Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some lil updates!

Hello loves! :D

Here're just some updates of some cool stuff I did/ got recently!
Went to The Nail Status a few weeks back to for my gelish leopard print french tips blingbling nails! :D

Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road
#04-83 Singapore 228213
Tel: 6836 2005
(You may dial this number to fix an appointment for your nails and request to have your nails done in either shop!)
Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road
#04-69 Singapore 228213

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11am-9.30pm
Sunday, Eve of P.H and P.H : 11am-7pm

Getting to The Nail Status:
Nearest MRT station: Orchard Station

I super love Gelish at TNS because it makes my nails a lot harder and less breakable! :)
Now I can get used to growing longer nails without worrying that it'll break easily~

Went with zoe and I'm going again soon by myself hehe!
So see you if you happen to have an appointment at TNS too ^~^
Having pretty nails really make everything look pretty :D :D
Even the things I hold look x1000000 chioer OHOHOHO love it!!! ^~^

I also did barbie pink sparkly gelish for my toes cause I have some sandals or wedges that are the open toes designs and I want my toe nails to look good too!
Plus you'll never know when someone special will invite you into their house,
so it's always better to have pretty fingers and pretty feet just in case!! :P
Plus gelish dries so quickly, you can immediately walk out of TNS with your socks or shoes or whatever with NO FEAR at all that it'll smudge ^~^

Just customised a pretty new phone sticker from :D
Will blog more about it soon, but I just wanna show it off for now heheh xD

And I recently got this MAYBELLINE Clean Express Miracle Oil~
I just started using it so it's pretty alright so far, no breakouts or anything so yay! :D
It says on the back that it not only removes make up, but the dirt, pollution, oil on your face as well. 
But if you're the type who hates super oily make up cleansers then this won't be for you
but one good thing about this make up remover is that your skin feels really soft after using it!!!
I kinda like it more than my other make up removers that dries out my skin after I use them :)
 Also, if you travel often, make up removers are a MUST to bring along because not removing your make up is awful for your skin.
And this one has a special cap that allows you to turn it to OPEN or turn it to CLOSE.

I think it's a definite plus point for me cause I always lose the safety lock thingy for my previous make up removers cause it's so effing tiny and impossible to keep track of where it is T~T
I even got so desperate to prevent any spillage as to scotchtaping the pump or like tying them really tightly in plastic bags, sibeh tak glam (not glamorous) :/

So now I'm really excited to travel again cause I'll get to bring my new make up remover out hahaha
I think we girls can always find reasons to travel no matter what lolol

Tried Mentaiko Toast for the first time at Kabe no Ana Pasta at Serangoon NEX and it's sooooo effing good???!!!!
Omfg it's like biting into a piece of heaven~~~ T~T
You guys should try it some time!

And if you're there,
remember to order their mentaiko carbonara spaghetti also b; TOO GOOD!!
It's like the only thing I eat when I go there lol!

And also, Martin and I just bought hugeeeee pillows for our bed and it's so comfy and shiok!!! :D
Looks like marshmallows with hot chocolate, don't you think? ^~^
We're going to try to revamp his room (been procrastinating since a year ago) and I THINK we're finally getting onto something! ^~^
Excited hehe!
Will show you guys when it's done~~
Will post more updates soon! ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!
Have a great day ahead~~