Monday, September 30, 2013

Photoshop Tutorial: Teeth Whitening

It's amazing how these little bones in our mouth called our teeth can either make or break our smiles!
And I think no matter how crooked or straight your teeth are,
it makes a really huge difference when they look clean and white!
Of course you can find lots of whitening products available,
but they usually either don't last, take a long time for the effect to show, hurt like a bitch, or cost a bomb.

So for me, while I use whitening toothpaste and all,
I take a lot of photos of myself smiling and I think that PHOTOSHOP plays a huge deal in making my smile a lot nicer too!
I used to have a more tedious way of making my teeth whiter in photos but there was once when I had TONS of group photos to edit and it was impossible to just slowly edit everyone's smile by the old method.
And very fortunately I tried this method out of desperation
and now bright and white smiles are just a swipe away! :D

So here is the ONE-STEP tutorial of teeth whitening that costs $0 :p

The only thing you'll need for this is Photoshop (whichever version should be fine), and of course your own photo.
I googled for the image "yellow teeth" and found this image which I will use for demonstration purposes :)

Open up your image in Photoshop
Adjust the SIZE of the Dodge Tool
Adjust the Exposure of the Dodge Tool to your preference
(depending on how "strong" your dodge tool to be)
Simply SWIPE the dodge tool along the teeth
or click on stained areas of the teeth you'd like to "whiten"
And you're done! :D
Feel free to experiment with the Photoshop Dodge Tool and the exposure of it to create a more natural-looking white teeth
or increase the dodge tool's intensity for a more celebrity bleached white smile kind of look!
Hope this post helps!
Love you all, thank you for reading!