Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All over the place

3 days ago, this wasn't how my room looked like.
It was a warzone, a pig sty, a rubbish dump, a murder scene.
And then this was my room 2 days ago..

I woke up one morning and decided to set up another vanity area in my room purely for skincare products while my main vanity table is reserved strictly for make up related items only...
this is in hopes that my tables will be less cluttered and disorganized lol!
In case you forgot/ don't know what my main make up table looks like, here it is!
Nothing much changed in this picture except my hair and that hello kitty mirror handle broke, that's about it!
So here's my new area for skin care products yay!!! :D
Got this floral tray from DAISO ($2!!!) and I used it to place all my bottles so they look a lot neater I guess!
Inside that Rachel K pouch is lots of unglam stuff like Nexcare acne patch for pimples, Nixoderm for rashes or super jialat pimples, my random packets of masks without boxes etc.
Inside the super cute weaved L'occitaine box is my hair patches to hold up my fringe, hair clips and rubber bands which I won't be able to use for a really long time LOL!
My accessories and perfume corner, 2 days ago!
And some of my bags, none of which are branded by the way but I still love them a lot cause they all look so pretty, no? :D :D
Next time then I buy branded bags when I feel like I can financially support myself to do that okay hahah, then I'll show you guys ^~^
One day ago, in the middle of the night I'm all like,
I wanna revamp my room, again!!!
Cause the mirror being placed vertically might fall and break in the center cause of the table
so I swapped my accessories table/cupboard thingy with my original skincare products table.
Does that sound confusing? hahah
But anyway yeah now the mirror's being placed horizontally so none of the mirror is hidden behind the table so it's less likely to break.
Super love IKEA furnitures cause they're really versatile
and not too heavy so I can move them around easily! ^~^
So now my room looks slightly different...?
Then again actually there's no point in my explaining how or where or why I moved my furniture around cause you guys won't be able to visualize it fully until I do my official room tour heh :X
Which I will do soon when I get all the stuff my room needs.. like a table cloth, a small chair, make up brush holder etc!
And if you're wondering why this vintage-looking wooden photo thing is everywhere,
And it's one of the many super exciting DIYs I just filmed for Reelity Bites so do watch out for it!
The new episodes gonna be quite awesome lah I feel!!! :D
Not out yet, but soon!!!!
Also, I've been so obsessed with packing my room recently because I'm looking for things to keep me busy with so that I won't be reminded of the fact that Martin is at army deployment for 2 weeks and CAN'T TEXT OR CALL ME for 2 weeks
and I'm dying lah T~T
First few nights my eyes really swollen until I can't open them anymore cause I kept crying?
But now when I feel lonely I just sing to myself and sing to instagram lor haha I have so much life IKR xD
 I'm texting Martin everyday once in the day once at night although his phone can't even receive it,
but ima do it anyway so when he comes back he knows I didn't run away and I thought of him everyday ^~^

Oh and eating lots of sugar keeps me happier too :)

Anyway, on a brighter and more colourful note,
check out my pretty perfume bottles!!!!
just because the bottles are all so effing pretty??? ^~^
By the way, I have a new video which will be up tomorrow! :)
So if you're around my blog at about 11am you'll be able to see it!! :D
You get to see a bit of my room and ME WITHOUT MAKE UP LOL
This post is so all over the place omg.
But I just want to talk/type, you know?
okay, sing lonely old lady, sing!
Anyway I think everyone should sing, don't care if we sing awfully or what lah, just sing.
Cause it makes yourself feel better and it's better than shouting and screaming when you're upset or angry :)

Alright, thank you for reading, love you all!