Blouse from Iwannacloset.
It's literally a MUST HAVE in every girl's wardrobe!
Unlike your usual white shirts, this blouse exudes such feminity, innocence and prettiness,
I can't help falling in love with it!!! :D
Although it may appear as a basic white blouse at first glance,
if you are meticulous enough to pay close attention to the cutting of this blouse,
you'll realize it's worlds apart from the white shirts we're used to.
It's like the blouse of all blouses, (if that makes sense)!
Check out the cute sleeves especially!! :D :D
It's only now do I realize why authentic Korean fashion apparels are slightly pricier than our normal apparels -
their super soft and awesome quality materials, their thorough attention to details, the unique and flattering cutting,
plus a little magic that I don't quite understand
but the moment you put their clothes on instantly you FEEL more Korean/ have a little bit of that Korean girl feel! :O
It's really amazing and pleasantly surprising hahah!
And most importantly, these clothes make me happy just wearing them~~~ :D :D
I'm so excited because I KNOW you girls will adore what you can find at Iwannacloset! ^~^
Visit Iwannacloset now and make your own Korean Style!
Quote "Rachell 10" and be entitled to 10% discount with your purchase!
(discount code ends 18th August, do hurry!!)

Thank you for reading, love you all!