Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh, My Favourite Skechers!

"A good pair of shoes will take you to good places"

SKECHERS originated from South California slang “Energetic Youngsters” from Manhattan Beach, California, USA. Having 21 years of heritage, SKECHERS designs, develops and markets performance shoes for athletes and active individuals,
and lifestyle shoes for every age and demographic encompasses more than thousands styles!!! Impressive!!! :O
In addition to its heritage lines like SKECHERS Sport, SKECHERS USA, SKECHERS Active, SKECHERS Cali and SKECHERS Kids, the company has broadened its offering with an innovative performance division that includes SKECHERS GO series, and BOBS, a SKECHERS charity footwear brand that donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold – along with a dynamic collection of kids’ soles known for their wildly fun features and beloved characters.
This tremendous depth and diversity has brought SKECHERS countless fans from around the world!

Woke up really early to go to SKECHERS at JEM with Ben (TypicalBen) the other day for filming! :)
I've always known SKECHERS for their gorgeous shoes so I was super excited and honoured to be a part of this!
Thank you SKECHERS SG and NuffnangSG!! ^~^

Reading through the guide for our filming very seriously :D
We were tasked to select our favourite shoes and then personalise them in any way we want!
I'm extremely fond of DIY stuff so you can guess how much I was looking forward to that ^~^
And in 3..2..1.... BIG SMILES! :D :D
Ben and I each chose some of our favourite shoes from SKECHERS that we selected to talk about!
Please watch our SKECHERS video below to find out the reasons for our choices, as well as watch us DIY our SKECHERS shoes! :D
BUT goofy as we may seem, we are also quite serious when it comes down to work okay! :D
Well sometimes at least haha!
Checking out some of the pretty and brightly coloured GOwalk series!
Super eye-catching, I love them!!!
And SKECHERS' shoes for kids are just GORGEOUS!!! Girls, Twinkle Toes!
And they light up at the front too!
If I had a daughter I'd definitely buy her one of these, too cute!!

Trying on one of the SKECHERS GOrun 2 designs!
One simply does not reject a pair of hot pink shoes!!
Taking pictures of each other and of ourselves at the SKECHERS store ^~^
Wish I could remember what I was laughing at here hahah
And then it's time for our DIY at the SKECHERS Showroom! :D
This is the SKCH +3 - Shorty I chose to personalize because it's a plain colour so I have more room for my decorations
and I really like the 3 inches hidden wedges in them!
I think they're really pretty to begin with already because the design is clean cut and simple,
definitely good for people who want a pair of really comfortable and versatile shoes! :)
But with my magic touch, pixiedust (lol, okay it's just glitter), studs and crystals,
I transformed the basic SKCH +3 into a pair of Candyland Space Boots!
Again, please watch the video to see how we DIY-ed the shoes!! :D
Ben concentrating on decorating his shoes!
Wahhhh, sparkly rainbow, my favouriteeeee :)
I really think the addition of the rainbow crystals really make the shoes stand out
and to me, when I do DIYs, I like to tell myself "Go big or go home",
so the louder the shoes, the better!
So here's where the "Candyland" meets my "Space Boots" :)
 Me looking really satisfied with the finished product!

 Mine and Ben's :D
I think Ben's shoes turned out really classy and expensive looking,
while mine is more of like fun meets crazy colours hahah!
 We had a blast filming the SKECHERS video for you guys,
and I really hope you guys will like it and be inspired to DIY your own shoes too! :D
There is also a SKECHERS BLOG CONTEST mentioned in the video where you can win your favourite pair of SKECHERS Footwear!
Do read on for more details! ^~^

Now to try on my masterpiece :D :D
Some close ups of my Candyland Space Boots! ^~^

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!
Blog Contest
Click here ^~^
Want to win your favourite pair of SKECHERS Footwear?
Simply BLOG about it and show how you would style your favourite pair of SKECHERS shoes!
It's that easy! :D
(Psst! You do not need to buy a pair of SKECHERS Shoe to join this contest!
You can do up a collage to show how you'd style your favourite SKECHERS shoe too!)
Get inspired!
Complete your outfit with SKECHERS footwear and create looks from your closet.
You can choose one or more to mix and match your daily outfits!

There will be 5 pairs to be won each month (worth up to $169),
so show us what you've got to win the SKECHERS Footwear of your choice now! :D

To help guide you guys for the Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS! Blog Contest,
here's how I matched some of my favourite SKECHERS Footwear with my daily outfits for different occasions! :D

There's been a rising trend among the fashionable youths in search for shoes which aren't only stylish and chic, but also extremely comfortable and practical.
And the Gratis Wild One is exactly such a pair, perfect for daily wear!
The best part about this pair of shoes is the soft and smooth fabric and its bungee stretch laced front panel.
This allows you to slip the shoes on really easily!! :D
Also, it's absolutely comfortable due to its cushioned comfort insole and shock absorbing low profile lightweight midsole,
you can walk all day blister-free and without feeling any soreness! :D
To me, this means more shopping trips with girlfriends without painful feet, woohoo!! :D
The Gratis Wild One also has a built in 1/3 inch heel,
which isn't much of a height boost to help vertically challenged people like me...
the low front cutting of this pair of shoes does help with creating the illision of longer and more slender legs! :D
Major plus point!!
Also, if you have a ton of neutrals or black and white apparels like I do
you'll absolutely ADORE this pair of gorgeous coloured shoes!
It makes styling your outfits so much more fuss-free because no matter how basic or plain your get up looks,
the Gratis Wild One will always help add that pop of colour with its unique printed details to spice up the entire outfit! :D
Mix your media beautifully in the SKECHERS Gratis Wild One shoe!

On dress down days when all I want to do is to throw on an oversized top, be as comfortable as possible while I'm running some errands,
having a pretty and really comfy pair of sandals would be awesome!
So here's my perfect shoes for running errands - Relaxed Fit: Elevates ­Ray of Light sandal.
A lot of casual sandals these days are either nice to the eyes and bad for the feet,
or good for the feet but an absolute fashion disaster in terms of aesthetics.
So I'm really happy that SKECHERS has struck a perfect balance between comfort and style with the Ray of Light sandal! :D
The design is classy and simple to complement all my casual outfits,
and the two color glittering gem sequin accents adds on a tinge of glamour to the sandals, which I think is adorable! :D :D
There's also a built in 1 1/2 inch heel so I can feel taller even on dress down days, yay! :D
It also has a cushioned and contoured comfort footbed, supportive shock absorbing midsole and it's completed with soft fabric strap lining!
Glittering style and easygoing comfort comes in the SKECHERS Relaxed Fit: Elevates Ray of Light sandal.

I think that BOBS shoes are kind of like shoes of love ♥
Because for every pair of BOBS shoes sold, SKECHERS will donate a pair to a child in need! :)
Which is why I think these Topsides would be perfect for your dates!
I paired mine with a cream lace top for that sweet first date look ^~^
On first dates, you'll definitely want to dress to impress,
but you won't want to be clad in clothes that you can hardly breathe in or shoes that you'll struggle with.
Which is why these snug and gorgeous little boat shoes will definitely help you score points for your outfit! :)
Putting on this cheery red Bobs Planet Topsides shoes, it puts me in a great mood and I feel a lot younger too! :p
I'm a huge fan of the soft woven facric of the shoes too :D
And I really like how SKECHERS makes an effort to design their shoes such that they're beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside!
The Bobs Planet Topsides have this nautical lining which looks so pretty!!
Anchors aweigh for relaxed style and a kind spirit with the SKECHERS Bobs Planet Topsides shoe!

When the active girl goes dressy, that's when she'll need the Active Mary Jane! :)
The sweet colour combination of the Active Mary Jane with its super cute cutting reminds me of ballet flats, too pretty! :D
And I think it looks totally amazing paired with laced socks too!
I matched these shoes with a lace off shoulder top and a pair of knitted shorts :)
The lace off shoulder top really complements the sweet feminine vibe from the Active Mary Jane,
and I think it's a pretty good look to sport because every girl should embrace her girlishness once in awhile! ^~^
These feel so light and carefree it's almost like it's not there!!! :D
Not to mention how pretty it looks in photos too! ^~^
Plus points for this!!

Keep your mood bright with the SKECHERS Inspired ­Lighten Up Mary Jane shoe!

And finally, my favourite pair of shoes from the lot -
the spunky and rebellious Daddy's Money: Gimme 2!
This is for the girls who just want to have fun without a care in the world!
One look at this pair of shoes and I KNEW I'd love it!
I love the look of it, I love the attitude of t, I love how wearable it is with my favourite crop tops and ripped shorts, I love how kicka$$ it looks with the studs and faded glory vibe to it...
Distressed flag print on the canvas, buffed and ripped detailing, a hidden wedge and gunmetal stars and spiked studs -
so many things I love on a shoe!
How can I resist this??? :D :D

And despite the hidden wedge, GIMME 2 is a lot more comfortable than my other heels,
so kudos to SKECHERS for the awesome cushioned insole and shock absorbing midsole! :D
Took the most pictures with these because I love this pair of shoes the most hahah!
If you watched the video, you'll notice I picked this as one of my favourites too because I just can't put it down!!!

Show off your faded glory wearing the Daddy'$ Money: Gimme 2 shoe!
Just from this blogpost's sneak preview of a fraction of SKECHERS shoes,
I must say I'm thoroughly impressed by the wide range of SKECHERS Footwear available and how SKECHERS've been bringing their game up a notch continuously!
The best part is that their designs are not only extremely chic, but also super comfortable and practical!
I could go all day walking around happily in my SKECHERS shoes without complaints! :D

Hope you'll go to somewhere awesome with your SKECHERS shoes today! ^~^

I'm also really thrilled to share that my blog readers will be able to enjoy 15%* off regular-priced of 5 various style of shoes below
To enjoy this promotion, you will have to quote my name "Rachell Tan" when you purchase your items.

Promotion is valid from now till 30th Nov and available at 15 SKECHERS Concept Stores:
Tampines 1 #03-02 Tel: 6260 2190
Jurong Point #01-16J Tel: 6795 7478
ION Orchard #B2-14 Tel: 6884 6567
Queensway #01-14 Tel: 6475 2515
Compass Point #01-21/22 Tel:  6388 7375
Nex Serangoon #01-32 Tel: 6634 4351
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The Clementi Mall #04-41/42 Tel: 6659 1822
Changi City Point #02-42 Tel: 6636 1078
VivoCity #02-13/14 Tel: 6270 4211
Raffles City #03-06/07 6338 3356
Jem #03-35 Tel: 6734 9678
Opening Soon: Bedok Mall and Bugis Junction (In November)

Do visit SKECHERS Website for the latest shoes collection

And don’t forget to “LIKE” them on Facebook

Thank you for reading, love you all!

*Terms & Conditions Apply. While stocks last.