Tuesday, October 8, 2013

KFC: $2 Never Tasted So Good

I was invited to KFC at Raffles City the other day along with 3 other bloggers (Yutaki, Melissa & PassportChop)
Thank you KFC for inviting us to try the New Colonel's Fillet Burger and Shrooms Fillet Burger :D
I decided to bring my family along because it was coincidentally my brother's birthday so we decided to go there for a scrumptious feast!!
I love eating with my family, so tasty food should of course be shared with the family first! ^~^
I've always been a HUUUGE fan of KFC's Original Recipe Chicken so I was really stoked when I heard about this Food Tasting Session!
KFC's Original Recipe is super classic and unique,
it's a familiar flavour that many of us grew up with and it's an irreplaceable taste you can find only at KFC.
And I couldn't be happier when I was told that their new Colonel's Fillet Burger and Shrooms Fillet Burger are also prepared with their original Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs & spices!! :P

Totally couldn't wait to sink my teeth into these mouthwatering burgers!!
When I was told that the Colonel's Fillet Burger and Shrooms Fillet Burger were only priced at
ONLY $2 each
I was honestly expecting a reasonably small portion of burger..
But I was SO WRONG!!
My family members, like myself, are quite big eaters so we aren't easily satisfied.
But the portions of these burger are substantially big, far surpassing any of our expectations!
If this isn't value for money, I don't know what is!!
Made with 100% chicken thigh fillet prepared with the Colonel’s secret recipe and cooked to golden perfection,
sandwiched between a toasted sesame bun, topped with fresh lettuce, mayonnaise and a slice of cheese,
you can't find a more complete indulgence than this!
One simply does not hold the Colonel's Fillet Burger in their hands and resist eating it :p
Took a bite out of it even before I could pose for a photo!!
I LOVEEEEE the tender and succulent 100% Chicken Thigh Fillet!
It's the best part of the Colonel's Fillet Burger
cause it makes me feel like I'm biting into a huge piece of KFC O.R. Chicken with all its flavourful goodness and without the bones! :p
It's sooo delicious I can't resist going for seconds when I'm done with the first!
The perfect blend of the juicy chicken fillet, warm sesame bun, crispy fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise sauce and yummy cheese with every bite of the Colonel's Fillet Burger is just insanely satisfying!
And this delicious and filling burger is only priced at $2??!!! :O
This other power-packed taste sensation is made with chunky mushrooms in the yummiest mushroom sauce and tastiest ingredients!
With 100% chicken thigh fillet and quality ingredients, it's no surprise why KFC burgers taste so good!
I personally have the habit of dipping the skin of KFC's chicken into mashed potato gravy because it tastes sooo amazing
and the Shrooms Fillet Burger's mushroom sauce with the whole chicken fillet tastes exactly like that, but so much better!!! :D :D
Even at $2, the generous portions of the burger is undeniable!!
The juicy chunky mushrooms in savoury mushroom sauce complements the succulent chicken fillet perfectly!
Biting into one of the Shrooms Fillet Burger is like biting into a piece of heaven~~~
Mushrooms, yummy gravy + delicious chicken skin and juicy chicken fillet -
all my favourites in a burger!!

If you'd like to complete your meal for an even more awesome dining experience,
you can get a Colonel's Fillet Burger or Shrooms Fillet Burger with
regular Whipped Potato and regular Pepsi at
ONLY $4.50!!

And if you're at KFC for a huge feast for a special occasion like my family, you can try their New Chocolate Lovers’ Cake and it is only $2!! :D
This delicious and fluffy chocolate cake with rich chocolate goodness literally melts in your mouth
and true to its name, will definitely steal the hearts of all chocolate lovers!!
I'm sold!
Sharing lots of love, laughs and fun moments over a delightfully yummy KFC meal! :D

Now you see it...
Now it's gone! :P

The Fillet Burgers are so irresistibly tasty we all ate 2 or 3 despite being super full hahah!
Why oh why can't we all have bottomless pits for stomachs?~~
Both the Colonel's Fillet Burger and Shrooms Fillet Burger are equally yummy and have their unique appeal and I can't decide which I prefer more!
But I guess the Colonel's Fillet Burger is more for the cheese lovers,
and the Shrooms Fillet Burger is catered for those who love their chicken fillets with high quality tantalizing gravy!
And if you're a fan of BOTH like I am,
just get both and enjoy the best of both worlds
because they're so affordable at only $2 each! :D
$2 has never tasted so good!!!
And if you think these burgers look good from your computer screens right now,
wait till you get your hands on them because they taste even better!! b:
For those with a bigger appetite,
a double meat option is also available for two new Fillet Burgers at $3.90 each!
And the double Fillet Burger Meal with reg Whipped Potato & reg Pepsi is at $6.40 :D
Look at all that meat!!!
I totally want this right now!!! T~T
We were in really high spirits after a deliciously satisfying feast
and my brother and I played with the snapshot corner at KFC @ Raffles City which allowed you to post your photos on their big screen! xD
Super fun and amusing hahah!
Took a solo shot by myself too ^^v
I'm sure we all have days when we are super packed with back to back events to attend, work to do or errands to run
and for lunch we'd want something quick and substantial to last us hours till dinner time.
But at the same time, I'm an extremely picky eater who doesn't wish to have the taste of my food compromised just because I'm having a busy day!

And I think that's where the Shrooms Fillet Burger and Colonel's Fillet Burger fits perfectly into my day!
They're ready within minutes, I can buy them at super affordable prices, they're super filling and I won't get hungry for a long time,
and the best part is

Now I can look forward to every busy day because of KFC's new Fillet Burgers! ^~^
Actually no,
since they are permanent items on KFC's menu and only at $2,
I can have them everyday, busy schedule or not, hahaha! xD

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I love you KFC for giving us such great value and taste!
I was so satisfied, I couldn't ask for more!! xD
$2 never tasted so good!
Try it yourself to believe it :)
Thank you for reading, love you all!