Thursday, October 10, 2013

Browhaus: Eyebrow Resurrection

Just like most people, I've had my fair share of disaster eyebrows over the years
and I also blogged a post called "Eyebrows" early this year talking about different brow styles for different face shapes and the importance of our brows etc.
Plus I made a gif to see how I'll look like without eyebrows too hahaha
So hideous omg :S
But that edited brow-less photo of me isn't too far from the truth you know...
I don't have much brows to begin with, and no matter how much I try to fill them up with eyebrow powder,
the shape always looks hella weird and you can quite obviously tell my natural brows are really sparse, too thin with no volume, an awfully high arch... and just downright ugly :(

With brows drawn
Without any make up on my natural eyebrows
Omg really damn bad sorry hahaha
I have an extremely high forehead so I think having thicker and more defined brows will definitely help create the illusion of a more proportionate looking face
Which is why I decided I NEEDED to go for Brow Resurrection!!
And I'm super thankful to Browhaus for hosting me for their brow resurrection,
plus I've heard a lot of positive reviews about them be it online or by word of mouth,
so there's actually no one I trusted more than them! :'D

Mine was the Browhaus Brow Resurrection Natural (2.5)
which costs $2140 with unlimited touch-ups within 2 years.

On the day of my appointment, I went to Browhaus at The Cathay and met my therapist, Elisa :)
She's really friendly and patient with me, which I think is awesome
cause it made me feel very comfortable with asking questions, telling her what I wanted and also talking about some other random things to pass time :P

I laid down on their comfy bed for quite some time with the mirror in my hands
and I described the type of brows I want as best as I could.
"I want thicker and straighter brows, not so arched like my natural brows, but not too straight too cause my face shape can't suit straight brows... a little bit like tilted up but not so steep..."
HAHAHA as I'm typing this I think my request sounds quite contradicting and indecisive,
And here're my naked natural brows for the last time,
sparse and in an odd rounded shape,
goodbye and good riddance!!!
To confirm and double confirm the type of brows I wanted,
Elisa used a special super thin eyebrow pencil to mimic the results of brow resurrection first before actually applying the real thing on.
Super glad she did this because brow resurrection is a semi-permanent procedure
so you really want to make sure it looks really pretty first!!
Meticulous Elisa at work ^~^
Then she got me to sit upright to take a look at the brows she drew.....
I LOVE IT!!!!!
It's in the PERFECT shape of brows I always wanted,
the ideal balance of an arch and thick straight brows (which makes you look friendlier and more youthful) :D
Now I really couldn't wait for the brow resurrection process!!!
Then Elisa let me choose between the dyes that she's going to use because BR 2.5 has several shades available to suit your hair colour or preference.
I chose the lighter brown (on the left) because if it happens to be too light, I can always opt to darker but not lighter.

Anyway, in case you're worried about how some older women's eyebrow tattoos turn green and all,
BR 2.5 uses 100% vegetable dye
which will over time fade into a natural light brown shade, and never green or blue etc!
Plus it's safe for all skin types too :)
Then Elisa darkened the brows she drew earlier to properly mark out the areas that my new brows would be drawn! :D
And in just about 1.5 hour, the entire treatment was done!! ^~^
My brows looks a little reddish cause I took this photo immediately after the treatment,
but it went away pretty soon so no problems here!
The first thing I asked Elisa after she was done was
"Will these eyebrow hair grow??"
And Elisa was like "umm.. nope!"
LOL because my new drawn on brows looked TOO REALISTIC I thought they were real hair that will grow instead of dyes!!! O.O
Apparently BR 2.5 uses a special technique and hair-like strands are carefully constructed with finer, lighter strokes.
And the result? Beautiful brows that look like you were born with them!!! :O
Crazily amazing I don't even know which were my real brows anymore,
they blended in so seamlessly!!
The entire treatment was PAINLESS (for me) by the way!
So even for those who have a super low tolerance of pain, you won't feel much either :D
After applying their numbing cream, the intensity is even LESSER than plucking your eyebrows!
This is because Browhaus uses a top-grade anesthetic, making the BR 2.5 a completely safe, comfortable and near-painless treatment.

Can you even tell which strands of hairs are drawn on and which are my own?? :O
I can't!!
Elisa is extremely skilled and drew the strokes according to the way my brows grow
so it looks super natural!
The creative classic Browhaus posters! :D
I was then given a super cute Browhaus tote bag with their aftercare Build & Fix products
because I was told to expect some scabbing.
The aftercare products will help to heal the skin and minimise the occurance of scarring!
So being super kiasu, I very religiously applied the aftercare products especially in the day,
and tried to avoid water from touching my brows for long periods of time for about 1 week plus to 2 weeks.
Like immediately after washing my face I'll hurriedly take a clean tissue to pat them dry! :)
It's been a month since my new brows and they've been nothing but a blessing to me!!!
Defining your brows does not mean you have to take a chisel and hack away at unruly strands.
It doesn’t matter if your brows are likened to a bush or the malnourished desert,
there’s always a way to make them the best kind of arch you’ll ever have!

You get to choose the how you want your brows to look from the process to the end result at BROWHAUS.
It is also no ordinary brow grooming base,
there is an idea behind every tweeze: the desire for eloquently designed brows.

BROWHAUS is the first concept brow grooming retail outlet in Singapore.
Filling the need for perfect brows, they have since expanded to 13 locations since its inception in August 2004.
BROWHAUS has also expanded into London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila.
Thank you so much Elisa from Browhaus for helping me achieve such pretty and natural brows!!!
I really can't be happier with it!!! :D :D
If you currently have sparse or overplucked arches like I did,
not to worry,
cause BROWHAUS’s signature Brow Resurrection treatment can definitely help you turn them stunning artisan brows!

And since the latest Brow Resurrection 2.5 uses a new technique,
it's able to give you more natural-looking, lifelike brows than ever before!! :D
Gone are the days of unnatural-looking drawn-on brows that make you go blue along with them!

This is probably one of the worst (recent) photos ever of my drawn brows, even when I tried to shape them by myself and make them look thicker.
Can you tell the arch is just totally off and the change in thickness of my brows is so abrupt?? :S

I experienced very minimal scabbing for two days, and that's it!
No fuss and no troubles! :D

I was also told to expect a 3 to 5 days downtime where I wasn't allowed to apply make up onto the brow area initially to let it heal properly.
And on the first day, my brows looked super intense because they're new.
But lucky for me, I had to attend my sister's company's D&D which was Mafia themed.
and people would think it's intentional LOLOL!!!

I was dressed up as a fierce boy mafia by the way :p
Working the dark thick brows woohoo!

And these pictures are after the new brows have settled! :)
The brows became lighter and a lot more natural-looking!

My brows look so natural even without make up, and the new brow shape makes my eyes look more awake, even with no make up on :)
But I do still apply some brown eyebrow powder onto them now to make them blend with my thick make up,
but the brow resurrection has really made my job a lot easier!
Now, more people are actually noticing my brows and giving me compliments for them,
and I feel super super thankful!!! :') :')
I've never had people praise my brows before because they used to be such a wreck hahah!

But now I'm just like,
It's not totally a straight line nor super thick like those Korean eyebrows in trend right now,
but I think the clean, fuller volume and groomed shape of it frames my eyes really well!!
And I really can't think of a more perfect amount of arch to suit my face shape already! :D
I'm really glad Browhaus has lots of professional therapists to discuss and advice their customers and help them achieve their ideal set of eyebrows! ^~^

It looks so 3D, it's no wonder why I mistook them for real hair at first, lol!!
To maintain your new brows,
BROWHAUS BR 2.5 is available as part of a package with unlimited touch- up sessions for up to 2 years.
For best results, touch-ups are recommended once every 4-6 months
and you can contact Browhaus and they will help you book an appointment! :D
I think that BR 2.5 is the perfect option for busy beauties,
giving you perfect arches in just an hour with the shortest downtime ever of only 3-5 days!!
Browhaus will offer BR 2.5 alongside BR 2.4.
BR 2.4 is available for those who prefer a more defined look.
BR 2.5 retails at $2,140.00 and BR 2.4 retails at $1,284.00 (prices are inclusive of GST).
BR 2.5 is available at all Browhaus outlets in Singapore.

The BROWHAUS menu also entails a bevy of brow grooming techniques to suit different individuals' needs,
and these include:
 Brow Construction
 Brow Resurrection
 Brow Tinting

Facial grooming begins with the brow but that is not the end.
For the full treatment, BROWHAUS also has a multitude of complementary treatments for the lashes and face.
They include:
 Lash Curl Up
 Lash in Bloom
 Lashgraphy
 Facial Hair Threading

Do visit for more details and store listings!
Browhaus Instagram: @browhaussg

Quote ‘Rachell’ to redeem $10 brow threading (U.P. $17) and receive a complimentary Brow Design session!
Valid for all customers till 10th November 2013! :D
Prices are inclusive of GST.
**Only available at the following outlets - 100 AM, The Cathay, Dempsey, Great World City, Holland Village, Mandarin Gallery, Raffles City Basement and Raffles City Street Level.
Call their call centre at 6471 2769 (BROW) to make an appointment now! :D

Get set to give others a serious case of brow envy!
Thank you for reading, love you all!