Saturday, November 16, 2013


about today's post!!! ^~^
TOOOO MANY awesome clothes omg I can't maintain hahah!

I went to BlogShopping at Far East Plaza the other day and had such a great time just browsing through tons and tons of gorgeous clothes!!
Far East Plaza, #01-33/ 34
14 Scotts Rd
Singapore (228213)
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT

It was so difficult to pick which were my favourites and I literally contemplated buying the entire store of clothes home... if I could afford it! :x
Anyway, here's a quick instavideo of some of the designs I really liked!
If you've always been a fan of BlogShopping like I have,
you'll be thrilled to know that BlogShopping at FEP has recently EXPANDED
to 32 blogshops to shop from under 1 roof!! 
They have new Arrivals weekly consisting of 400 pieces from all your favourite blogshops as well as pre-launch and exclusive items from our vendors,
so their clothes would always be up to date.
Now you can experience more than double the awesomeness while shopping there!! :D :D

Here are the brands featured at BlogShopping FEP!
So many of them are actually my personal favourites!! ^~^

And if you've never been to BlogShopping before,
you're in for a real treat because it's one of the most overwhelmingly exciting shopping experience you'll ever have!
All these amazing brands featured on shelves and racks side by side in the same shop where you can shop till you drop,
it's definitely not to be missed!!!

And after about 2 whole hours of going through heaps of irresistibly gorgeous clothes,
I finally chose my top 3 picks from BlogShopping at FEP! :)

First up, this Chrome Hearts x Rolling Stones inspired Jacket (from StyleExotic)!
It's at a fraction of what the original piece goes for and yet it's still of amazing quality!
Perfect for those who are into the recent Korean style but are on a tight budget! :D
It's one of those jackets you'll lay your eyes on and be like
And you can be sure it will turn heads when you wear this badass looking jacket out ^~^
Plus the rainy season is here, so now's your chance to exploit all your hoodies and jackets!
Looking good from the front, back and even from the sides cause of the sleeves!!!
Such attention to details, this jacket is definitely worth your every cent! :D
Even the zipper is in the shape of a cross, dopeeeee!
Plus, this picture of Park Bom wearing the original is probably all the reasons you'll ever need to get this jacket, lol!

Next, I've chosen a Striped NY Baseball Jersey (from LazyDaisy)!
I'd love to dress up and layer my clothes and accessories all the time,
but it's not always practical for all occasions and also our climate in sunny Singapore.
So my next best alternative is always to search for the most chic and stylish tees and casual tops,
and this tee fits all my expectations perfectly!
Also, I'm a big fan of vertical stripes cause it creates the illusion of a slimmer figure which all girls crave for! :D
Plus the whole sporty look that's in trend right now,
this tee is absolutely perfect for it!
Last but not the least,
the ideal size and type of bag I've been looking for for the LONGEST TIME EVER,
a Quilted Backpack! :D
Quilted material always adds that certain tinge of elegance to any item,
be it shoes or shorts or even hairbands!
And most quilted bags I've seen in the past are mostly tiny and impractical to fit all my items.
But this baby that I've found from BlogShopping at FEP kinda screamed out to me when I was there,
I KNEW I had to bring it home :')
That feeling when you finally find something you want & need at a super affordable price...
best feeling ever ^~^
Because it's a backpack, you can always dress it down with a casual outfit,
or simply match it with a shirt and skirt for a more preppy look! :D
Can't wait to explore more outfit possibilities with my new favorite bag!!

I'm so in the mood for shopping right now!!! Are you, too? ^~^
You can find BlogShopping at their following branches!
Far East Plaza, #01-33/ 34
JEM, #04-07
And their new branch opening on the 1st of November 2013
where you can enjoy their grand opening discounts!!

BlogShopping Facebook Fan Page:
Like them on facebook to get first hand updates on new arrivals in store and join their giveaways to win sponsored apparels weekly!
You can also shop online:

They also have their very own membership card program.
Sign up at $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% off all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month.
Their membership card  can be used at all their outlets, including their new one at Bugis! :)
Super worth signing up for!!
Thank you for reading, love you all!