Saturday, September 21, 2013

Essensuals Bugis #12

This post is quite overdued, but I still decided to post it anyway because I think it's probably the BIGGEST change I have done to myself this year - cutting my hair short at Essensuals Bugis!

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039
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The last photo of my long hair, which I don't really miss that much because it was so frizzy and tangled anyway :X

Reasons for wanting to cut my hair short:
1. I had terrible cramps a few days before this, and my long hair was in the way when I laid down on the pillow, my hair got stuck on my neck and kept getting onto my face and in my eyes and I got soooo frustrated!!! :@ So it was quite an impulsive decision haha
2. I was told that long hair might actually increase hair loss cause it's really heavy,
and my hair is really thin already :(
3. I wanted a change for myself and my mum doesn't allow me to go for surgery so... I decided to cut my hair LOL
4. I got sick and tired of NOT BEING ABLE TO COMB MY HAIR, like for real!
For about 2 years I was so scared to comb my hair (except after treatments) because I know it's going to get tangled and it'll hurt to comb it, so I'll usually just blow dry my hair and that's it.
5. I don't have the patience to trim my hair slowly every month to remove all the damaged hair
and since the damaged hair ends just nice around my shoulders, might as well have fun now and experiment with a totally different hairstyle before growing it out again :)
And thinking about the loooong, brand new, healthy and fresh hair I'm going to get in about 2 years is totally exciting!!! :D
So I booked an appointment with Wayne, walked into Essensuals Bugis, sat down, put on the gown and showed Wayne some reference photos of what kind of hairstyle I wanted.
Without asking me too many questions,
Wayne nodded and went like *snipsnipsnip* and my long hair was gone in seconds!
After that he told me cause he was scared I'd get scared or hesitate or what if he cut my hair too slowly hahaha
After helping me do my hair for 2 (going 3) years, Wayne knows me best lol! XD
I really have no idea how he does it, but he always manages to help me achieve the type of hairstyle I visualised.
And I was really really impressed this time (so much more than previously) because I've never really gotten my hair cut by Wayne before.
I went to Essensuals Bugis first with mid length hair,
so it's always been trim a bit, trim fringe a bit, colour and treatment for the past 2 years.
But this time I decided to trust in Wayne and let him cut a huge chunk off my hair,
and he surpassed all my expectations!!!
Knowing that I have genetically thin hair,
I've always been afraid of cutting bobs or pixie cuts cause I was scared that my hair wouldn't have sufficient volume to it and it'd just look flat and lifeless.
But Wayne made the impossible happen by carefully cutting and shaping my asymmetric bob such that it creates a lot more movement and volume for my hair and my bob looks AMAZING!!! O.O
I think the true skill of a stylist is shown when it comes to handling short hair,
because there's really no room for mistakes and no way you can cover up any errors by trimming it shorter.
It can be a really exciting thing to get your hair cut really short,
but at the same time please make sure you get it done by someone you can trust!
Please take a few moments to love my new asymmetric bob!!! ^~^
It's actually made me love the least favourite angle (the left profile) of my face and I'm taking so much more pictures from the left side now if you noticed!!! :D
My favourite angle ^~^

Plus it doesn't look bulky!!
And with all that excess weight off my hair, my head feels so light now lol!
Before I touched up on my roots~~
Although I love you a lot too, but it's really time for me to comb my hair already, so you have to go!~~
Wayne, the camera-shy genius behind my awesome asymmetric bob haircut (literally lol)! :D
And here're my first advertorial's photos with short hair ^~^
I am so in love with the shape of my hair that Wayne did for me
such that it's TOTALLY manageable even when I don't go to the saloon to blow dry it!
Because you know with certain haircuts, it only looks nice when professionals blow dry it for you?
Mine looks damn good even when I anyhow blow it dry hahah!
Plus I'll comb it lah!
Now that it's so easy to comb through my hair I can't stop combing it, and I even bought a new comb for myself today! ^~^

compared to half an hour to 1 hour in the past tsk :X all that time wasted~~
*swish hair*
I really have to hand it to Wayne for doing such an insanely good job surpassing all my expectations!

So a week later, I touched up on my hair roots and REFRESHED my hair colour with the NEW Illumina Colour by Wella Professionals! ^~^

If you think you know everything there is to know about hair color, then think again!
The new ILLUMINA COLOR by Wella Professionals is the latest breakthrough from the brand which is set to totally  change how we think about hair color forever. 
ILLUMINA Color is a range of sheer, natural-looking colors which give your hair incredible luminosity from within.

Just as with cosmetics, girls who color their hair can largely be divided into two groups:
those who go for a saturated, full-on color approach – red lips, strong foundation, block hair color and a very ‘done’ result,
while others however prefer a more natural, sheer result: tinted moisturiser, colored 
gloss and a sheer subtle hair look.
If a glossy glow is the look you rock, then ILLUMINA COLOR is for you.
Its result is a shimmering sheerness which gives a look that is beyond natural!

ILLUMINA Color contains Advanced MICROLIGHT™ technology with its millions of micro-particles that encapsulate the impurities left on the hair,
reducing cuticle damage and keeping the surface of the hair cuticle healthier and more transparent color after color!
So in this sense,
colouring your hair with the new Illumina Colour might even be better for your hair than if you just left it alone! :O
Think of it as a colour + treatment in one sort of thing!!
If you're the type who always like to experiment with hair colours, you'll love this I tell you!!! ^~^
After dyeing my hair, my hair felt so crazily smooth like never before,
plus this time all my damaged hair is gone for good!!! :D :D
And this is EVEN BEFORE treatment!
(This reminds me, I want to go back soon for treatment cause I want to make my hair as smooth as possible LOL kiasu xD)

Even in bad lighting, my hair glows~~

I really like my hair now cause I was told that I look more matured and CLASSY LOLOL :P
But even so,
sometimes I still prefer to texturize my hair a bit by adding some products like wax, hair spray and all
for the edgy feel you know :3
Still wanna act cool a bit hahah!
Roughened up puffy asymmetric bob, damn love!!!
Without even me telling him, Wayne also told me at Essensuals Bugis that if I want to play around with texture for my hair I can add wax and all also.
Cause he knows sometimes I like to step a bit HAHAHA
I've been with Wayne for 2 to 3 years and he's more like a friend to me and he knows my pattern one hahah!

To be honest, I'm NOT contracted to Essensuals Bugis and am NOT paid to say nice things about them,
and I can leave anytime I'm not satisfied with them,
but I honestly really love them for all the pretty hair they've done for me and I'll stick with them for as long as I can :)
When I say Essensuals Bugis, I usually refer to Wayne who is a senior stylist and salon trainer (means he got a lot of skill), so results are guaranteed with him.
I won't deny that senior stylists will cost a bit more than their junior stylists,
but I actually would rather pay for a senior stylist! ^~^
I really loved my long hair and I do miss it from time to time,
but I have a TON of photos of me in long hair and I really like the change now :)
Besides, my new long hair in future is going to be so much healthier than prettier than it ever was, totally worth it!! :D
And there's a promo at Essensuals Bugis now
But it's ending in 10 days (cause I blogged this so late hehe paiseh), so this one you gotta hurry!!
And there's another one, which is a 25% DISCOUNT FOR ALL SERVICES
(must be 2 or more combined services; i.e cut & colour/ colour & treatment etc)
available for the month of OCTOBER!
And this promo is for MY READERS ONLY!
Do remember to quote "RACHELL25" when you make an appointment.
And please confirm & double confirm the promo when making appointment plus paying so that there won't be any mix ups okay! :)
Kiasu a bit is good lah ^~^
And do ask for Senior Stylist WAYNE cause he's quite packed so it's safer to book an appointment!!! :)

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039
Join them on Facebook for all their latest updates, promotions etc!
Follow their Instagram page for lots of hair inspirations and to see what they're capable of too! :D

Hahaha and does anyone remember this video I made super long ago for Essensuals Bugis?

Thank you for reading, love you all!