Thursday, August 8, 2013


Since I knew about the existence of heels, wedges, stilettos and the likes,
I started walking, living and breathing from a greater height almost every single day, and I love it!

No matter where I am, what I'm doing and what I'm wearing,
it's almost always a MUST for me to be in shoes that help boost my height! :P

Lots of outfit shots..
Taking jump shots in the snow...
And yes, even to grocery shopping!!
I really LOVE the elongating effect these heels and wedges create for my legs
because to be honest, I'm quite lacking in the height department lol!

Pretty as they are, after a long day of walking and shopping in heels,
I will ALWAYS regret not choosing a more comfortable pair of shoes before I head out :(
The burning sensations, the blisters, and sometimes even feet cramps from these gorgeous killer heels..
But flat shoes just aren't as pretty to match with my outfits!! :(
I believe this is a major problem for lots of vain girls like me.
But, don't fret just yet!
This post shares a solution to all our pain!! :D is an online store that specializes in female foot care solution and small item fashion accessories.
Over there, you can find access to the best foot care solutions in Singapore!
They offer a wide variety of quality foot care products, from Shoe Stretcher/ Expanders/Shoe Trees, heel hugs, liners to shoe lifts/elevators.
And as a National Day Special, they have special sales items at price of $4.80, $14.80, $24.80,
so do check out their website and follow their instagram (@iknowthatshop) for more promotions!
Hurry now while stocks last! :)
My top pick from Ohthatshop has got to be their Ball-of-Foot cushions!
These help alleviate the burning sensation typically experienced in high heels that put pressure on balls of feet.
It's perfect for all types of high heeled shoes (open and closed-toe), exactly what I needed!!
I tried it on the other day on my heeled boots without knowing if it'll work or not,
and true enough, it hurt a lot LESS and I could walk around for way longer periods of time without feeling the pain!
Amazing what this little cushion addition can do! :D
The bottom of the cushion is also anti-slip so I didn't have to worry about it moving out of place.
Best part is it's washable and reuseable so it's totally hygienic! :D
There's also a Leopard Printed Ball-of-Foot cushion available at Ohthatshop,
and I think they're good for heels rather than high cut boots because it won't let the pretty prints go to waste!! :D
They also have a Bunion Toe Spreader, which is a soft, flexible gel guard that cushions and comforts the tender bunion area, giving relief from painful pressure and rubbing.
No more blisters from now on, yay!!

And because there's so many different type of products which might overwhelm any first time customers,
Ohthatshop also offers a Combination Package which consist of:
-2 Pairs of Strappy Paste
-2 Pairs of Spot Paste
-1 Pair of Gel Heel Liners
It's at an absolutely great price of $9.90 for all your footcare essentials!
And I'm not sure if you guys have encountered this before,
but some of the cheaper heels and flats literally have no grooves at the bottom,
making it extremely difficult to stand still on inclined travelators and it's kind of embarrassing haha! :S
So I also got a pair of Anti-Slip Patch from Ohthatshop,
just in case I chance upon a really pretty pair of shoes that have slippery bases :)
Plus I think that extra red base kinda makes the shoes really smexy haha!
Ohthatshop also has insoles that help provide extra comfort and maximum support.
Their Ultra Soft Sports Insole is awesome for people who do a lot of sports because it has a deodorizing effect and the sole really has a refreshing light apple smell! :D
So nice one!!
It's ventilated for moisture absorption (perspiration) and has shock absorption properties to reduce fatigue.
It's unisex so you can get a pair for yourself and your friend/boyfriend! :D
Exercising with someone is always more fun and it keeps you motivated!!
NDP Special Promotion: Buy 2@ $24.80 , while stocks last!

One last problem that I have with shoe shopping, especially when I buy shoes online -
I ordered the right size of shoes, but the cutting is just horribly small and it hurts to even put them on T~T
And when that happens it really kills my mood like mad cause I'm usually excited to wear my new shoes out.
Now with Ohthatshop's Shoe Expander, we can eliminate the pain from wearing tight-fitting shoes!
This shoes stretcher allows us to stretch both the width and length of our shoe.
And it's super affordable, at $33.90 only!

Last but not the least,
Ohthatshop also sells really amusing Lifestyle & Gift products! :D
I chose this Diamond Ring Light because
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Even the fake ones hahaha :p
And the secret I❤U message that appears when it lights up, too sweet!!!
Guys, if you're reading this, please get these for your girls, they'll love it! ^~^
And they're going at a special price of only $15 right now :D

So much amazing things, beautiful and practical, you can't afford to miss them!
Visit Ohthatshop now! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!