Friday, October 18, 2013

Jam... & bread?

Backing up and clearing some photos from my computer recently and found these photos lol!
Martin, Zee and I when we went to a jamming studio.
We don't jam for real nor professionally, it's just like book the space for a few hours and have fun? :D

look at me on drums! jk can't play for shit
look at me sing! jk can't do that either
look at martin on drums!
okay at least he does it better than me LOLOL
but both zee and martin can both play the guitar though, this one is real lol!
we played songs like grenade, 21 guns and some others that i forgot lah.
and lonely!!!~~~
it's really quite fun eh. like friggin sound proof room to yourself for hours
where you can jam to any song you know, sing intp the mic, adjust volume all..
like a performance for yourself!
where you can really sing like you think no one's listening ^~^

When Martin and I couldn't afford his fernandes few years back,
we actually bought a pure black acoustic guitar to DIY lolol!
And now that we've saved up a bit more, plus the guitar was on sale, we finally bought it and were so glad we didn't buy it earlier cause we saved like $1k if I didn't remember wrongly!!
Good things are worth the wait ^~^
And also, here are more throwback video clips of us SINGING and FAILING HAHAHAH
we really cannot sing well lah, we know lol!
but that's not stopping us!!!!
we enjoy doing it and we will do it and record and laugh at ourselves it's okay ^~^
i think we should all do whatever we like, as long as it makes us happy!

thank you for reading, love you all!!