Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TTFALC: Peishi's 18th!

Made Alice In Wonderland themed cupcakes for Peishi's 18th Birthday! :D
Took quite a number of photos because I did them in one night without sleep....
but in the end they melted cause of the weather or something which made me really sad T~T

They are all RAINBOW cupcakes by the way! :D
And then I rushed over after driving lessons to grab 18 helium balloons for her birthday party at The Sultan Hotel,
and they filled up the entire backseat of my mum's car I almost died lol!!
Trying to smile for a photo ahaha
Had to make my last instavideo in case I died from suffocation lol jk xD

And I made little "Read Me" notes (like Alice In Wonderland's "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" notes)
for all of us to write little messages to Peishi for her birthday ^~^
Some were pretty nonsensical though, like the ones Noah wrote.... -_-"

And what do you do when you have so many helium balloons??
Play with the helium!!! LOL
It's actually my first time playing with helium eh and I didn't want to stop talking hahah
and I posted an instavideo which got me a lot of "you sound like a minion" comments.
Could probably consider that as one of my future career options ah lol
Thank you Perkies for the yummy snacks!!! :D
I realised.. I haven't really lived my life until I sank my teeth into my first fried mac & cheese ball~ :'D :'D
Singing Happy Birthday song and carrying up the birthday girl!!!
Thank god she's so light, although we quite no skill cannot carry properly still :X

And by the way, my super cute Paddle Pop Petals Crop Top is from Accidentally Three! :D
It's so happy-looking and it made my pictures a lot more colourful, love it!!!
Totally going to wear more colourful tops from now on ^~^
Quote "Rachell" with your purchase and you are entitled to FREE Normal Postage! :D
Accidentally Three also has a TON of classy and gorgeous dresses which will be perfect for school and work!
So do check them out now! :D
Instagram: www.instagram.com/accidentallythree
Smile till my eyes disappeared lol!
Camwhore time!!
This is our new TTFALC group lol!
The meaning behind it.... is a secret hehehe xD
Happy birthday peishi!!!
Love you my meimei, my daughter, my bbylove, my telepathy partner, my baby lapsup, my kpop star and many more titles to come hahaha!
And here's Ridhwan being cute as usual haha!
He joined us super late but stayed over with us~

Best birthday party I've ever been to!!!!
With all the people I like,
we gambled, wrestled, braved the rain, ate a ton of snacks, scared Ridhwan, camwhored, played with helium till headache, sang songs, had supper, stayed over, talk about crap together
and I really enjoyed myself lah ^~^
Best part is... NO ALCOHOL LOL I hate alcohol :X

So much more went on,
but I'll let Peishi blog more about her birthday so this post is just a little tiny sneak preview! :D
Thank you for reading, love you all!