Monday, September 23, 2013


From the moment I wake up...
To the moment I get back to bed...
And all the hours, minutes and seconds in between,
I'm ALWAYS with my phone.
I think I spend more time with my phone than with my family... :X

My day pretty much goes like this:
Wake up, whatsapp, check twitter, check emails, call people, whatsapp somemore, tweet whatever is happening, take lots of selfies, edit photos with app, post onto instagram, check instagram, like a bunch of photos, go onto youtube, watch videos, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, fall asleep....
So to me, it's really crucial to have a phone that's not only good to use (I love my iPhone heheh),
but also well-protected for daily use & super pretty to look at!!!
Just like how people will judge you by the clothes you wear,
it's easy to tell what kind of person you are by the "clothes" your phone wears.
Are you a My Little Pony lover? A hipster? A minimalist? An ardent supporter of JB? A hardcore fan of kpop?

But at the same time, I know that many people dislike the bulk of protective covers on their phones, and choose to forgo it totally.
To me that's a major nono because I think it's extremely dangerous for my precious phone cause I paid like $xxx for it!! O.O

So recently, thanks to
my iPhone looks the PRETTIEST it's ever been,
is protected by a phone skin so thin that doesn't even feel like it's there,
and it cost only $12.90!
Quote RCLT10 with your purchase to be entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT!!!
Omg so affordable already still have discount!! Woohoo!! :D :D
It's customized by me from scratch and all the photos are from my own instagram feed!
I LOVE it so much because I know that nobody will have the same exact phone design as I do, yay!
And it's so eye catching in mirror shots too!!! :D
Major major plus point!
To get started in customising your very own unique phone sticker,
first head over to and click on the "Create Your Own" option.
There will be a pop-up asking you to select your device with the price list included :)
They're all extremely reasonably priced and you probably can't find a better price than this!
Their device choices range from iPhone to Sony Xperia to BB to even cameras! :D
Choose the image you'd like to put onto your phone sticker via two sources!
I actually recommend uploading from your computer as the resolution is usually higher, so the result would be a lot sharper :)
Now drag your uploaded image onto the template!
Adjust your image by zooming in or rotating to fit
Click on the FRONT or BACK template to adjust accordingly :)
You can definitely drag more than one image onto the template as I've done in the image below :)
Click on PREVIEW to check on your design, and if it needs a little more tweaking,
click on the EDIT button on the bottom left of the preview page to return to editing :)
Once the design is to your liking, click on ADD TO CART!
Fill in the necessary details, make your payment and wait a MAXIMUM OF  2 WORKING DAYS
to receive your very own ONE OF A KIND phone skin!!! ^~^
If you'd like to watch a tiny video tutorial on how to customise your own phone skin at,
I posted it on my Instagram as well :)

Here are some other designs I made at!
Hopefully some of you can draw inspirations from these as well! :D
Get creative! ^~^
Design BFF phone stickers, couple phone skins, class/ CCA/ clique phone skins etc!
And after I submitted my order, I received my phone sticker extremely promptly the next day!
I can't get over how crazily efficient is!! :D
So super exciting!!!
Especially if you order early in the week (LIKE TODAY??), you don't have to wait over the weekends for your phone skins to arrive!
And you probably get to bring it to school to show off by this week too HAHAHAH ;) ;)

Check out my boring and unprotected iPhone before I pasted on my new #BarelyNaked phone sticker, ewww :p
Pasting it was really easy cause the sticker is of super high quality!
It's THICK and doesn't stretch nor tear easily,
which makes pasting it onto my phone a breeze! ^~^
To be honest, I had to adjust and readjust like 3 times cause I'm not very good at aiming LOL
but the sticker could withstand all of my clumsiness so yay to awesome quality xD
In case you missed it above, this phone sticker actually doubles up as protection for your phone from scratches!
Done with the back and the sides, now to paste the front!
And it's done!!
Feel free to zoom in on the photo!
Look at how awesome my HOME button is!!! xD
I feel like I'm squishing my face everytime I hit the home button HAHAH :P

The best part is that if you ever want to remove the phone sticker and switch designs,
you can always remove the phone skin without damaging your phone!
No more plain and unprotected phone, loves!!! :D
Dress your phone up now at rock bottom prices with
Quote RCLT10 with your purchase to be entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT!!!

Also, there is currently a GIVEAWAY collaboration by Barely-Naked and my blog! :D
There are 10 FREE BarelyNaked skins to be won!

All you have to do to take part is:
3. Comment "Strip my phone #BarelyNaked!" on the photo

There'll be 10 winners so there's a really high chance for everyone!! :D
You can click on the image below to join the giveaway as well!
Giveaway ends on 29th Sep 2013!
Good luck! :D
Thank you for reading, love you all!