Thursday, September 26, 2013

My first branded wallet

This is going to be a little show off post :X
If you can't be happy for me and are going to hate on me cause of this, please just do not read this post at all!
You've been warned.......

Some of my favourite things recently - my textured bucket bag, my new iphone sticker, my CC SKYE Double Wrap Python Screw Bracelet from
and.... my NEW PRADA WALLET!!!!!!! O.O
 Sorry but, 23 years of my life.... MY FIRST BRANDED T~T
And I bought it with my own savings!!!! T~T
I'm so touched *hugs self* !!!!! T~T
I'm sorry if you think I'm overreacting,
but 23 years of my life,
I've never owned any luxury items before and to me it's a big deal lah!
And also, when I bought my first PRADA wallet, I BOUGHT THE SAME EXACT DESIGN (but in Maroon) FOR MY MUMMY TOO T~T
Damage x 2, but totally worth it!!!
Cause I finally got to buy my mummy a present that she probably will like and put to good use because now we have matching wallets!!!!! :'D
But the most unglamorous part was.... 
I wore my hippie rainbow oversized tee into the PRADA store,
carried a really slouchy black sling bag,
with my unstyled short hair, with super light make up,
dirty canvas shoes,
looking like a total unkempt and homeless wreck.
(this is an old photo just to show the teeshirt)
Bet I got judged by the sales people and other shoppers
and they'd all probably be thinking I'm just walking around for fun and can't afford anything lah...
Note to self to dress up the next time I want to buy something branded :/

One of these basic prada wallets is like $820
So when it came to paying, I passed them my POSB card cause I thought I could pay by NETS and I asked "can pay by NETS or not?" O.O
Really no experience hahaha
In the end they collected payment like how they would in restaurants;
take your card away with the bill folder, come back with a receipt for you to sign and it's done.
Meaning your card has to be a debit or credit card.
And although my POSB card was a debit card, there was a limit of $1,000....
so the staff came back with my card and told me there seems to be a limit to the card and I had to pass him another card (my OCBC card) so that he can charge $1K on one card, and the remaining $600+ on the other card.
And at this point please remember that I looked totally homeless and like a scam okay x.x

So here's my embarrassing virgin experience buying a luxury item lor.
Nothing glamorous like I imagined it'd be T~T

 I really like my PRADA wallet because I have to like it because I paid $820 for it o.o

Actually I was totally loving my previous $15 HUGE furry wallet from m)phosis (on sale) cause I could put a ton of cards, a pen and even tissue packets in it LOLOL
and I didn't even feel any pain when I spilt milk on it hahah
I'm quite a clumsy person I guess :/

But with this wallet it's a lot less spacious and I have to be extra cautious about every single thing,
and my heart breaks a little when water accidentally touches it omg T~T

When I pay for things with this wallet I always feel a tinge of self-satisfaction cause I know my wallet is chio and branded hahaha
It's like a self-high thing you know.
Plus the wallet kinda smells like steak? I LOVE STEAK!!! O.O
 And I managed to stuff a fake swarovski pen into the wallet yay :D :D
And one fake one hahahah
 The center one (with the black stylus tip) is the knock off, which has less glittery crystals obviously.
But when I first got it I thought it was super dazzling already...
I guess the real deal is always a lot more expensive cause you are really paying for the quality ba!
 Will I recommend buying people to buy luxury goods?
Well, yes and no.

Yes, because in a way it makes you want to work hard for something that's difficult to achieve,
and the sense of achievement you get everytime you buy something good for yourself is awesome!
And the quality is definitely something knock-offs can't imitate!
Most importantly, if you are able to sustain this kind of high-maintenance lifestyle, I don't see why not.

No, because you have to be waaaaaay more anal about where you place your new branded wallet/ pouch/ bag,
it's so tiring to have to care so much for an inanimate object when life is already vexing enough... (lol so drama one)
And in some cases when people get obsessed with collecting and buying branded things,
it might become a super wallet-unfriendly habit and you'll be able to buy a lot less things with the same amount of money.

As for me, I think it'll be hell of a long time before I get my next branded item...
Maybe when I get married?? AHAHA
For my next item, I would like to get a branded bag,
cause I'm getting old and I'll probably need a presentable bag to bring to important functions or events.
Ahhhh, but the potential damage of that omg x.x

And speaking about brands,
I recently did Tiffany & Co. inspired nails at The Nail Status! :)
Cause I can't afford the real thing lah sorry hahaha
But that doesn't mean I can't get an inspired version on my nails at so much cheaper!!! ^~^

I realised I haven't really posted much pictures of what TNS looks like, so here it is! :D
It's a cosy, floral, sunshine, pretty and happy place that screams of girly pampering time!~~~
I went alone this time cause all my friends did their nails already / were busy!
But it's okay, because TNS has the best shows on their TV like drop dead diva and Modern Family hahaha
laugh die me please you'll never get bored I swear!!! xD

And tadah!
After about 2 hours, my Tiff & Co. inspired gelish nail polish is done!!! :D
This time it took longer than previously because I had to soak off my previous gelish,
extend some nails (that I accidentally broke) and add in all these tiny details!!

It's all made of tiny tiny silver little balls individually stuck on to form a chain,
plus a regular sized bling to form the necklace charm!
Super a lot of effort!!!
And omg the precious little white ribbon detail with silver outline on my thumb to mimic Tiffany & Co's gift box~~~ ^~^
This is by far my favourite set of nails EVER!!!
I'm aware that nail art with blings usually don't last as long as just pure gelish nail art,
so I'll keep you guys updated about how long this set of nails last for me! ^~^
Book your appointment with TNS now and you'll never have ugly nails again HEHEH! :p

Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road
#04-83 Singapore 228213
Tel: 6836 2005
(You may dial this number to fix an appointment for your nails and request to have your nails done in either shop!)
Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road
#04-69 Singapore 228213

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11am-9.30pm
Sunday, Eve of P.H and P.H : 11am-7pm

Getting to The Nail Status:
Nearest MRT station: Orchard Station

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)