Thursday, October 10, 2013

City Square Mall

Filmed 3 super exciting and easy DIY episodes for Reelity Bites ( today!
Can't wait to show it to you guys soon!!!! ^~^

And because filming ended early, I went on a shopping spree with my mum at City Square Mall! :D
I've been there a couple of times before but have never really shopped there,
and today I was in for a surprise because I found so many things I liked/ needed!!! :O

I've been getting a TON of blisters from gorgeous but torturing heels & wedges recently
so I was in need of getting some comfortable and yet pretty shoes!
So my mum and I went into METRO and spent a bomb on shoes because we were in the mood plus there were quite a bit of comfy shoes on sale for cheap! :D
Hate deciding which colour of the shoes I should get cause I always feel like buying them all T~T
Asked for opinions on twitter and there were as many people who preferred the cream as the black~
So in the end, I got this pair of studded wedges in cream because I kind of am trying not to be decked out full black too often!! ^~^
Love this quilted flats so much I got 2 of it cause it's only $24.90!!
Plus it's super comfortable and it doesn't bite my feet and it matches my jeans~~~~
These 2 pairs of shoes are more on the pricey side (like $40 :X) because they're from a Japanese brand called Pansy and they are comfortable as HELL!!!
It's like snuggling your feet into a squishy bed full of pillows omg feetgasm (if such a term even exists)~~~
Haven't worn such effing comfortable shoes in my entire life, like seriously I sumpa O.O!!!
Chose these designs because I think I could pair them with any of my shorts easily!
Did I mention that they are so insanely comfortable I wish I could shrink myself into pocket-size and just sleep in these shoes??? LOL
This was all we could carry, so we went to unload our stuff onto my mum's car and continued with our shopping HAHAHA
omfg these pair of jeans of my size and friggin UH-MAZING CUTTING at $39 please omgwtf *pinch self*
Totally worth it!!
And there were some going at $29.90 also??!!! I almost hyperventilated lol O.O
Don't say I good things never share hor!
Go buy now before the sales ends, gogo!

For boys also have!
We bought jeans and shorts for my brother and Martin too ^~^
Had dinner and the food was good and the deco of the shop was lovely,
but one of the female staff pissed me off by forcing us to sit beside other customers instead of letting us choose where we'd like to be seated
like WHUT???
Mine and Mummy's matching wallets xD
I bought it for her in this post but I didn't post a picture of her wallet back then yet hehe!
Do read it if you haven't already done so ^~^
And the best part of shopping at City Square Mall....
With our receipts, we got to redeem this 7pcs Glass Pitcher Set
so now I have more pretty glasses for my coffee!!! :O
And mummy loved the complimentary parking ticket~~
And 3 ez-link cards worth $5 each!
For every $200 you spend, you can get 1 of these ez-link cards!!
My ezlink card was running low on value anyway xD
And for every $300 you spend, you are entitled to receive a $10 TIMEZONE card!
To be honest I think arcade games these days are quite pricey.. like $2 $4 per game and all
and I usually won't want to play at the arcade cause of that
but with $20 value now I can play quite a number of games ah! :D
Plus they also gave us this special vouchers for TIMEZONE
such that if we top up $5, we can get $10 worth of value,
and we got 2 of those vouchers...
so if I pay $10 at TIMEZONE, I'll get to play ($10 x 2) + (2 x $5x2) =
$40 worth of TIMEZONE games in total yay!
CAN'T WAIT~~~~!!! ^~^
Oh and City Square Mall has this concierge that allows you to CHARGE YOUR PHONE FOR FREE which is damn shiok cause both our phones died after hours of shopping lol!

Had a super happy day with my mummy today and we bought a lot of things that we want & need & love!!!
Plus we got a lot of free stuff and everybody loves free stuff, no?~~~
Yay!!! :D :D
Let me know if you guys have any nice shopping places to intro too haha!

Thank you for reading, love you all!