Sunday, October 27, 2013


Went to NEX today with my mum cause I wanted to go support Peishi's promo on a new movie she's starring in - Everybody's Business -
but the timing they went up to stage to talk about the movie was when we were having dinner so we didn't get to see her on stage... :(
but it's okay, when the movie comes out, everybody please go watch it and show lots of support, tell your friends and scream for Peishi when you see her on the big screen okay! ^~^

All outfits from this post are from

Sorry I haven't been posting much recently! 
But this is going to be long picture post, so I hope you guys will like it! ^~^

Had dinner with my mum at this restaurant at NEX called The Ship, it's pretty cool cause it's all nautical themed and all,
loved the nice ambiance and their food was pretty good!! :D

The Ship Restaurant & Bar
23 Serangoon Central Singapore 556083
NEX #01-61/62
Reservations: 6834 3733

At NEX on a weekend it's quite difficult to find a good place to eat,
but The Ship allows you to leave your contact number behind and shop while waiting for available seats, and they'll give you a call when they have spaces for you :)
Plus the staff told me "it's okay if you find somewhere else to eat later on, when we call you you can just let us know"
HOW NICE PLEASE, no pressure one! ^~^
My #ootd literally from
A number of people have been asking me about it,
I'll blog about it soon, promise!! ^~^

Lobster & Ribeye steak set!! :D
Total bill came up to about $30+ per pax with GST service charge all.
I think it's reasonable cause it came with dessert, a drink and also soup of the day!

And here are some other vain photos of me in outfits from
I'm in love with their stuff cause they're so comfy and wearable and you can't go wrong with them!
And seriously, if I wear my clothes out more than twice (I wore these like 3-4 times each already),
I really really really like them hahaha xD
If you follow my instagram or twitter etc, you'll probably be like "damn, this girl doesn't wash her clothes".....
mmm... maybe I really don't?
lol jk :D
So sparkly and pretty *v*

And a fake desert backdrop hahahaha
totally got that cow boy/girl feel with my crop jacket right? :D :D

It's a Saturday night and if you have nothing to do,
go shopping ba hahah!
Online shopping is one of the best ways to spend time alone happily ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!