Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unicorn Rainbow + Cookies Birthday Cake

If you haven't seen my Unicorn Rainbow + Cookies Birthday cake on Instagram, here it is! ^^
So I also received quite a number of comments asking me to blog about this cake and how I made it, so here goes! :D

You'll have to prepare any cake batter recipe that you really like (can be vanilla flavoured, lychee flavour etc), as long as the batter is like white/ off-white colour so you can add food colouring into it :) 
Then bake 6 different colours of the cake batter separately, making sure each cake is about the same size, depending on how thick you want each layer of your cake to be.
Here is my yellow and green layer :)

I actually trimmed off all the brown parts of the cake off the sides and the top (which are edible as well) because I wanted the bright colours to show as much as possible! :)
Stacking them up and separating them with a baking sheet under each layer before putting them into the fridge to cool.

And then it's time to frost between each layer to stick them together so they won't topple everywhere :)
This part is super super fun, I love frosting! :D
Sooooo exciting to watch the entire cake slowly come together!

And then to crumb coat the cake, frost the cake with lots of yummy frosting,
sprinkle some hundreds & thousands, heart shaped sprinkles and funfetti onto them...
and as if such a ginormous cake isn't enough of sugar overload, I stuck the cookies which I baked onto the side of the cake so now I get to eat both cake and cookies yay! ^~^

For the finishing touch, remember the fondant unicorn I made awhile back?
That's gonna be the cake topper! :D

My unicorn looking real naked lol

With a few strands of hair stuck on like extensions~

Done with her hair!
And also not forgetting her sparkly eyes!!! *v*
And tadah!!!
My birthday cake is finally complete! ^~^

Cutting into the cake to see the rainbow!!! ^~^
This is the best part of any rainbow cake!!!

This is my first time making a legit rainbow cake and I'm so happy I did it for my birthday!!!
It's not perfect like the professionals', but it's my birthday present to myself and I'm really satisfied with it! :D
If you think my cake is pretty despite the imperfections, you should try making one of your own too!
It's actually not that difficult if you don't expect a super professionally done cake hehe! ^~^
And if you're in the mood for baking right now, please watch Reelity Bites' special TWO PARTS episode on making macarons! :D
In part 1, I made Lollipop Macarons, and in part 2, I made Hello Kitty Macarons :)
So do watch it now!

Thank you everyone who's wished me happy birthday!!! I can't pass my rainbow cake to each and everyone of you but I hope looking at the pictures made you happy too! ^~^
And as always, thank you for reading, love you all!