Thursday, September 5, 2013


Been trying out new styles cause of my new haircut,
and I think shirts might just be my new favourite thing!
Just got this Blue Striped Cropped Shirt from I Love Cupcakes and it's just so comfortable!!
I Love Cupcakes
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Enter coupon code "PXDKITTY20" upon checkout to enjoy 20% off ALL apparels!
(even sales items are entitled to this 20%!)

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but I've been busy with my work, like seriously! :O
 I don't even have time for anything else and that kinda sucks but ohwell :(
Anyway, here are some throwbacks before I forget to upload them again lol!

Went to Bukit Batok Home for The Aged with my bf and his camp mates months ago.
Bought dried food supplies like rice, beans, canned food etc and also blew balloons for them
(the boys carried rice, I blow balloons)
there was also simple performances on stage which was pretty sweet :)
I think if you guys are free, please do help out once in awhile (any home will do) because every bit of help they can get is really appreciated!
I think the elderlies at homes will like seeing younger people around, making things livelier once in awhile too!
But usually volunteers will go in big groups, so you might want to get in contact with some volunteers (online) first!

At Jipaban's Lollipop Flea at ZOUK previously.
This is a photo of us all grinning from ear to ear cause we had a timed grab bag buffet sort of thing
where you had to pay $50 for a grab bag
and you can bring home everything as long as they can fit into your bag :p
Mine was kinda overflowing cause I'm damn shameless when it comes to auntie things like that ahahah

Also went to the preview of L’OCCITANE's Natural Hair Care (the Aromachologie Hair Care range)
with Jayne the other day!
Aromachologie is now unveiled in stores with a new patented formula!
L’OCCITANE has united five time-tested, traditional essential oils to act in synergy on the hair in its hair care ranges.

We were all given a relaxing and pampering wash and blow session,
and I absolutely love the smell of the shampoo!
I've always liked the scents from L’OCCITANE, and their hair care range smells amazing too!
Your whole bathroom will literally smell like you're at a spa~~~ at the comfort of your own home, naise!! ^~^

Sigh, just came back from a break not long ago and I feel like I might need another one soon :(
Why so tiring one ah~~ T~T
And anyway, I've gotten used to my short hair already!
Will blog about my haircut at Essensuals Bugis soon with some exclusive promos for you guys!!
OMG there's like so many posts I want to blog about but editing the photos one by one is a real bitch x.x

On a side note, I'm so used to my short hair now I'm looking at my old photos and feeling like that's me IN A WIG, LOL! xD

Will blog again soon!
Love you all, drink more water, rest well and don't fall sick!!
Thank you for reading ^~^